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hey there my name is Daniel white some of you know me as Dansky in this video we’re going to learn how to create a Bauhaus inspired logo design all in Adobe Illustrator and if you’d like to download some free fonts that have been brought back to life from the Bauhaus archives there is a link in the description but anyway let’s jump into it righty-o so we’re now in Illustrator and you can see that I’ve created a new artboard and you can do this by going to the welcome screen or by going up to file down to new and you can specify the width and the height for your new artboard you can set the dimensions and lots of other settings here as well when you’re happy just click create and you’ll have your new artboard I’m just going to zoom in and select the type tool from the toolbar on the left left click anywhere and type some text now because this is a Bauhaus inspire logo design I’m going to use the text Bauhaus and from the character panel on the right you’ve got lots of font related properties here and I’m also using the font re Ross and the style is rectangular so for this logo I really want to visually represent the fusion between Arts and Technology which is very much what the Bauhaus school of design was all about so I’m going to be using the B from bau and the H from haus and trying to combine these together into a logo that represents that unity so let’s select this text and everything that isn’t a B or an H shall be deleted so we’ll select these letters and just hit backspace on the keyboard and then with the main selection tool we can just scale up from one of the corners holding shift so it all stays proportional now this text is currently editable but that’s okay we don’t need to change these letters anymore so let’s go over to the properties panel and select create outlines and essentially what this does is turn these editable letters into shapes within Illustrator and these shapes are made up of anchor points that we can then go and manipulate further when working towards our final logo design so by default these are grouped together so let’s go over to the properties panel and select ungroup and we can now sell and independently move these shapes around now when combining letters together to make logos I like to move them around and overlap them in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to experiment but it makes it very difficult when they’re both the same color you can see here so what I like to do is go over to the appearance panel and just select a temporary fill color for any letters just so there is plenty of contrast between them and I can now move them around and try and visually link these together in interesting ways it just helps that I can actually see now where one shape starts and the other shape ends and I can also go to object arrange and I can bring shapes forward or send shapes backwards so now the red shape is on top and you can see I can move these around and then be super creative I think what I’m actually going to do is have these overlapping like this because they’re almost identical apart from this lower part of the shape here and I’m also going to zoom in and just make sure that the View menu that I’ve got my smart guides and my snap to point switched on because I can now just drag these together and they will snap in place perfectly now I’m also going to do is select the red letter that’s the B go over to the properties panel and use the arrange option to send it backwards because now what I can do is with the direct selection tool I can select the bottom part of the H so each anchor point individually and hold shift to select multiple anchor points and I can now drag these up using my mouse and you’ll see that it goes out to the left or the right side if you want to keep it straight just hold shift on your keyboard and it will move up and down in a straight line and I could do something like this so there’s a degree of balance here between the top and the bottom part however the H looks a little bit squished so I might actually just use the arrow keys just to nudge this down a little bit so there we go the H looks a bit more balanced now but we still have that B shape overall so what I’m going to do next is create a rectangle to go around the outside of this so I’ll select the rectangle tool and just left-click and drag and I’m also going to give this another temporary color from the appearance panel so we’ll just give this a light gray for now and then go to object arrange and send it all the way to the back so it’s behind everything else and we can adjust the edge here so it’s even on all sides something like that okay so that’s looking pretty good what I’m going to do next is just scale this up and position it back in the center so next I’m going to develop this design and try something a bit different so I’m actually going to select the H and the B by holding shift to select them both together and from the Pathfinder panel on the right I’m going to click unite and it combines these two shapes into one shape and you may be thinking well we’ve lost the letter H we’ve only got the B now but what I’m going to do is grab the line tool and then left-click and hold shift to draw a perfectly straight horizontal line next if I select the stroke what I can do is I can go to the appearance power and just start to increase that stroke weight now by default is black but I can pick a different color so let’s go to the swatches panel and I’ll just pick the same color as the background container here so there we go that’s another way of creating a distinction between the B and the H and I can even go and grab the direct selection tool and drag this up so it’s on an angle just so it’s a little bit more visually interesting and I can move this around so something like that I think looks pretty cool something else I can also do is select the direct selection tool drag over these two left anchor points and just hold shift and press the left arrow key once and then do the same for the top so hold shift and press the up arrow key hold shift and press the right arrow key and then hold shift and press the down arrow key so rather than doing that manually I’m increasing all of those margins around the edge by the same amount just so I know that they’re all still the same and I can then go and edit this stroke further if I want to bring that down a little bit and once I’m happy I’m just going to drag over everything go to object and expand leave fill and Stroke selected and click ok and something else I’m going to do is select the direct selection tool and just drag these all the way up here so I’m extending the top of the B or the H depending how you look at it now what I want to do is select this line here and I want to knock this out of this B shape so if I change this to a different color for example you can see we have a big old line across it if I select the line and then hold shift and select the giant B as well the blue shape from the Pathfinder panel I can select minus front and you can see it removes that top shape from that bottom shape now I can also do is if I select the blue shape here that’s already selected and I then select the pink shape behind it I can also do the same thing go minus front from the Pathfinder panel and it will knock that shape out of the pink shape so if I then go and place another color behind it you can see all of this is completely transparent now it’s completely see-through so we are left with a single shape with a single fill color and then we can go here into the color picker and we can pick a color by scanning the hue slider and dragging all around here but for this example I’m going to be using this color FFD143 this is a six digit value that references this specific color and there we go we’ve designed a Bauhaus inspired logo in Adobe Illustrator

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8 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures Bauhaus – Logo Design Tutorial | Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Great 🙂 Why didnt u just take the letter b and transform it to b+h instead of combining the letters b and h?

  2. Nice tutorial as always Dansky, too bad I can't participate to the challenge, because I'm from Romania..

  3. how can i enter my submission on https://www.adobehiddentreasures.com? as stated in official rules in Section 4.1 B

    already check https://www.adobehiddentreasures.com like million times, but there is no link for submission

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