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Thank you so much for making the time. Thank you. To start off I wanted to ask you about the very early days of SkinnyGirl
what was the inspiration and what took you from inspiration to perspiration to
fully-fledged company. Early days of SkinnyGirl was just an idea it was
basically I wanted to create a cocktail that solved the problem that a woman
could drink, as her signature drink. I feel like that was when people were
drinking flavored vodka so they could feel excited about the cocktail they
were drinking and I always loved margaritas women love margaritas I
created a recipe that I would tell to bartenders and I said the word
SkinnyGirl margarita on the Real Housewives and I could just feel the
light bulb go off when I said it and then it was one of the most asked
questions and emailed questions to – Bravo what’s in a SkinnyGirl margarita
so I decided to monetize that and create a product which was really difficult
finding a partner that wanted to do it. I pitched it to all the really major
liquor companies that were run by men and most liquor is marketed to men and I
found a small partner who could do it with me and it really was guerilla
marketing it was really just basic now that I have such a big business your
wider your more horizontal and sometimes you have to go back to the basics I have
hundreds of SKUs I have over 20 SKUs of cocktails alone what I’m launching a new
product now I have to go back to my original way of doing it when I didn’t
have any marketing dollars any powerful partners anybody even who knew who I was
and what it really was was blood sweat and tears it was hustle it was straight
hustle and that’s a skill that you kind of always have to hone in on and have
business no matter what it is it could be tech it could be food it could be
fashion you have to find your way in people I feel have great ideas and then
how do they execute the middle and then they keep hitting roadblocks and how do
you get it done you find your way in you come in at a different from a different
direction even though I have a big brand now Skinnygirl is all about practical
solutions for women and I learn every day from my mistakes my failures and I
I’m in it from a different way and it’s just as stressful as it was then in
different ways could you think back to the early days and take us through one
of the worst things that went wrong and how you how you recovered from it in the
early days I had a small partner who wasn’t willing to spend a head of the
brand so he was willing to kind of spend as people had ordered but I had I told
him if we build it they will come I’m going to market this it’s going to be on
the show and I told him to shrink-wrap a vehicle and Skinnygirl I felt it I was
like we’re doing this and then people started flipping out wanting the product
and we couldn’t keep up with the supply and I was ripping my hair out he got so
many gray hairs from from that period because I would get that product you
know we didn’t really have money but I turned that demand into something
positive letting people know letting people into my struggle I’m sorry we’re
trying to keep up with it we’ll get it as fast as we can and you know later
when I was my company was valued by beam they valued the sales velocity and had
we had all that product in effect I mean in a factory or in a warehouse it would
have been even more valuable so you are where you are in business I mean that’s
kind of how it was we had struggles with getting glass made in China we had
struggles with the label the logo I mean we I turned a brand in 18 months I mean
to get a product from your brain onto a shelf in eight months is unheard of
particularly in cocktails typically those ready to drink drinks people
thought were sort of low-end and didn’t really buy didn’t do well it wasn’t even
a category it was sort of just stuff that was in the back of the shelf that
didn’t work and this created our new category so then everybody was copying
and they were what we call cheater brands which still happened now and
still happened you know on the housewives
I couldn’t even list the amount of struggles the number of struggles and it
could so easily have not happened it happened because I hustled it didn’t
happen because it was a great idea it didn’t happen because it was on
television it happened because I made it happen
right and this was not the first idea you had had on television or even the
first time you had been on television I was on the martha stewart apprentice and
i was a natural food chef who had a line of cookies called Bethenny bakes I
didn’t have enough volume to make the product in the quality that I wanted and
I member target came to do business and
Whole Foods came to do business and I had to say no because I knew that if I
got into the door and the product wasn’t up to par I’d never be asked back so I
had to turn a lot of things down and now being in places like Walmart being in
big retailers I realize it’s even hard when I have such a major successful
brand so I’m so glad that I didn’t make that mistake you know you’re learning
the whole way through you make intellectual property mistakes
you made contract mistakes and you can’t even think of them as mistakes because
their learning experience is that that will cost you so much more later when
the stakes are higher their gifts I wondered after given your experience
what advice you would have for other entrepreneurs trying to get their
products onto TV television can be fool’s gold
because people really don’t work the muscle they think and I guess I might
have thought when I was going in The Apprentice that I would just talk about
my cookies and some have some fairy princess would just market and
distribute them all over the country and world and everybody would think they
were amazing and I mean that’s not how it works so let’s just say that you go
on television you are on the most famous show the most popular show it is 20
million view viewers and you you have a lipstick and you go on the show well if
you’re not lined up and that lipstick isn’t distributed anywhere then you’ve
wasted your time on the show because no one can buy it you get one chance you’re
on the show even if it’s Shark Tank even if it’s the Housewives even if it’s a
show with us on every week you’re not talking about your product every week
you kind of get one shot tomorrow twenty other people are talking about
their products they forgot about yours so they your product has to be ready to
ship right now the minute you mention it on television your distribution your
marketing your message your shipping your everything so it’s fool’s gold
because people come and they waste the opportunity of being on television they
mention products that don’t even exist that they’re sort of just thinking about
and you just had your chance now that chance is gone you could literally do a
case study on every housewife that has tried to market and sell a product on
the show and how many have failed all those ideas are in some graveyard now
how does Real Housewives affect your company how does your appearance on TV
help or hurt your business the appearance on TV could hurt because it’s
my image and it’s the the subject matter and it could be arguing with someone and
basically people buy the product because they invested in me initially so now
I’m on the show and it’s this wonderful commercial but I actually realize how
much the muscle can get lazy because being on the show is does not do it it’s
not moving product for it just to be on the show it’s moving product for me to
give pressure to my retailers to my partners to my distributors to my
marketers to my public relations team that’s what moves product not just
putting on television it’s a great catalyst it’s like anything else someone
could do a juice fest for a week and lose ten pounds but if they go and eat a
cheeseburger for the next three days it doesn’t matter that it happened it’s
what you do after how do you sort of balance your different obligations
between being on TV and all the time that requires and running your company
while you’re shooting the television show it’s hard to run your actual
business once the show ends I’m in higher gear I’m in I’m in bigger focus
and all my products and all my businesses they’re like babies it’s like
a mother who has six children there’s one child that’s crying well at that
moment you have to go give that baby a bottle and take care of that baby and
put that baby to sleep and then you have a child in college that has something
else going that’s more evolved and then you have to keep in touch with that
child it may be more grown doesn’t mean it doesn’t need you and your advice and
your expertise as much so you have to really have a good balance you have to
use your time efficiently to be organized I being a mother is amazing
for it because when I’m with my daughter its complete quality time focused on her
so when I’m not with my daughter and when she’s at school
I’m here focused on you it really does create a balance rather than everything
being all mixed together you have to really be focused on the task at hand
and you can’t take on too much you have to be able to be organized and be a
delegator can Skinnygirl thrive without you being on Real Housewives Skinnygirl
can definitely thrive without me being on Housewives the real question is until
when can Skinnygirl thrive without me that brand has to grow up and live
without its mom the goal is for the brand to eventually not need me I
wondered if we could talk about partners more broadly because Skinnygirl works
with a lot of them how do you juggle them and how do you pick the right
partner choosing the right partner in business
is as important as choosing the right partner in your personal life so first
it has to be somebody that you obviously trusts that have similar values that you
have but it has to be someone that can work at the right pace so I’ve had the
the small tiny that can hustle with me and be in the
mud and then you’re kind of craving the big partner the big the people that I’m
partners with like the ConAgra’s the Arizona beverages the soda streams that
have big muscle and distribution but sometimes the largest partners they take
a longer time to get something going so if you have a new idea that you think is
hot but you want to get it on those shelves that gigantic partner may not be
the hustler because they can’t just flip the switch and get it going often the
middle partner is the good partner they’ve got some strengths they they’re
making money they’re not gonna fold tomorrow and not be able to to meet your
needs but they still have some hustle can you tell us about your biggest
partnership regret my biggest partnership regrets are when I let the
partner drive the decisions and starting out Skinnygirl margarita was my idea
completely my idea I knew his great idea big companies they’re experts in
something I was not an expert in did not like the idea so that’s when my rule
from a place of yes comes into play never assumed someone smarter than you
then you go to a gigantic partner who specializes in what they do and you want
to listen to them they tell you this is the type of product that we should
launch there’s a hole in the market your gut says to you I really want to do this
because I’m a person that tells people what they want I don’t need to just
listen to what everyone else is doing you have to balance the advice that you
listen to from your partner but you have to go with your gut so the times that I
have let the partnership or the retailer Drive the product is when I have
regretted it I I mean it’s happened a couple of times where I’ve said you know
what I wish I had launched with this product and pushed harder but sometimes
you have to make a deal with your partner listen we’ll go with your idea
first then the next one we’re doing can you give us any specific examples
Skinnygirl sparklers is a product of mine with Arizona beverage is doing
extremely well it is a great kind of flagship product I originally wanted to
do a more drinkable everyday drink or an energy drink marketed to women that was
what I really wanted to do because the Skinnygirl initial premise and
philosophy is a practical solution for a woman I went with Arizona because they
know their distribution they know what their Rito’s wanted and I said okay fine
we will do the sparklers and there and I developed them and the flavors I love
but my baby that I’m giving birth to now is
natural energy drink I know this is going to be a game-changer I just can
feel it I have a probably 120 products every single thing isn’t the craziest
idea you need things to fill in the gaps I mean my partner beam wanted to do wine
and vodka they sell a lot more in the wine and vodka categories and then then
they do and ready to drink it’s just women drink more wine and vodka so when
they said that I went with them and it’s working it’s not as game-changing and
groundbreaking as the original idea of the Skinnygirl margarita but you need
that bread and butter to fill your business so sparklers is a great product
that sells unbelievably well natural energy drink is like my star child that
you know I’m putting on the stage and a spelling bee that I’m just like this is
gonna be a game-changer do you have a specific period of time that you give
any new product when do you know if something’s going to be a success sort
of a middling child or that you should go back to the drawing board the
products that don’t work or products that I wasn’t in love with I would have
to say maybe I’m a little arrogant or cocky in the sense that if it’s
something that I love and people around me love and I’m getting instagrams and
and right now snapchats about my Skinnygirl daily shape for example
Skinnygirl daily shakes just launched and they’re in Walmart and they’re doing
well and I think that they should be blowing the doors off so we just made
the packaging pop more because this is a new product people don’t know I’m in
Skinnygirl shakes so I know that all other shakes have about 200 calories
they have sugar they are in sweetened with stevia this is a game-changer it is
80 calories it tastes like a yoo-hoo it has 12 grams of protein 0 grams of sugar
and people are snapchatting me and instagramming me these are crack so when
I know and they know and the girls that work with me know and men are saying
they’re obsessed I know that if it’s not working somewhere you push it through
I’m pushing it through because I’m I know I’m right can I ask you to talk a
bit about the Skinnygirl margarita and the deal to sell the naming rights to
the to your alcohol products to beam has been hailed as pretty revolutionary
because you retain the right to use the Skinnygirl brand for all non alcohol
products how did you how did you make that decision and hold to that decision
I have to say that people in business are afraid to say what they don’t know
and I was never great at contracts and dealing with lawyers and understanding
you know I’ve got the biggest lawyers and the big beam that’s the big pub now
public company you know third largest liquor company in the country and you
know you’re doing contracts but you have to have a gut instinct about how you’re
doing that when BM came in who had interest in the
Skinnygirl margarita I didn’t originally want to sell the reason that I sold and
got unemotional about it was because I knew that people were copying me I knew
there were cheater brands I knew I had one SKU and I my gut said I need muscle
and distribution so I was out first who cares I need to be out first and most
powerful and with most distribution and I needed more SKUs Target and Walmart
they want the shiny objects and it’s Memorial Day weekend you’re going to the
store you want 20 SKUs there they like a lot of excitement some of those SKUs
don’t even work it doesn’t matter they want what’s new what’s new what’s new
innovation people don’t realize how important innovation is okay so that’s
why I wanted to do the deal I owned the name Skinnygirl but i was partners in
that logo with my original partner beam wasn’t interested in him they wanted him
to cash out and I wanted him to cash out because I wanted to maintain that girl I
knew that I could use that girl in all these different ways so that was number
two number three I knew that beam is not interested in lipstick and protein
shakes and the millions of things that skinny girls can do and I don’t need the
liquor so what I said was you can’t have the girl and the logo you can have the
girl on the logo holding the martini shaker in the glass that’s what you can
have and that’s all you should want and you have to trust me as a partner that
I’m not going to screw up what you just bought for millions and millions of
dollars and I have to trust you as a partner that you’re not going to screw
me over for all the things that I have you have one piece of the pizza I have
nine pieces left so I have to protect my pizza I was very careful in what I
carved out you can’t have her be some bimbo in a bikini holding you know a
cocktail they had said to me you can’t you know have Skinnygirl be with fine
firearms or illegal substances I mean it sounds crazy but you you make these
deals with your partners so I maintained the brand I owned the Skinnygirl brand
did you have to give up anything you didn’t initially want to in order to
make the deal go through I didn’t have to give up anything
to be they didn’t take anything they didn’t
need I need to tell you that I when I did the contract with beam the best
things about it were the things that I just thought of just what if I didn’t
want to promote something and then they wanted me to promote it I mean just
carve-outs and what about the morals clause do they realize I’m on a reality
show and I use foul language what about that you know you have to think of
things you cannot rely on lawyers a lawyer is only as good as their client
who do you trust to give you advice I trust my lawyers but I always say
describe it to me like I’m a five-year-old when I first did
Skinnygirl an ex-boyfriend of mine said you should do a licensing deal because
you’ll take money off the table now and I said to my lawyer what is the other
thing and he said equity I said what is that he said that means when you own it
you own the thing but you don’t get money now I said I want that one for the
Skinnygirl margarita because because this is my ace in the hole I had no idea
what anyone was talking about I didn’t know what licensing meant I didn’t know
what equity meant I didn’t know what intellectual property really meant now
it’s part of my daily vernacular are there any specific mentors or or
advisers that you would point out as helping you particularly what I don’t
like is that it when I say that I don’t have a mentor it
sounds like I there’s no one that I look up to I look up to so many different
business people but it’s more that people that I read about from afar look
at someone like Mark Zuckerberg who has changed the world and is a visionary I
look at someone like Warren Buffett donating most of his wealth to charity
and and and the way that people’s decisions are made but there’s no one
person i watch decisions that Hillary Clinton makes or Oprah made or Trump is
making I mean you kind of garner a lot of different information from different
people I don’t have one person that I go to I don’t actually think that one
person could tell me what I would need to know every day there’ll be a
different issue and I’ll think about okay I’m in trouble in this way from a
public relations perspective so who’s the person that I can think of who’s
most gone through that and then tomorrow it’s wait now I need to talk about
something in distribution who do I talk to about that now I need to talk to
somebody who knows about intellectual property
you don’t go to one doctor for every problem you would have you have an
earache it’s not the same doctor if you wanna get a boob job it’s a different
person so I don’t think you should rely on one person again it’s exercising the
muscle you can’t let the muscle that week you have to work out different
ways okay I wondered if we could talk a little bit about all the different SKUs
you mentioned you have 120 products do you ever worry about brand confusion no
I the brand looks exactly the same across the board
I want more saturation I know that the woman is walking into one store and
seeing my cocktails and four or five varieties there I know that another
woman is going into another store and seeing my shakes and the two varieties
there I’m at the stage where now I need the woman to walk into the store and see
a lot of the things in one store in different places so she it keeps ringing
the bell you need the repetition you need
everything to come together but you can’t expect that in a two year period
it’s the the other brands besides cocktails are in their infancy you have
to push push push gently massage massage massage and have it all come together
and eliminate what doesn’t work on the flip side is they’re not a danger to
maybe scaling up too quickly or introducing too many products at once we
don’t scale very quickly we there is it’s one line at a time so the last
thing we launched was candy it was a big rollout and candy had its moment it’s
been launched and we haven’t launched a big major product since then the shakes
and the bars I’m talking about now because they’ve really gone into
distribution in Walmart who I have a partnership with is very excited about
them once the candy ships into Walgreens and where and and where it’s going to be
then it’ll be my time to really give it its credit you don’t Yammer on and talk
about 25 different things at the same time and you don’t launch things at the
same time it’s all very staggered in a very intentional calendar that works
with when the press and media are more active with when I’m more active with
when I’m on my show with when a partner is ready to really spend money and to
launch something and then to support it it wouldn’t be fair to your partners to
launch more than one thing at a time how do you balance your commitments to
different partners i balance my commitments to my partners by bringing
them all together I have a brand summit and I treat my partners as if we’re all
on the board of the same company so we all sit down and partner’s talk to each
other they also help each other my Skinnygirl sparklers and microwave
popcorn will be featured at a wedding expo too
gather I’ve paired beam who has big giant distribution with my chocolate and
candy partner because what goes better than a than a glass of red wine with
chocolate so you put them together you want them to be happy with each other
and when you get asked to speak on CNBC’s Squawk Box you decide what has
good distribution right now and you decide who you’re going to talk about
but no one’s mad at you talking about somebody else because the one thing that
hits it out of the park helps everybody else I have a brand letter that goes out
a weekly update and a monthly newsletter so you send out a newsletter that says
well we had a great success with our launch at Walmart and of our chocolate
shakes this is how many stores we rolled out in and this has been amazing and
then all of a sudden your coffee partner gets all excited it may be even a little
jealous just like wow okay let me reach out to Walmart and talk about that
launch and now that we know the shakes are doing so well Walmart let’s put
coffee in Walmart and now the sweeteners category which goes great with coffee
says okay why don’t we do an end cap and and be marketed together with the coffee
pods so everybody is up it’s communication communication and
organization I wondered if I could ask you to talk a bit about the landscape
you see for the lifestyle brand we’ve seen a couple of problems there between
Martha Stewart’s company again sold for not a lot of money Jessica Alba’s honest
company not having some problems with marketing of late do you see these as
affecting Skinnygirl and how do you see sort of the future landscape of a
lifestyle brand evolving I don’t think the average person knows what
percentages that a lot of these people own of their companies they have other
people kind of controlling the situation so I don’t know Jessica Alba and I don’t
know I think the products are lovely and I like her her mantra
I think it’s been rumored that she owns 20% of her company so I don’t know who’s
really oz behind the curtain I don’t know about that I don’t know you know
when Martha Stewart went public that’s a whole different conversation you’ve gone
public and now you have other people in your soup I own 100 percent of my
company I don’t have debt so I have a lot of control I have all the control of
what’s going on when something goes wrong it’s all on me when something goes
right it’s all on me I take full responsibility
stability and I can’t rest on my laurels of the success of the Skinnygirl
cocktails I could have just said okay let everybody think about how great I am
and the wonderful thing that I did and I was on Forbes magazine and what but I
decided to keep the nine pieces of the pizza and go do it again and again and
and learn my mistakes and learn my lessons and inspire women be able to
tell other entrepreneurs what I’ve gone through what they will go through and
this is the point to help other people I’m still learning I’ve been asked to
write business books I wouldn’t even know what to write I’m in the I’m in the
grit right now what am I’m not an expert on anything I’m learning every single
day what’s the one piece of advice you would have for another entrepreneur just
starting out it’s about the execution I always bring up the Winklevoss twins
those guys that said that they created Facebook and the bottom line is he
executed Facebook I have no idea the answer to that question he named it he
executed it it has changed the world so it’s who executes 10 different people
could have the same idea it’s happened spinnings been around for 25 years the
mash in ice cream the Cold Stone Creamery did was that Steve’s ice cream
in Great Neck 25 years ago it’s who’s gonna execute the idea Bethenny thank
you so much for your time thank you this is amazing

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  19. Love Bethany she’s come so far she’s such an inspiration to all woman out there who want to open there own business….She started with nothing look at her now she’s doing everything you can think of from Margaritas wine vodka ect….Than she’s got candy energy bars chips .Then she’s even got salad dressings to Skinny girl skinny jeans tops T-shirt’s ect ….She has a finger in everything it’s amazing as she’s even doing a bit of realistat buying and selling houses and I think the list goes one …..So good luck with everything as each business grows I wish you all the success in the world as I no you but your hart and soal in to everything you do your such a grate person and a influenceer to all women out there …LOVE FROM SCOTLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿….I JUST WISH WEE COULD GET SKINNYGIRL IN THE UK BUT I HAVE TRYED EVERYWERE EVEN ON AMAZON BUT THEY ONLY DO THE SALED DRESSING WITCH I DID GET AND IT WAS DELICIOUS.

  20. She’s an actual business woman. Not someone who puts their face or name on a product they don’t own or have created. Love her. Great interview!

  21. She is a smart and tough business woman. She talks down to Earth and she knows her shit!!!!! A chef, an author, and so many things she has hustled up in her young life.

  22. Bethenny is a Scorpio Stellium.  OF COURSE she is tearing it up in business. Why, because Scorpio is relentless and fixed and will do whatever it takes to achieve what they set their mind to. She is not just a Scorpio SUN…. this gal has like 5 planets in the sign….how do I know? I do too – I also own a business. Love her. No one has more tenacity!!!!!!!!!!! (I may have as much) (wink)


  24. Bethenny is a very shrewd business woman and anyone wishing to embark upon a career which is related in any way to retail would do well to listen very carefully.

  25. A true entrepreneur💰 – she thinks and moves like one, from the get-go. Not everyone is like this.

    That’s why some of the other housewives (Sonja) fail because they don’t have the entrepreneurial spirit ✨

  26. Yea but she doesn’t talk about how her father had friends in the alcohol business and to be honest she had 1,000 hours of free advertising on television.

  27. So basically none of her advice means shit, untill your on a hit show how can you get that type if hype over a product?

  28. She suck alot of cocks to get where she is. If you disagree you hate america and you want to go to war with America!!!!!

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