How Do I Label Tube Containers?

Hi I’m Gregg from Consolidated Label, here today to talk about labeling tube containers and how to make your product look great from first to last drop. Tubes are used in a variety of markets because they’re convenient and easy to use. And since tubes face different environments and constant handling, It’s important that the label material is durable enough to withstand moisture and the product contents while still looking great. And it must be flexible enough to return to its orignal appearance after being squeezed. We recommend film materials because they’re flexible and because they have excellent resistance to moisture, tearing, and friction. You can choose from clear, white, or even foil films to best compliment your label design and tube container. Next you’ll need to have the right size and label shape to fit your tube. Especially if it’s tapered. Tapered means the tube is wider at one end than it is at the other. To determine if your tube is tapered, simply take something that has a straight edge and place it along the tube’s edge. If you can see a gap between the straight edge and the container, the tube is tapered Tapered tubes require more accurate measurements so when you have a tapered tube send it to us and we’ll get you the correct measurement for your label. You can die cut the label with a curve. Select a smaller sized label. Or get shrink sleeve labels for full body coverage. In order to apply your tube labels, the machines will need to see an eye mark. The eye mark signals the electronic position regulator which controls the position of the label during application The eye mark should be the only thing in that area of the label without obstructing design or text to make sure that it is read properly. Get more information from our website at the link in the description below or just call us today and get started on your tube label project.

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