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29 thoughts on “How long does it take to design a logo? Let’s take a look using my logo design process.

  1. Hi, I got a question for you ๐Ÿ™‚ If a designer designs a logo for a company, are the designer then responsible if the company gets sued for a "to simular" logo or are the company responsible for checking that?

  2. Hello!
    I have a question about your last tip , Copyrights.
    Are you inferring that you have copyrighted the logo for the client ? Or do you mean you have just written a formal document affirming that you , the designer , are giving the logo rights over to the client?

  3. its a useful tip and great speech, let me introduce myself …i am vfx artist with 8 years experience but new to graphic and logo design, can u guide me where do i start for professional designer

  4. Thanks for your tips.
    Client Meeting>The project proposal>Research>Inspiration>Sketching>Take a break!>Adobe Illustrator>The review Meeting>Logo Refinement>Adding Colour>Presentation Mockups>Logo Style Guides>Payment, Files & Copyright Transfer.

  5. what if you never took on clients before. I know practice makes perfect but my biggest concern would be that messing up with your first client would make getting future clients difficult to near impossible. Client: I had a bad experience with this designer. Potential clients (thoughts): well I don't want to work with him if he messed up that bad.

  6. Hi, I really liked this video it was really helpful. But would you maybe make a video about how you decide what to charge a client? I''m a starting designer and I work in the entertainment world and since a few weeks, people ask hey besides acting I want to start a clothing line you can design logos right? But I have no idea what to charge them.

  7. hello, sir here I am again it's ok I go to affinity designer because the AI is very expensive, its that ok??

    For this video, I only can say that it's very helpful like me a new logo designer
    thank you and godbless

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