How to 3D Print π•Έπ–”π–™ΓΆπ–—π–π–Šπ–†π–‰ vehicle emblem badge for your car: prime sand and paint!

all right let’s make some Motörhead
badges for your vehicle my name’s Eric Strebel I’m an industrial
designer welcome to my channel about product design I hope that you like
enjoy and become a subscriber a little while ago I got a new hybrid vehicle and
those of you been following me on social media I know this already the thing is
is this manufacturer has never sent me any money for advertising for them so I
took their badges off my car the irony of the loudest band on the planet and
the quietest vehicle is not lost on me it is kind of funny anyway starting the
project I’m going to build the logos or the badges in fusion 360 I got a little
bit Motorhead logo here and I put it on an oval and I’m just extruding it out
what I really like here is that the logo is flat and the badge is curved and I
love how it sort of are trude’s in the face of the wind kind of like the
band does both logos are different sizes so they did require different CAD models
for each 1/4 of them on my 3d printer and now it’s time to finish the badges
so they’re all going to get several coats of primer I usually put about 3
coats of primer on stuff that I’m making a model of which is essence is what this
is I always wet sand my stuff mainly for safety all the dust goes down the drain
off the wear a mask so I sweats and put another coat primer
on wet sand that down I’m trying to achieve a really nice finish on top of
that I’m adding a coat of white primer and sanding that down just as kind of a
base coat and remember always use a sanding block as a safety precaution
make sure you’re always wearing a mask when you’re spraying paint here’s the
second coat of primer and now I’m going to mount these parts and I’m using a
little bit of what’s called quake hold it’s a museum wax and I’m just using
that to mount some blocks onto some yogurt containers here and then the
badges on top of that this gets the badges off the cup so that I don’t have
any paint that will set between the paint and the cup so there’s no
weirdness that’s going to happen there so a new gloss coat on the badge now
this is the front badge that gets white the back one is painted something I want to stress about
spraying paint and I see so many people screw this up is read the directions on
the can in general you’re going to want to do a couple light coats preferably
two heavy coats light coats are gonna dry a little bit quicker you’re going to
get a much more even coat that way and much less chance of screwing things up
I’m using a silver paint marker here on top of the black base coat that I’m
laying down I did some tests to make sure I wouldn’t have any issues on top
of the lacquer paint I’m using the same brand marker for the white badge this is
a black metallic that I’m using and I find that quite appropriate for this
badge I do want to note that I did a lot of testing about the best way to paint
the top faces of letters I tried brushes but this really worked
out the best with the main one I’m going to use two coats of clear and I want to
stress again using a mask I’m wearing organic vapor mask here as opposed to
the little dust mask I was wearing earlier this is the correct mask be
wearing when you’re spraying paint I’m pulling the badges off the cans here you
can see what they look like kind of raw before they get installed now we’re
going to put them on the vehicle I’m removing the CMS Rex sticker off the
front of my car first because that’s what I’ve been driving around with
or quite some time I have to snip off a little bit of the grill there here and
there I drill some holes so that the glue can use through a little bit just
to give me a little bit better of connection and I’m putting everything
together I’m using a GU automotive paint it’s meant for all weather and I think
it’s going to be really suitable for this badge it’s not going to be super
brittle it’s gonna withstand the warm and the cold temperatures on the back
I’m doing the same thing doing some glue holes
snipping off a little bit of these little Clips so the badge fits a little
bit better putting the glue in and pressing that in place I did end up
putting some table or some weight on these badges and letting them set
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11 thoughts on “How to 3D Print π•Έπ–”π–™ΓΆπ–—π–π–Šπ–†π–‰ vehicle emblem badge for your car: prime sand and paint!

  1. I too have now gotten myself a 3D printer! Now i can make an entirely confusing and completely nonsensical badge for my bicycle. I did have something designed last year and printed on a T-shirt, basically a merged outline of a bunny and a teapot, and when i wore it people were either staring at it completely confused or falling right over laughing, and lots asked me about it, like every 5 minutes. It was kind of a twitter meme a few years back, so it's not my original idea really, but it was not an outline, but as 3D objects, stanford bunny and utah teapot, but i settled on a handdrawn outline for the T-shirt and i even managed to make it recognisable, another 3D artist picked it right up.

  2. You should do a badge for the Kia stinger. Nobody wants to read Kia on a stinger and you could come up with something much much better!

  3. I'd like to make mustang emblems. I want to replace the running pony with a running wolf. Boy is it expensive to have made though….those Motorhead badges are awesome by the way.

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