How to add branding to the Office 365 login screen

Welcome to Office 365 for beginners. My name is Elliot Munro, I work for GCITS
on the Gold Coast of Australia. We’re an award winning Microsoft Partner who
use the cloud to help growing businesses everywhere get really productive, really fast. So today we’re going to be looking at how
you can personalise the Office 365 login screen. So this is the standard login screen when
you go to, it comes up with sign in with your work or school account,
and you can change this to be your business logo at the top, or your writing to do with
your helpdesk or something like that and you can have your own picture over here. So for example when I type in my email address,
[email protected], go to the next screen, it knows that I am part of Ozbizweb Group. Or am I? We rebranded in May 2015 when me and my two
brothers merged our businesses, we’re now known as GCITS but I haven’t gotten around
to changing this page. So I thought we’ll hit two birds with one
stone. We’ll change the branding and show you how
you can change your own branding. So we’re going to log in here to Office 365. And you need to be logged in as an administrator. So when I sign in, I’m taken directly to the
admin center. If you’re an admin and you’re not taken directly
here, you can click on the app launcher at the top and then click Admin and it’s gonna
take you here. Then we’re going to go down to Azure AD. And we’re going to click here, because Azure
AD is actually what lets us customise the branding for Office 365. It’s technically a separate subscription but
Azure AD is the service that runs the identities in Office 365 – so things like user security
or multi-factor authentication or the branding of the login screen. And it does a bunch more things but we’re
only gonna focus on the branding right now. So Azure AD, separate subscription, you have
to sign up for it. And I’m going to show you how you do that. Now I’ve already signed up for Azure AD under
this account, so I’m going to switch to an account that doesn’t have an Azure AD subscription
and then we’re going to do a test signup here. You just go down to Admin Centers, Azure AD
at the bottom, and then it takes us to the Microsoft Azure Sign up. So I did something silly there where I paused
the recording and didn’t start it again, and I’m not going to do it again but I just clicked
Next on those earlier screens and then it brought me up at, which is
the new Microsoft Azure portal. If you click Azure AD from the within that
Office 365 admin center and you’ve already previously signed up to Microsoft Azure, then
it won’t take you to this screen, it’s going to take you to That is the old portal – it’s the default
as of right now, as of the time we’re filming this. So if this has happened to you and you end
up at, go to the top of the address bar here, and we’re going to
type It’s going to keep you signed in, but it’s
going to take you to the new portal where we can manage Azure Active Directory. So you’ll be greeted with a screen that looks
like this. Now you may not have all the tiles here that
I have, though you should have something on the left hand side: More services, down here. Now you can type Azure Active Directory, and
we click on Azure Active Directory here. So from here we have the company branding
section where we can customise the text and graphics your users see when they sign into
your Azure AD. That rhymes. So then this blade’s going to come up – company
branding. Now our status here is configured because
we’ve set it up. Yours is probably not configured. We can edit the company branding, you can
add company branding and it’s gonna bring up the company branding that we have. Now this is where your pictures are required,
or your company branding is required. So this sign in page image has dimensions
of 1420 by 1200. And this one here is obviously going to replace
this here, this big image. So I’ve made one so I’m going to open that
up, open branding, open illustration.jpg, paste that there. That does resize a little strange but hopefully
it doesn’t look like that. I’m going to replace this banner image here
which is the default Office 365 image. And then we’re going to replace that with
our logo. And then I’m going to, I’m gonna make some
changes here – return to The post-signout link URL is going to be Sign in page background colour, I’ll leave
that. But our square logo image, I will update,
and I’m gonna update that to our GCITS square. And again here. And there’s two images here because one is
for a dark theme. So you can upload a logo that is better on
dark backgrounds if you have them but ours are exactly the same. Ok, so that’s it. We click save. It’s gonna update tenant branding. So now we are done. Just gonna make a new InPrivate window. We go to Those changes have updated. Now I’m looking at this straight away and
I don’t really like the design. But I just threw this together quickly, there
are a few mistakes. This here, this colour, that should be – that
should be gold. And that finalist there, that’s spelt wrong,
that should be winner. But um, life is cruel. And we did not win. But, next year. And I can also see here this logo is cut off
a little bit, it might be because of the size of my screen. I’ll zoom that out. Still cut off a little bit. That’s the perfectionist in me, I’ll fix that
up too. But that’s how easy it is to change your Office
365 branding. If you have any questions you can leave a
comment or make an enquiry at our website. Thankyou.

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  1. I don't think this is quite right. I believe this requires Azure AD plus/premium.  Azure AD does not include company branding.

  2. this is nice and need by our company. but we dont have Azure AD. will adise my team.. thanks
    please visit my channel stay connected and updated.. nice tutorial this will help others

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