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40 thoughts on “How To Add Symbols & Icons To Videos | CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultimate

  1. Just thought you should know. We don't call your youtube channel Video Editing Software Guide. we call it PDU (PowerDirector University)

  2. I have a logo I would like to spin like a penny spinning on the counter. I have not been able to figure out how to do this yet. I have been using powerdirector for awhile now and most of what I have learned I figured out on my own. I wish I would have found your channel a few years ago. You have some great ideas on how to do things. Thank you for what you do. Jerry B.

  3. PDU: Thanks for your symbols & icons videos. As I learn & create better videos, I notice that when I add something new to a produced video, once uploaded to YouTube, the revised video shows as a new video with the viewer count starting all over again. Is there a way to keep the original views on a revised video? Otherwise, I'll have two videos with one having some additions (symbols & icons). Just thought I would ask. Secondly, on the Produce page, is there a way to free up used space? On the lower right side it shows stats for free, used, remaining & produced space on the Power Director 14 program. Thanks in advance for all your good advice. Enjoy your holiday (4th) & summer. Good day!

  4. Is this the same thing adding instagram, facebook, twitter icons to your video? If this is not the video for it…can you guide me to the video that shows how to do this…thanks in advance.

  5. I've got power director 15 and I hated it. Couldn't get anything to work worth a flip. Then I found your channel and once you explained it, I love the program and now I recommend this to several others that fly drones and need video editing software. BUT today, I came across some of your OLD videos for PowerDirector 8. I am SO glad that you loosened up and changed your teaching style. LOL.. don't go back to the old way. Keep it loose. and THANK YOU!

  6. Hello PDU: Can I use Power Director 14 to add social media pop ups to my YouTube videos or facebook page? Can Power Director 14 work with Twitch software? Your replies are always appreciated.

  7. I would really appreciate it if someone told me how to or what to search for to get that "name plate" (I am Norwegian so I dont really know what it is) over a video clip

  8. thanks Maliek, we have learned so much from your videos! but one thing still eludes me… how do I create and use an arrow as you do with the red one in all of your video??

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