How To BRAND Your Dropshipping Products (Start YOUR $100K Brand!)

Dropshipping is saturated so if you want
to stand out of the dropshipping nation nowadays then you should be private and
white labeling to properly white label it can be quite confusing so in this
video I’ll be guiding you step-by-step as to how to successfully white label a
drop shipping product what is up guys many of you enjoyed my previous videos
on white labeling so if you’re interested in white labeling private
labeling please let me know down in the comments below because I’ll make more of
this content for you guys it’s really not that hard to realize that the most
profitable ecommerce business model is white labeling take Jim shark for
example they started drop shipping initially turn it into a white and
private label and is now competing with the likes of Nike without further ado
let’s turn your product idea into life so let’s assume you’ve settled on a
product and niche idea and it’s all ready to go so essentially planning and
startup phase has been completed what we need to focus now on now is concept and
design production and delivery and big part of this is all to do with finding
an appropriate manufacturer how do we do this well one step before this is you’re
looking at this and if you’ve ever looked into Amazon FBA you might be
wondering why don’t we sell on the Amazon you know in the Amazon
Marketplace but the thing is here Amazon is becoming far more aggressive nowadays
in creating their own white level products what I mean by this is
typically you would white label a product and sell on the Amazon
Marketplace and Amazon would take a clipping a percentage of your of your
profit so instead of doing this Amazon has realized that it’s more profitable
for them to create their own white label products and that is exactly what
they’re doing they’re creating Amazon white label products so they get 100%
profit so do not recommend selling on the Amazon Marketplace as part of white
labeling but instead by creating these white label products we’re still going
to go down the path of having our Shopify store but selling our own
products along with the dropship in products to supplement so that is my
recommendation here and that’s what we’re going to be doing the next step
now is to find a an appropriate manufacturer to create these products
now I’ve got a few platforms that I’ve used and I’ll run you through exactly
what I use and how I use these platforms my first recommendation is Thomas Netcom
this is predominantly for the American users out there the American market is
huge and if we scroll down here to supplier
categories you can see simply from this menu itself from this category that
we’ve got so many different categories that we can select from and Thomas net
is more our high-end sourcing company for a whole load of
industries as you can tell you know they’ve cut things from chemicals even
all the way through to pumps valves and accessories and everything in between
now of course this this you know supply category light here is somewhat limited
so if we go into something a bit more mainstream bit more niche because this
is this is very much b2b items here let’s go into something a bit
more niche so let’s go really broad in general for those who are listening and
let’s take a look at protein powder you get a whole bunch of categories here
you’ve got protein collagen protein whey protein all sorts of protein and let’s
just go with general protein here to give you an example of what you can find
with Thomas Nets here if we scroll through we’ve got a
whole bunch of different suppliers of protein and now what you want to suss
out is firstly of course the quality of products here their availability their
reputation and their pricing most suppliers won’t give you pricing upfront
and there will be an M OQ minimum order quantity but taking a look at one of
these examples one of these suppliers we can see a whole bunch of information
sometimes they do have a direct homepage so you can contact them through directly
there and that’s what I do recommend but you can also contact them directly by
requesting quotes through Thomas net but in this case I just like using
Tomasz net as a supply directory and that’s how you should use it – you
should contact them directly where possible what you want to get from these
pages is if they do have the annual figures available the revenue you know
the size of the business that’s pretty important stuff they’ve also got a free
supplier summary report which is very useful as well another big important
note that you should bear in mind is whether or not they’re close to you
because you might make the decision to want to visit their factory before
committing to the business and I think you should if you get the opportunity
there’s many people particularly in Australia who visit China and their
factories and manufacturers there directly before making a commitment
before making a business deal with the supplier and this is something that you
should all suss out before you actually make a commitment with them another big
element is establishing that rapport establishing that relationship with the
supplier before committing to them and they might also give you a discount if
you establish that relationship when I say relationship I mean literally face
to face relationship beyond just email communication you know just creating
that rapport and understanding them as a business understanding their
understanding their needs along with your needs before committing to that
white label product so if you’re in the States make sure that you do check out
this website if you are interested in white labeling your product but make
sure that you do your due diligence because you could get potential or more
profitable quotes from other companies other supply chains and other
directories so this is something that I would start off with now of course this
is an American company essentially so for those who are across the world like
myself from Australia from Asia or wherever go ahead and check out Global
Sources Global Sources is a more accessible wholesale supplier and
they’ve got a whole load more categories now these guys are based in China but
they’ve got a whole a bunch of high quality supply chains
that are accessible to you now again assuming that you do have your niche you
do have any idea of the product that you want to go for let’s just go ahead and
explore the categories just input the product that you do want there’s a
there’s popular product searches here already and let’s go ahead and just
check out their categories instead so let’s check out hardware for example now
Electronics is a big one too but with electronics you really do want to suss
out the supplier you do want to suss out the quality of the products that they
provide because electronics is definitely more of a high-risk niche
than anything but going down here you can see that they really do offer
absolutely everything in the kitchen sink when it comes to white labeling
white labeling your product beyond this as well here’s a pro tip for you if they
don’t offer something specific you can always talk to an appropriate
manufacturer in creating a custom product for you and for your demands or
your customer demands add a custom pricing quote so going backwards now
Global Sources they’ve got global sources of electronics and hardware
fashion etc literally the world is your oyster here you can create products you
can also white label an existing product so let’s go and type in drone as a quick
example there are drones here high-quality drones and just budget
stuff here as well interesting they have phantom 4 DJI drones I’m not sure how
legal that is but you get the point here you’ve got the option to let’s go into
one of these examples so if you were to purchase one of these products you’ve
got the option to obviously put in your own logo on where the pre-existing logo
appears and on the remote as well but this could just give you an example of
the power of white labeling you can create your brand on the Proud so
the products are here in there are plenty of products here to take
advantage of and you’ve got the power here to implement your own brand that
you want to build and create and nurture on to the products itself and you can
see the the future potential of white labeling when you create a brand because
you simply create the equity in your brand and now that’s a whole different
video in itself and creme brand equity is a strategy but once you do have that
brand equity you can continually produce new products got by going down this
route now the final option is of course Alibaba and I’m not I’m sure you’ve
heard of Alibaba if you haven’t this is the most popular one of the world’s
largest companies when it comes to wholesale trade and why is it so popular
now a lot of you maybe skip to skeptical of Alibaba thinking it’s too mainstream
you know that it’s just a ripoff of Aliexpress but of course their partner
companies but Alibaba is a huge company for a reason a lot of people use Alibaba
for a reason it is very reliable it is trustworthy the options here are
plentiful okay the thing is there is a lot of crappy products on here just like
Al Express but you have to find your diamond in the rough one of the things I
do want to point out nowadays is there it’s it’s global trade so it’s not
simply just all in China so if you scroll down here you can choose your
suppliers by region now you can even choose the supplier it’s based in USA so
here you can get quotes specifically in USD and also from suppliers within the
United States so this is extremely interesting you know things are becoming
a very open-ended when it comes to Alibaba they’re essentially just a
platform for suppliers a directory to produce all these quotes within the
global trade market so here you can see you know it is bulk supply of soybean
meals for animal feed super random stuff but the
good thing about Alibaba is they particular they force suppliers to
produce a quote upfront so you’ve got an idea rather than reaching out to a whole
bunch of different companies where it might already be out of your budget and
so essentially you’re wasting time so you can see here the LLC similar
adventures they’re you they’re American and you do want to check out for that
you do want to check their credentials and make sure that they’re you know a
gold supplier that the anv checked that’s they do have the right
credentials before you reach out to them otherwise you’re wasting your time but
you can see here that typically when you go on to an American supplier that they
do have more grammatically correct descriptions and the price is generally
higher but this is all comes down to your strategy now if you want a local
supplier and that’s something really important to you particularly if you’re
in the food industry then that’s what you have to fork out
but let’s say you’re in a fashion industry and it’s fine that you it’s
fine that you find a supply in China then go ahead and find supplies from
China because in that sense it will be way more profitable for you so beyond
the three recommendations that I just provided you one of the very important
aspects of just not just going back to this image actually not just choosing
the supplier cream design but also distribution packing for transport
filling the packaging that sort of stuff custom packaging is so important and if
you’re interested in more white labeling videos and this is something you all
want to get into let me know because in next week’s video I’m going to get into
custom packaging and this will all go through how to custom package beyond
just the boring a packet sort of stuff or beyond the boring you know Chinese
packaging that you tip we get from drop shipping

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  1. Good content always wanted to know about white labelling. One question tho, you mentioned Amazon. Care to elaborate more on amazon white label prodouct? Any example? Why many people are still doing private labelling to Amazon?

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