How to Build a Personal Brand

I’m Kaplan Mobray. I’m an award-winning author
speaker high-energy speaker and I like to help people to accelerate their
personal and professional development and I inspire them to be their best self. I believe what defines a leader is someone who can command influence so
that it changes someone’s behavior to make something better or changes a
situation to make something better and the great thing about leadership is it’s
not about a role or a title it’s really about a set of actions a set of impact
that you have and a difference that you can make in driving a solution to be
better driving a better result driving a greater sale driving a customer to win
and driving people to follow you because of the influence that you have so I
believe that leaders have great influence but what makes a leader is the
actions that people take that drive a difference in a set of variables that
make people better and when you can make someone better because of your actions
that’s leadership one of the reasons why I think branding
is so important in the 21st century if you will we live in a world where we
have so much stimulus and so much media and everyone’s trying to get ahead and
there’s so many competing forces for people’s attention so how do you get
known and and we live in a world we’re also because of social media people meet
you before they meet you so I believe that
it’s important to have a brand to be known for something so that you cut
through the clutter of all the competing forces for people’s attention but also
so that you can really submit what you’re known for and what your true
value is to the business or as a professional so in this day and age if
you don’t have a brand you can’t be remembered for something if you’re not
remember for something you’re not as relevant as valuable so branding at any
juncture of your career in any industry is one of the most important things that
you can do to day you know one of the most important principles is actually to
understand what you want to be known for because that discovery if you will helps
you to show up in a way that is very directed towards the impact that you
want to leave on others secondly I believe it’s important to be consistent
you know there many people who you know are good with one person not to put the
other person or their this way and accurate with with one team but
different with another team so as an HR professional your ability to be
consistent as you also shape what you’re known for is what drives your brand and
I believe that when you can be consistent and know the attributes of
what you want to deliver if you want to be empathetic you want to be someone who
is very strategic someone who adds great value of someone who is very
collaborative or decisive those words shape your interactions those words
consistently shape your brand and I always believe that your brand is what
said about you when you’re not in the room
so those what that would be the principle know what you want to be known
for be very consistent and then understand the impact that you want to
have across any interaction someone has with you you

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