How to Build a Powerful Brand and Explode Your Business

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. My name is Donata White and you are in the number one place to learn how to
create content that converts into real dollars for your business. In this video,
I’m teaching you how to build and explode a personal brand in 2020. I think
building monetizing and marketing a purposeful personal brand is the key to
growing your business and making more money in the new year. Now whether you
think so or not, everyone has a personal brand. Now even if you’re not an
entrepreneur and you work for someone else, you still have a personal brand.
It’s just your reputation, a set of professional viewpoints, it’s your
working style. That’s your brand. And since you have a personal brand whether
you want to or not, it’s in your best interest to intentionally create and
cultivate the personal brand that you want. Now of course this channel is all
about branding and marketing for entrepreneurs, so that is what we’re
gonna focus on today. Step number one is to figure out what it is you stand for
and what you want your brand to say. Because your brand is not just your logo
and your colors and your fonts and how you look on the internet. Your brand is
about your message and the community that people are opting into when they
choose to become a customer. So think about what does it say about your
customer when they make a purchase with you? What does it say about them and what
they believe in? What is your mission? What do you believe, and what does your
customer say they believe in by making a purchase with you? Once you have
these guiding principles in place, the rest of your branding becomes a whole
lot easier because you have those guidelines to work within. Step number
two: figure out the problem that your customer is having as it relates to
your niche, and then solve that problem. You don’t have to go crazy and have a
ton of products and services here. You can have one really good product or
service that solves the problem, market the crap out of that thing, and have a
really great lucrative business. You can choose your format here depending on
what will solve your customer’s problem the best. There are courses, coaching
programs, retreats, done-for-you services, physical products. There’s any number of
ways that you can solve the problem. And that’s up to you as the expert. I can’t
tell you what to do here. But figure out what the problem is that your customer is having, and then solve the problem with your product or
service. Step number three is my favorite part obviously, because I own a content
marketing agency, but step 3: content, content, content. Of course you could
always rely on word of mouth or paid ads to do your marketing for you, but at this
point, you have a really strong message and a strong personal brand to work with.
So why not use what the social media gods gave you? In my humble opinion,
content marketing and social media marketing are the best ways to build a
community of lifetime followers who not only support your business, but who
support you as a person. Those people are gonna follow you throughout your journey
in this business and any business you might want to have in the future.
That’s it–building a purposeful personal brand is really as simple as those three
steps. Figuring out what you stand for, figuring out what your customer’s problem is and then solving it, and then creating a bunch of content around your brand. If
that seems a little oversimplified, it’s probably because each of these steps
obviously takes a lot of work and strategy. And that is exactly what the
Bizfluencer Bootcamp is all about. The Bizfluencer Bootcamp is my brand new
12-week group coaching program where I’m gonna teach you everything you need to
know about how to build, monetize, and market a personal brand with purpose. In
other words, I’m gonna teach you how to get paid just for being yourself. And
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I’m talking about why Instagram hiding likes–yes they’re hiding likes now in
the United States–is actually bad for your business. And I’ve got the full analysis for you in the next video. I’ll see you there.

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