How to Build a Successful Brand, According to Bumble’s Chief Brand Officer | Fast Company

– Bumble is so much more
than just a brand to us. It really is a mission based company and if we lose sight of our values or our users at any moment in time, then it’s very easy for us to just become another brand. My name is Alex Williamson. I am Bumble’s Chief Brand Officer. (upbeat music) When you are starting out
and branding a company, the best advice that I would give you is to think of the brand as a person or a character and let that person or character have an opinion. Let them have a strong voice and don’t compromise that for anything. The more relatable and
authentic you can be, I think people are tired of traditional branding and advertising and want to see their selves in their inner most thoughts in these brands. We were the first app of its kind where women were in control and so how do you get women involved? You create a relatable voice that women will want to be apart of and that a lot of that
was just pulling together all of the stories that I’ve heard and where my friends were
in their dating lives and where I was in mine and then making that a collective we and that’s how the
voice really came about. And I think that so many people need things to be perfect and perfect can so keep
you from getting anywhere. I could list thousands
of times that people, you know, that something could have been perceived as a mistake, but really it’s just once you think of them as learnings and you pivot and you don’t
get so stuck on something, options are really limitless, but you have to be willing to be scrappy and move fast and change your direction without ever compromising your mission and what you’re trying to accomplish and I think that that leads everything. If you know what you’re trying to put into the world, don’t compromise that because some shiny opportunity comes along. You have to stay true to what you’re doing and then that’s how you build a following. People have to believe in it and if you don’t believe
in what you’re building and you don’t stand strong in that purpose and the truth of it, then you really are at the risk of losing your company to whatever seems popular at the time. I think in order to create something with staying power you have to constantly be checking in with the brand and with the company and making sure that it’s staying in line with everything that you set out to do. (upbeat music)

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