How To Build an Unforgettable Brand: 3 Lessons From Our Favorite Offensive Company

In this episode of MarieTV we do have some
adult language. So if you have little ones around, grab your
headphones now. Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching
MarieTV, the place to be to create a business and life you love. You know, I thought it was about time to bring
back one of our favorite segments called I Love Your Branding Baby. I… That’s – we got it. We got it, Zach. Thank you. Okay. In this segment we highlight a brand that
just gets it. Then we break down how to apply their smart
insights to whatever you are working on. So today we’re taking a look at a free Mac
app called Muzzle, which lets you silence embarrassing notifications when you’re screen
sharing. Like when you’re giving a presentation to
clients or colleagues or, in my case, when you’re about to give four live webinars
to tens of thousands of people around the world. As you can see, on their hilarious landing
page they show you just how important their app is by displaying a wide variety of cringe-worthy
notifications. Now, I don’t know anyone who’d want any
of these messages popping up during a live webinar or presentation: Text from Grace: This bitch keep likin ur
photos on Instagram. Peyton: Enough moping! You need to get laid TONIGHT! Calendar notification: STD test tomorrow. Text from Barry: The password for tonight’s
orgy is “astroglide”. A Slack message from Diana: Your boss sounds
like a tool. I think you get the idea. So I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw this
app I sat for at least 10 minutes straight reading every single message and laughing
my face off. Now, with that said, here are three smart
lessons we can all learn from Muzzle. Lesson number one is turn screw-ups into solutions. Look, nobody’s perfect. We all stumble, we all make embarrassing mistakes. But how often do we dig deeper and see how
our failings can possibly become fixes? The Muzzle creators told AdWeek that the app
was inspired by a real experience of having a real “F this client” message pop up
via iMessage mid presentation. Takeaway here? Every stress point or fail contains a gem. Find it and you can use it to fuel your career
and possibly help others. Lesson number two is show, don’t tell. So for example, developer Brian Jones said,
“Don’t tell people you’re funny. Make them laugh.” Within two seconds of hitting the Muzzle site
you know exactly what problem we’re trying to solve for you. So to be clear here, show don’t tell doesn’t
have to be about being funny or about showing something visually the way that Muzzle shows
actual messages on the screen. Show don’t tell is actually a golden rule
of copywriting. It means using specific, concrete details
to paint a picture. Because painting a picture is always more
persuasive than presenting some abstract idea. Here’s an example. Let’s say you sell artisanal air fresheners
for cars. Saying, “This will make your car smell lovely,”
would be an example of telling. Instead we can show by saying something like,
“Your car will smell like an English garden right after a spring rain with top notes of
your grandma’s fresh baked oatmeal cookies.” Or, if you’re on the freaky deaky side,
“Make your SUV smell like an unwashed tank top from Gold’s Gym.” Hey, we don’t judge. Here’s another example. Let’s say you sell something more abstract,
like leadership training. An example of telling would be, “Want to
feel more important and significant at work?” Instead, showing might sound like this. “Want coworkers to snap to and put down
their phones whenever you talk?” Now, if you want to become a master at showing
and not telling, get your butt over to and sign up for free writing tips. And, I’ve got to be honest, I hope you’re
gonna take the full program. Once you do you’ll learn how to write faster
and easier and you’ll get way better results. Lesson number three, stop trying to make everyone
happy. So I’ve said this before, I will definitely
say it again: you have got to be true to who you are and stop trying to please everyone. First of all, it’s impossible. Next, it’ll make you miserable. Plus, it’s a recipe for a boring, failing
business. For example, people have told The Muzzle team
that the fake notifications should be less R-rated comedy and more PG awkwardness. Co-creator Brian Jones says this: “That’s
simply not my style. Life is messy and graphic, it has profanity
and dirty text messages. If you can’t laugh at yourself and the absurdities
around us, that’s totally fine. Just don’t visit our websites.” On their help page they even have a clear
response for folks who find their website upsetting. It reads: “Your website offends me. Welcome to the club. It meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 to yell at
me on Twitter.” Pretty badass, right? I cannot tell you guys how many people tell
me all the things they want me to do differently on this show. I hear things like this: “Marie, can we
please have more dancing? Please?” “Bring back the brick wall, Marie.” “Don’t make God a woman. Hashtag offended Hashtag not my fallopian
tubes” “We needs more Jams. Hashtag Jams” “Dear Marie, stop wearing
holes in your jeans. It’s really unprofessional. Thanks.” “Dear Marie, I would like to see less mankinis.” “Hey, Marie. More mankinis, please.” “Oh, my God. Marie should just shut up.” Dude, I’m standing right here. Oh, my God. I’m such a big fan. You know what I say? Can’t please everybody. But right now here’s what I want you to
think about. Just look at your business. Are you trying to get everybody to like you? Think about where might you be watering down
your message or trying to accommodate everyone instead of being true to yourself? Important food for thought. And there you have it, folks. Three smart lessons from Muzzle that can make
sure you’re not muzzling your gifts or your message. Now I want to hear from you. So which of these three lessons would help
you the most right now and why? Or tell me this, have you ever had an embarrassing
notification pop up on your screen at the exact wrong moment? I want to hear about that one too. Leave a comment below and let me know. As always, the best conversations happen at
the magical land of, so head over there and leave a comment now. And once you’re there be sure to subscribe
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dreams, because the world needs that very special gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
catch you next time on MarieTV. Ready to find your voice and sell with heart? We’ll show you how. Get started now with our free writing class
at Side effects include enlarged profits. When are you gonna air that episode, Marie? Marie. We need more dancing. Okurr? Ha ha ha! Bring back the bic – the d*** wall. More mankinis. More mankinis. Reverse it. Beep beep beep beep. My bad. You want me to say less words? I can understand that.

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57 thoughts on “How To Build an Unforgettable Brand: 3 Lessons From Our Favorite Offensive Company

  1. Love this! Show don't tell is a strong message delivered to writers, but it's a great thought to have them take they beyond their stories into their copy for websites, online branding, etc. This is the lesson I needed most! Thanks Marie and Team!

  2. I wish there was something like MUZZLE for phones… because I once thought I put the phone down after talking to a client, but it was still off the hook as I said: "OMG Wendy is such a bitch"… she stormed to our office within 10 minutes hahaha… blind!

  3. Literally the EXACT message I needed to hear today! I was just about to go into my website and "tone it down" as my tagline is, "Rebel against your inner shit-talker. Revolutionize your life with joy." <– and some people have an issue with "shit-talker." But you know what? There's plenty of other people who know EXACTLY what I mean and THOSE are the people I want to help. Anyhoo, love you Marie, and thank you for being the number one BAMF in the biz. xo

  4. I don’t mind that my brand offends bigots/sociopaths & other such extremists. 🤷🏽‍♀️
    And I’m okay with not pleasing everyone because “everyone” includes those types of ppl.
    And another way I don’t please everyone is by NOT being gullible enough to buy/download everything that self-proclaimed influencers are sponsored to peddle. 😏💅🏽
    Nice video.

  5. I'm stay on my game to achieving my dream and i will never ever forget the amazing gift that only i have…. Even, when the things get against to me , i will stay focused

    Love you from my soul Marie,
    god has given me this amazing mentor for my life. 😂😂
    Have a great life ahead
    # live tgis DAY

  6. I work with children, and one time while using my personal laptop to show a video to give an example, my ex-bf was texting me, trying to apologize. As soon as his message popped up, ALL of my students began to read simultaneously "I'm so sorry, that other girl doesn't mean anything to me…" then proceeded to ask questions about it for another 5 minutes lol

  7. Omg marie! I love you just the way you are!! You always make me laugh and have great information and tips!!

  8. I will definitely apply these tips for my affiliate marketing business. Exactly show people don't tell is a great way in branding your business as it can quickly attract customers. That is what I try to always do. I show to people how marketing works step-by-step training. Thanks Marie for the insights!

  9. I will definitely apply these tips for my affiliate marketing business. Exactly show people don't tell is a great way in branding your business as it can customer's attention. That is what I always do. I show to people how marketing works step-by-step training. Thanks Marie for t

  10. Show, Don't tell. Like don't tell you love your partner but show how you love them. At school don't tell your good but show them that you are great. Don't tell you can write but show them you write well. Don't tell what you can do great in your life but show how life is great within you. Thank you for your heart Marie in everything you do. Love your passion and truthfulness. Looking forward for more encouraging videos of yours. Lovelots, Mia

  11. Always worried if my profanity in my videos would offend everyone but my branding specifically says "Awaken Your Inner Alpha" that means I'm trying to convince people to get out from their comfort zones and often times that's the hardest thing to do when you're trying to such a sweet heart and baby-ing your audience.

  12. Hi Marie! Thank you so much for this message! I appreciate all of your tips, but the one that resonates the most is "show don't tell" as you write. A gold nugget for sure. Thanks again! Best wishes, Beth

  13. I once hired a new assistant and had her use my mac. A friend texted me and asked how the new assistant was doing and I said some not so great things about her. I didn’t realize that while i was texting my friend on my phone, it was also showing up on my screen that my assistant was working on! I was horrified for both of us when I saw her reading the messages!

  14. I would. Like to know if all those people going abroad to. Find there husband and wife. I would like. To lmow if like how .most. Of them jump im bed rigjt away soppse. Eny of them have aids.or.std who does.that in a time llke this. to know if. They.have. a med please. Tell me i.would apprecaited with thanks

  15. Creating art, I try to make it assessable to every budget but I need to embrace that my brand is luxury, at least on my personal website. I can offer more affordable work on the smaller sites that feature my art.

  16. I’m very very happy that I found you yes the biggest thing I learned today is no you can’t please everyone ,I think that’s what gets me into trouble. I have to be my true authentic self! No My videos are for everyone but my natural style is to be really just like you brazen wild and very funny ,and the people who are meant to be with in my audience will be, anybody else has the free will to leave ,but I have to be myself!You have giving me that extra courage to be my true self I do comedy videos on Instagram Facebook and YouTube and I absolutely absolutely love it !!! Actually when I’m being fake I think the video is a very boring trying to please everybody.THANK YOU I Needed To Hear This! Before I found your video today, I was going to make a comedy video on Instagram, but just like you put in the title caution adult content not for minors.My handles on You Tube Facebook and Instagram are Champagne7 and Lonje Marie

  17. Just looking through a few of your videos and I really love the short quick tips. The structure of this video as a whole is very aesthetically pleasing.

    We own 8 different businesses and manage many employees. We are constantly reminding ourselves that we cannot please everybody and as a business owner, you cannot let others and more specifically, your employees, walk over you. Keep preaching! I have been enjoying your newest videos 🙂

    Lifestyle Business Owner

  18. yep Im now reminded that I should review my website, does it really tell you what its about straight away.? probably not and am I doing enough 'showing'!! thanks for another great vid Marie

  19. Once my dad was at work in a meeting & his brother called. He was going through papers for the meeting so he picked it & put it on speaker to tell him he'd call him back. Before he could do anything his brother told a really inaproprate joke! It was very awkward!

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