How To Build Custom Short URLs (Branded Links)

– So you’ve got a URL. A long, ugly URL that
you want to share online. First thing we gotta do is
turn it into a branded link. “But what’s the best way to
do that?” I hear you ask. Well, it all depends. You’ve got a variety of options when it comes to domains and keywords. So let’s take a look at how to craft the perfect branded link for your needs. (upbeat music) Unlike generic, shortened
URLs, brands these days prefer to share a link that
incorporates their name. You see, it’s not about
being short anymore. That’s just not as needed. What’s more important is the brand. Oh, sorry. It’s true. Now, a branded link is
made up of three elements. The domain, the TLD, and the slug. Generic URL shorteners,
you have no control over any of these elements. They usually decide it for you, and have no trace of
your brand, whatsoever. But when setting up your branded link, you choose the domain
and TLD from scratch, and any link you share after that can have whatever slug you like. Sound good? You know, I think so, too. Right, let’s get into it. First up, the domain. When setting up your branded link, you choose the domain, or domains, that will become the base
for any link that you share. You’ll always want to feature your name or your company’s name
here, so you can boost brand awareness and visibility. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different spellings or abbreviations. As long as you’re
confident that your choice retains your brand’s identity and makes people think
of it straight away. Now that the first half
of your domain is sorted, next up: the TLD. Now there are far more options
than just .com or .org. There are hundreds and hundreds, in fact. Now whether you want to
build a personal brand or a business brand,
consider using TLDs that are specific to your niche. Create a clear connection
between your name and the industry you’re in. You know, an artist could use .studio, a restaurant could use .pizza, a financial consulting
company could use .finance. This means anyone who sees your links will come to associate your name with what you do, which is perfect. Your brand will be the first
thing that comes to mind when they think of your service. Another reason to get
creative with the TLD, customize your branded links so they indicate where they’ll lead. For example, at Rebrandly, we use .blog for our latest blog posts, .video to share YouTube videos, and .support to help customers
contact our help desk. By telling people where they’re going when they click the link,
there’s that extra level of trust in the content that you share. The URL slug, or keyword after the slash, can be whatever you like it to be for each link that you share. When choosing a key word,
you can use this opportunity to share information about
the page the link leads to. So, as well as using a
.blog TLD, you could include the title of the article after the slash. This will build trust,
encourage click-throughs, and reduce your site’s bounce rate, because prospects will
know exactly what to expect when they arrive in your site. And that’s it. Branded links. They can be short and sweet, but there’s a lot of
potential packed in there. So, to recap, branded links
consist of three, key elements: the domain, include your name to put your brand in your links; the TLD, tell people where
they’re going when they click and associate your brand with what you do; And the slug, customize your links for any and all of your needs. With these, you can create
your own, custom, branded-links and start sharing with the world. Let us know in the comments
below what you think. Hi everyone, thanks
very much for watching. We hope you enjoyed this video. If you liked, please give us a
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