How To Build My Personal Brand As A Coach (In Just 4 Steps!)

You’re a coach and you’re starting your coaching business, so you think Hmm.. I need to start my own brand. I need to create my own brand. And you rush into building your website or spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to brand yourself. Stop right here. Let me save you some time. Hi, this is Ajit Nawalkha and today we’re talking about how to build a meaningful personal brand as a coach. For more educational videos on how to build your coaching business, you can go ahead and
subscribe to this channel. You can do that by clicking on the red subscribe button below. It’s crucial for us coaches to know how to market ourselves and communicate who we are to the world. Your Personal Brand is the feeling people
have when they think of you. Personal brand is a modern term for positioning
yourself before you even see a potential client. It’s like the bat signal to your Batman. Even before you arrive, your signature makes
the point and draws fear in the hearts of criminals. Fine. I got a little carried away. You need to define your personal brand as
a coach. This gives focus to your client on what can
they expect when they work with you. What are the steps to defining your personal
brand? Well here they are: The first step, Define Who You Are. This is the most important step you need to
take so don’t overlook it just because it seems obvious. Take some time to reflect and acknowledge
who you are, what you are good at and love doing, and what makes you different. Branding works when it’s consistent. It’s not only creating it, it’s committing
to it. So make sure this part is crystal clear and
it reflects what you are truly passionate about because you have to take it seriously
and be consistent in how you show up every day. Personal branding is amplifying the most powerful
parts of yourself and bringing them into the spotlight. It is also revealing parts of you that makes
you human, relatable and allows for connection with your clients. Here is a fun exercise you can do to find
more of who you are. Take a piece of paper and on the left column
write down some of the things that matter to you. Say relationships, money, freedom. On the right column write what is it that
you really believe about these areas of life. What is it that you really believe about say
friendships. Do you believe they are forever? Do you think your friends should change with
time? Neither is right or wrong, it’s more to
identify what you believe to be the truth about things. Which in turn helps you know who you are. This will help you find your truth. The more you are true to yourself and express
yourself fully through your brand, the more likely you’ll attract the right audience
who resonates with who you are and your message. If you believe that you are ready to express
yourself fully, drop a yes in the comment section below. Now, let’s go to step two:
to clearly define What You Can Do For Your Clients. The question you want to ask yourself is “What
is your superpower?” This is my absolute favorite step. It’s like figuring out which Avenger you
want to be. Ok, maybe I’m a little bit biased. Your superpower is how you express the unique
value you create for people. What is your message? How are you serving others? What problem are you solving? Which processes and techniques do you use
to deliver this value? What is your background? These elements will help you find clarity
in the value you provide so your communication can be clear and concise. What’s your superpower? Say, for example, my superpower is looking
at any wellness, education, and coaching based business and be able to develop systems for
perpetual and accelerated growth. What’s your superpower? Share it with us in the comment section below
so we can all learn from each other and connect as a tribe! Now you have your superpower. How do you communicate it to the world? The third step is to define How You Engage
with Your Tribe What are you going to do to attract, engage
and convert your audience into raving fans? This step is all about figuring out how you
will deliver the value you provide to the people you serve. Do you want to use social media platforms
to reach out to your audience? Maybe you’re ready to provide value through
a website or building an email list? What style of photos or videos would you use
to present your brand? Maybe you’re not confident on camera and
would rather write your message through books and articles. If you love speaking on stage, you can aim
for participating in talks and events, or delivering trainings whether it’s offline
or online. Any and all of these work as long as how you’re
showing up is consistent with your truth. This step is crucial to amplify your brand
and reach, so be smart about it. Don’t try all platforms at once. Start with one or two platforms you feel most
confident in and where you know you will find your ideal audience. Just because you love your Twitter or Snapchat
time, does not mean you’ll find your audience there – let alone any potential coaching clients. So take your time in choosing how you want
to start providing value to people. Here is something to remember when you are
communicating on various channels. Your personal brand is built on a relationship. This means as much as you care about your
message, you must make an effort to deliver it in a way where they care. Your clients don’t care about what your
personal brand is. They care for how it relates to them. Make them care. Creating a personal brand may take time. It may take months before you are able to
clearly define who you are, what you do for your clients, and how to effectively communicate
that to the world. Brands can take decades before they are certain
about these answers. These answers may take time, and that is ok. Progress towards a more clearer, well-understood
brand is more important than perfecting it. Take imperfect action. It might be a little sucky, and if you stay
with it, it will get better. I promise you. My wish for you is that you take the time
to embark on the journey to define and represent your brand every day. My wish for you is to be recognized for the
true and honest you. Aho. Now you know the 3 steps to creating your
own personal brand, so what’s next? Building a brand is the first step to creating
a solid coaching business plan. If you want to find out what the other 4 steps
are, click here to check out our video on the 5 steps to creating a coaching business
plan. What was your key takeaway from this video? Share it with us in the comment section below. Want some more great content? There are many ways to provide value to our
audience through coaching. Read our Free Ultimate Guide To Creating Coaching
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20 thoughts on “How To Build My Personal Brand As A Coach (In Just 4 Steps!)

  1. Let's talk SUPERPOWERS! Ajit shares his at 04:35, what's your superpower? Share it in the comments below 🙂

  2. ok…. yes, I am a life coach ! I`m living with my family in Serbia, it has been practically a war zone the last 30 years, we learned to survive it all… and my mission is to guide others and to show them how to overcome traumas we all are suffering this last 3 decades
    my name is Jaroslava Nedeljkovic, I`m 60 … and my fb page is :
    google translate works… 🙂

  3. I have strong power of convencing people but that's limited at the level of psychological topic, on any subject I am failed 🙂

  4. Yes! My super power is that I embody safe space & connection with most people I engage with. Many people feel super comfortable with me & share their full stories with me. The upside is that we have deep conversations & I make friends easily.

    The side effect of my super power is that after conversations people can experience vulnerability hangovers. I have had friends completely shut me out of their lives after experiencing this. I didn't fully understand it until recently, because I hold no judgment for anything anyone shares & always honor confidentiality. Now that I understand how this happens I know how to address it with coaching clients & friends to alleviate or minimize its impact.

    My kryptonite used to be people not liking me. I used to feel that it reflected that I was not enough & unlovable. I now understand that my worth & lovability are feelings I cultivate inside me. That is what I teach others how to cultivate & embody for themselves.

    Thank you for an amazing video! I appreciate the wisdom, the insights, & the intriguing questions that help each of us uncover our true power!

  5. Great stuff. I always love you content but, if I may, you either need a mic or your background music needs to be mixed down a bit. You were almost drowned out in parts.

  6. I help people feel strong and confident. I love that you affirm that customers care more about how you make them feel than the name of your company.

  7. I think this was the hardest part I had to get over with — knowing the strongest part of your personality & showcasing that!

  8. I’m a property consultant so I “coach” people to finding the best house. My superpower is that I listen well and try to come up with new ideas based on what I’ve heard.

  9. As a Brand Identity Designer, I couldn't agree more – knowing yourself and being consistent in the way you express it (even when you get bored) is the biggest key to building your personal brand!

    My biggest superpower is to find and create your unique identity and help you monetize it.

  10. My superpower is my ability to navigate complex people, process and problems in the modern workplace.. and I help my clients develop their confidence and competence in this space.

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