How To Build Your Personal Brand From Scratch

One question for you
You are now sitting on over150 thousand Instagram followers
9.5 million podcast downloads You know youtube channel and so you
So its easy for people to maybe look at you and be like
Ok well you can talk with tips and strategies But like I’m starting from scratch
What would you do today this year if you had to start over
What would be the couple of things to do to built up your brand and your influence
Mm I would do two things I would one find the person that inspire me the most that I’m
trying to emulate In the business world or what ever world I’m
going into And pay them to work for them for free
I would pay them and say I wanna work for you for free and I wanna give you money for
me to work Yeah wow
I would do that like over a masters like going to school I would find the best in the world
That I’m inspired by so maybe is Gary Vaynerchuk and I’m like hey I wanna come work for you
For free for 6 months I’m gonna pay you this much every month
And here is what I wanna get from it – So smart And here is what I wanna give to you from
it I wanna built what ever it is your biggest
challenge is I wanna built that Then at the same time I would be finding one
platform to maximize To built a brand around
I want to do everything I start I rather take just Instagram im gonna focus on every single
day And built the most that I can like just youtube
just a blog whatever it may be I mean a lot of people stretch too thin early
on, I spend all my days on linked in early on
I became known as that guy on linked in How much time?
I was like 6 hours a day – Ok so that’s – for like a year and a half so I was all in you
know But I was one of the first guys that wrote
a book about it, I got asked to speak all over the country about it
I was writing for blogs about linked in and amm you know my first linked in product
Made over a million and a half dollars in sales
I wasn’t stretching too thin for the first two years I was focusing on one thing
Many people get mix up with that so find a mentor or someone you are inspire by
And either have them mentor you , and if you wanna work for them I would say I’m gonna
pay you to work for you. If they are going to pay you then cool but
I think there is something it does for a person if they are going to say they are going to
pay me to work for me Is going to say this person is really serious
and they are doing something different that no one else is doing
And I’m gonna take notice for that, because a lot of people say they are going to work
for free But I’m like its too much time it’s too much
energy it’s like I’m gonna coach you and you are gonna go out
and do your own thing like it doesn’t serve me
Yeah – So Pay them and then built one thing Watch the full length interview with Lewis
Howes by clicking the link on the YouTube description or on
The screen and also see the behind the scenes video of Lewis’ school of greatness studio
in West Hollywood Video Influencers helping you built your influence
and your income with online video.

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27 thoughts on “How To Build Your Personal Brand From Scratch

  1. 1st to comment! Lewis has a different approach I have to say. In the meanwhile you have to make your living, though.

  2. I def. agree with focusing on one thing. I really want to focus on youtube, but it seems that i have a better following on instagram. also when he mentioned working for someone else and paying them, how can that be applied to a youtuber. I have a couple people that really inspired me but i cant necessarily work for them or pay them. does that make sense?

  3. It's interesting you're talking about this. I've reached out to a company I really admire and I asked them if there was a way that I could just be involved with the company and maybe take something away from that. I told them I didn't want to be paid, I didn't need to be sent anything, I just wanted to be involved and see if there was anything I can do. They had me fill out an application, but I'm not sure what's going to happen from there. I just thought I'd try even if they say no.

  4. Heard a lot about Lewis Howes. He is undoubtedly one of the inspiring success stories that are result of BELIEVE, HARD WORK, and ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT.

  5. paying someone to work for them for free seems really crazy, but when you think about it, that's college lol.

  6. There's value in his advice. And I appreciate the video. But honestly this has nothing to do with building your brand from scratch. Everyone doesn't have money to just "go find the best in the world that you're inspired by". Horrible but decent advice in a way for people who actually have money already for whatever reason needing to build from scratch!

  7. Sure, it may be great for the other person to get paid to mentor someone, but if that person were my ideal mentor they would not be the sort to squeeze every inch of energy out of me in exchange for them giving me advice: that seems so shallow to me. The kind of mentor I would look up to is the sort to see themselves in me, or to see my potential, and if I were a mentor – NO WAY would I feel good about taking a person's money like that, I would not wanna get paid by someone I wouldn't spend my time and energy on WITHOUT the money, I wouldn't even wanna work for a big brand company for just the money so why would I want to work for a company that only cares about my money? It don't make sense. Just because this guy makes a lot of money doesn't make him the wisest, greatest man alive! That's like the equivalent of paying a publisher to publish your work – it's vanity marketing! And what if the branded company you looked up to turned out to be fake and took advantage of you while you wasted all your money and energy on them? That's not a healthy exchange if you ask me. Working for them for free, I can understand, but by giving them money, you are practically giving your soul plus your entire life source to the devil.

  8. I studied with someone and when I asked if she would mentor me (knowing I'm quite serious), she said that she was too busy. Months later, she started a mentorship program. I feel used, but that's life right? Well, fast forward almost 2 years later, I find that I don't need her!!!

  9. I disagree 100%. If I was someone like Gary V and someone said “hey I want to work for you and I’ll pay you too”, I’d be like why? Why do YOU want to pay me? Do you not believe you have any type of value that could benefit me in any way? In response to Lewis when he says “because no one is doing that”… Really what very few are doing, is putting in the actual work trying to build up their skills especially in regards to sales and communication. You do that, and then go to Gary and say, Gary, I want to work for you because I think I can help you with “X”, and in return I want you to pay me “X” AND I want you to mentor me… because you won’t find anyone better for this because “X”…

  10. You explained this perfectly and I loved a lot of your points. I am definitely going to add that into my next video and shout you out.

  11. With all due respect, it's misleading to publish fraction of a video without mentioning that in the title. (Sure you don't get full movies published for free, but that's when "trailers/teasers" come in handy in the title.
    No offense meant. Best wishes.
    God bless!

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