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If you’re looking to save both time and
money, then consider creating shipping labels for your orders directly in Shopify. You no longer need to have a separate account
with a shipping carrier or go to the Post Office to pay for shipping. Shopify has negotiated discounted rates for
you! The cost of a shipping label depends on how
far the package is going, how much the package weighs, and how fast it needs to get to its
destination. If you’re using a dropshipping service like
Oberlo, or a third-party warehouse ships orders out on your behalf, then you don’t need
to purchase shipping labels unless your fulfillment service requests one. If you have a registered business in the United
States or Canada, then you’re eligible to create shipping labels in Shopify. If you aren’t located in either country,
check out the link below for shipping label apps you can use instead. If your business is located in the United
States, then you can purchase labels from UPS, USPS and DHL. If your business is located in Canada, then
you can purchase shipping labels from Canada Post. Only orders with products marked “this is
a physical product”, that have a weight value included are eligible for shipping labels. Check out the article below for more details
on product weight. To create a shipping label, log in to your
Shopify admin. Click “Orders”. From the newly opened page, select the order
you want to fulfill. This example shows order #1013 selected. Next, click “Create shipping label”. Always be sure to review the order before
moving forward. If this order requires two or more packages
for multiple items, you need to purchase a shipping label for each package. Change the quantity to 0 for items in the
second package. This example shows the t-shirt shipping in
one package, and the yoga ball in another, so the yoga ball quantity is set to 0 for
now. Next, click “Add package”. Choose from a box, envelope or soft package. After you select the package type, enter the
package dimensions and weight of the package. Check the box “Save this package for future
use” if you plan to use the same package in the future. Enter a title for the package name. Next, click “add package”. If you saved the package, it now appears in
the drop-down menu. Next, verify the total weight of the package. This means both the product and packaging
weight combined. Be sure to weigh the entire package to ensure
an accurate weight value. For example, this order has a t-shirt that
weighs 0.375 lbs. The soft package weighs 0.1 lbs for a total
of 0.475 lbs. The system does the math for you, however,
you should always double check that the total weight value is accurate. Review the available Shipping Services and
select the carrier and service you’d like to ship with. Each service has different features, so be
sure to read through the options and choose what’s best for this delivery. This example shows an international delivery,
so prices vary based on the final destination. If you’re shipping internationally, be sure
to complete the customs declaration form at the top of the page. Next, set a shipping date and click “Email
shipment details to customers now” to automatically send the shipment details to your customers
on that date. Next, review the summary of the label order. You see how much money you’re saving on
the shipping label by purchasing through the Shopify admin. It’s important to note that if you’re
using Canada Post, the label prices are displayed in Canadian dollars. However, this price is converted to USD on
your next applicable Shopify invoice. When you’re ready, click “Buy shipping
label”. If you’re using Shopify Shipping with UPS,
then you need to accept the Shopify Shipping UPS Terms. On the newly opened page, print out the packing
slip and shipping label. Labels can be printed with a thermal label
printer or a regular desktop printer. For more details on how to print the label
and what printers are compatible, check out the article linked below. If you have chosen a carrier service that
provides package pickups like DHL or UPS, you can schedule a pickup from the label page. Click “Schedule pickup” and choose a time. For more videos on how to grow your business,
subscribe now! If you still have questions, comment below
or contact the Shopify support team directly.

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9 thoughts on “How to Buy Shipping Labels || Shopify Help Center 2018

  1. So can I order for the customer to my address then make DHL pick it from me and send it to the customer in the same country? thanks

  2. As a business will I be charged for both the shipping label, as well as the shipping costs. Or does the shipping cost include the price of the shipping label?

  3. Can you print shipping labels for all unfulfilled orders at once like you can on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon, or do you have to print a label for each order separately? Thank you

  4. I am a little confused so if the customer pays for the shipping do I still have to buy a shipping label? And if I do then where does the money the customer paid for shipping go? Can you please help me

  5. Hi! I just want to make sure if I'm hearing this right. At 0:30 you say if we use oberlo we don't need to buy shipping labels… may I know why? And after when you say "Unless your fullfilment service requests one"… when does it request a shipping label and how can I see if I need a shipping label?

  6. It cost $3 and change for ebay USPS shipping labels. Will buying multiple labels cost me less than $3? Can I write out instead of print and do the shipping labels come with tracking numbers?

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