How to Create a free logo for your airbnb business?

How to Create a free logo for your airbnb business? Every business needs a logo whether you manage or own one airbnb or manage several vacation rentals. Introducing Canva. is a great website for all your design needs; logos, facebook headers, business plans. I have personally used the site for my airbnb rental business. You can view many templates already set up and can make small changes or you can start from scratch its really entirely up to you. I have researched the same colors of major brands from this website here you can find the hex color and change color code in canva. You can upload your own photos. I really have stuck with something pretty basic for my BNB Panda youtube brand. Previously i was part of a major software as a service provider rental company which sold for 40 million in the airbnb space. I manage properties in Asia and so have many insights into how to run a airbnb business. Hit the subscribe button and like or dislike as you wish. Stay tuned for more from your trusted host BNB Panda.

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One thought on “How to Create a free logo for your airbnb business?

  1. I should add when creating a logo this website is pretty good. You can see the colors of famous brands in the world and get inspiration from them or use the same color code by copying and pasting the codes. Cheers.

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