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2 thoughts on “How to Create a Professional Logo in 2019

  1. Gu y, i am so happy you put up this vid eo recording on cr eate the logo. I put into practice your trusty old advice and even was a ble to get remarkably near the way I wanted. I filled o ut it for 2-3 work hours so i t was impressive! But then I stumbled onto this weird glitch that I couldn't fix. I e ven struggled reinstalling th e applicati on and thus nothing at all. I wound up finding a new version of the software progr am at youtube comwatch?v=Z2RmdrEwsUI , and did wond ers past the glitch! Po ss ibly the install file I received was co rrupted. I really do n ot seem t o kn ow how to check that? Regardless, thanks to your trusty video clip, I am co nsequently close to getting this reworking down, that i t'll l ook like it is really raining when I am just complete ! Who wants a college course for phot oshop, when people ca n find your video clips to teach these folks, free of charge on youtube! Thanks agai n o P! I will have to put up my go od results when I assume I've g ot the rain rew orking effect down pat! Wei Dang, logging out.

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