How to Create a Profitable Personal Brand on Social Media (EVEN with a Small Following in 2019!)

[inaudible 00:00:00] everyone, welcome back
to my YouTube channel. Now, do you want to learn how to create a
magnetic yet profitable personal brand even though you have a small following on social
media? If so, this video is perfect for you. All right. So, before I start spilling all the tea on
how exactly you can grow a very strong personal brand that is magnetic and profitable, I do
want to touch on two major misconceptions that I see a lot of people having. The first misconception that a lot of people
have is that they think that a personal brand is a logo, a color scheme or a type face. Yes, those three things do contribute to branding,
but it is not your personal brand. The second misconception that I see a lot
of people have, is that they believe that you need to have over 100,000 plus followers
in order to have a profitable personal brand. And in today’s video, I’m going to explain
why all of that is not true. Now really quickly, I just want to talk about
influencers because I feel like a lot of people tie personal branding to influence their work,
which is completely valid. And don’t worry guys, in the next few minutes
you are going to get your six tips on my strategies on building a strong personal brand, but I
just need to talk about influencers really quickly. Now, how I see it is that there are two streams
to influencers. The first stream are influencers who get paid
to travel. They rely on brand deals and they are like,
I don’t know, walking advertisement, and I respect everyone’s type of work. It’s totally fine, but they promote this type
of lifestyle that people aspire to have. That’s it. Then we’ve got another stream of influencers
who actually create a lot of value, and both are equally as valuable. However, with this stream of influencer, they’re
actually teaching you something. They are educators, they’re giving you a lot
of knowledge so that you can take home and do it yourself, so on and so forth. And they also really give you a glimpse of
who they are as a real person, and there is a total storytelling element behind this type
of influencer. Now, both influencers make money. However, I believe that one influencer only
is the one that makes real impact. And so that’s why in today’s video, I’m going
to teach you how to create impact in your personal branding and not just pushing products,
and not just relying on brand deals. That’s why in today’s video, I’m going to
teach you how to make real impact online as an influencer with a very strong personal
brand that’ll help you increase your bank account, but also lift other people up with
you. Now, with all of that out of the way and fully
explained, let me give you my first tip and that is, is that you as a content creator,
you need to understand the 1,000 true fans theory. Now, this theory is backed by major marketers
and entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin and Ramit Sethi. Now, if you all want to know what this theory
is, let me explain. Now, what the 1,000 true fans theory means
is that, as a content creator, instead of aiming for 100,000 people to follow you, all
you have to aim for is 1,000 true fans that love, love, absolutely love your work. These are the people that are going to be
first in line when you launch something. These people are going to drive all the way
to a meet and greet just to see you. These are the people that are going to buy
your merge because they love you and they believe in your mission. What we’re aiming for here is quality over
quantity. The mistake that I see so many people make
is that we aim to have celebrity status and have 100K plus followers and subscribers,
or one million followers plus subscribers to the point where some people are even willing
to buy fake followers and fake engagement. However, the issue with this is that it doesn’t
matter what the value metrics are if those people aren’t actually true die hard fans
of your work. That’s why, if you actually want to think
like a business owner and like an entrepreneur, it is much better to focus all of your efforts
on having one on one direct communication and relationships with 1,000 people in your
tribe. And it’s not just any 1,000 people, it’s the
people that actually show up every time you post a piece of content. These are the ones that actually turn on the
notification bell whenever you post something or whenever you launch something. Again, they are first in line because they
love your mission, they love your work and they love you as a content creator. Don’t freak out because I’m saying 1,000,
I know some of you may not even have 1,000 followers yet. However, even if it’s 50 or 60 or 100 or 500
people, it’s far more better to create real relationships with people that are currently
in your audience that are showing up instead of aiming for having a million plus people
that don’t give a shit. And the reason why I’m teaching you guys this
1,000 true fans theory already in the first tip is because, we’re not just trying to be
influencers here and get brand deals, we’re trying to create an impact and we’re trying
to create a real business. If you aren’t business oriented or you’re
not thinking like an entrepreneur, then maybe my channel is not best for you. However, what I want to teach you guys is
that it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, especially if you want to grow a profitable
business with social media. And before I hop onto the second, third, fourth,
fifth and sixth tip, which I’m going to share with you in order for you to build your true
fan following, I want to say imagine, imagine if you decided one day on your youtube channel
you launch a T-shirt business. And each T-shirt costs 20 dollars and your
1,000 true fans love you so much they buy your T-shirts. If each super fan bought one T-shirt and one
T-shirt only, you would have grossed 20,000 dollars in revenue just by selling a 20 dollar
T-shirt. Now imagine if you sold something for 100
dollars, 500 dollars, what I’m trying to say here is not about just making the sale, but
it’s about actually creating real impact. And in the next upcoming tips, I’m going to
show you exactly how to do that so that you can build your 1,000 true fans following base. And before I dive into the next tip, if you
want to learn more about the 1,000 true fans theory, then I’m going to link it in the description
box and the comment section below so that you can read up on it. All right. So tip number two, it’s to know your audience
really well with the fine tooth comb. Really ask yourself, who am I helping here
and at what stage is my audience at when they find my videos, or when they find my Instagram,
or when they find my Facebook, or whatever platform that you are on? And what really helps with this is to understand
the point A to point B journey. Because at the end of the day, what you want
to position yourself as is the guy that’s going to take that person from point A where
they’re at right now to point B, which is where they want to be. So for example, here’s my point A to point
B for someone who is in my audience. And maybe, this is someone like you. The audience in my point A is usually someone
who is stuck in their corporate job, they’re probably a year or two in, and they realize
that they actually really hate working in a cubicle and they want to get an asap. This person is constantly on youtube looking
for opportunities to build a business, specifically a business online. This person is looking for tips on social
media. They’re looking for tips on how to quit their
corporate job because they’re just so scared to pull the plug. Generally, this person is a millennial. They are college educated and they just know
that there’s more to life than sitting in a cubicle, but they might just need that extra
push to figure out what exactly they’re passionate about in order to finally have the courage
to start their businesses. That is what my audience is going through
in this point A journey, and this is when people actually find my content. They’re at this stage in their life. What they’re looking for me for is to bring
them to point B. And what point B is, is they want to be able to finally launch a business,
to finally actually create content online and build a solid following. They want to be able to have a better brand
identity of what exactly they do, what they offer in order for them to feel confident
enough to do things on their own. That is the point B of someone who is typically
in my audience. Now it’s your turn to actually think about
what is the point A to point B of someone who is finding your content and what can you
specifically help them on. The third crucial thing that’s really important
when building your personal brand is really communication. Can you actually communicate to someone what
you help them with? Let’s say you’re at a party and someone says,
so what do you do? What do you say? Who Do you help? How do you help them and what results do they
get from actually consuming your content? For me, if you look at my Instagram, what
I help people with, is I specifically help service based entrepreneurs build magnetic
personal brands in order for them to create leads in their sleep. That’s what I do and that’s what I would say
at a party if someone asked me what I do and who I help. The fourth tip that I have is to use my three
by three method. What is three by three means is that, I want
you to pick three pillars and three values that are the core of your brand. Now, let’s look at my business as an example. The three pillars that I have are social media,
personal branding and entrepreneurship. These are the three topics that I constantly
create content around and talk about within my brand. Now, if you are a fitness coach or a fitness
influencer, then maybe your three pillars is, I don’t know, nutrition, exercising and
mindset. Maybe those are the three pillars that you
rotate around whatever you’re creating your content and whenever you are educating your
audience. Then after you’ve got your three pillars,
you want to talk about what you want to think about your three values. What are the three things within your personal
brand that you value and that you bring to the table aside from content. So for example, for me, my three values or
the three things that really differentiate me from other people out there is that I am
very generous with my content. That’s one value of mine. The second one is I’m super transparent and
the third is that I’m always very high energy. Those are the three things that differentiate
me from my competitor. These are the three things that I always bring
to the table that’s not necessarily tangible, but that you’ll be able to see and convey
in my brand. This three by three method is what’s going
to actually differentiate you as a content creator, as an influencer, as a coach, as
a business owner. So really ask yourself, what is your three
by three? Now the next tip that I want to give for you
in order to really build a very magnetic personal brand, is to understand relationship marketing. Now, I’m going to actually pull up a definition
on my phone so that you understand what relationship marketing is. Relationship marketing focuses on making the
most of the customers that you already have, rather than devoting all of your efforts to
drumming up new business. It’s a longterm strategy that aims to build
brand loyalty, create strong customer connections and encourage regular, repeat business from
your already existing clientele. Now, when I learned about the term relationship
marketing, it completely changed the way that I operate in business. Because when you focus on actually devoting
all of your energy, love, attention to your existing audience, you actually have the potential
to cultivate brand ambassadors. These are the people that truly value you
so much as a content creator that they will actually promote your work for free. They are the ones that are sharing to the
world on Instagram that they’re watching your videos. These are the people that are referring their
friends to watch your content because they just love you so, so much. So I promise you, if you actually focus on
building very strong relationship with your current audience, you won’t need to actually
go out there all the time and be a door to door salesman looking for new people to join
your community. Your community will do it for you. But what you need to do as a content creator
is to treat your community with respect, with integrity and with lots of love. Treat them really well because I promise you
that Karma is a thing and they will return that energy back. Now, the last tip that I have for you in order
to build a magnetic and profitable personal brand on social media, is to actually create
a tribe. Now, yes, you have this audience now and you
know that they like your work, but what are you actually doing for them in order to make
them feel exclusive and appreciated and supported? For me, once I realized that, hey, actually
people really give a shit about my content, I created the Fearless Boss Network. It’s a private Facebook group where I invite
my audience members to join so that they can get more support from me and they can actually
support each other. When you create very tight knit communities
like this, you’re actually creating a family of people that believe in your mission and
that wants to help each other and help you grow as a content creator. So if you are someone who already has an audience,
definitely think about what you’re going to do to take that relationship to the next level
so that you can make them feel even more VIP, and to also make sure that you have this audience
just in one place instead of all over the Internet. I think the Fearless Boss Network is probably
one of my proudest accomplishments. My group went from zero to 2,000 members,
almost 3,000 members now, and it’s so nice to actually create a family within my audience. So I definitely recommend that even if you
have less than 1,000 followers, to actually put people in a Facebook group or some sort
of platform where everyone can get to know each other and actually create a real community. So, that’s it guys. Those are my tips on how small content creators
can also thrive in building an online brand that is magnetic and can also lead to profits. I really hope that you enjoyed this video
and trust me, you don’t need a big following. If you look at the beginning stages of my
journey, I’m still a very small YouTuber. However, I’ve built a very strong community
of people who believe in me and believe in my work and love my content. So I really want to share that gift with you
so that you don’t chase your tail looking for all the value metrics and caring about
all the numbers. Instead, I want you to actually care about
delivering real value and showing your personality online so that you can make a positive impact
in the world. So, that makes it guys, very warm fuzzies
right now. But I’ll see you in the next video. And just to give you a sneak peek in the next
video, I’m actually going to teach you guys the strategies of how my video on YouTube
went viral and how my platform has grown so much. Obviously, the tips that I gave you today
was a huge factor, but there’s more to that. So make sure you hit the notification bell
or you at least subscribe so you’re not a looker, and so that you don’t miss out on
the video. Anyways guys, I hope you guys have a great
day, a great week and a great life and I’ll catch you in the next one. Bye guys. Hey, sorry. Totally forgot something that I should have
mentioned in the video and that is is that, when you actually deliver real value and you
focus on people in your community, even if it’s a small community, what I notice is that
the growth happens as a result. So that’s why instead of looking for other
people, you focus on a real community because naturally, the growth will come. If you come from a good place and you come
from a place where you’re educating people and delivering real value and real good content,
the growth will come. That’s what I saw in my channel. Because I was consistently giving value, value,
value, value, naturally the growth came. But the only reason why I was giving so much
value is because I was truly taking care of the audience that actually subscribed to me
so that they can get the most value. I think I’ve said value so much, but so that
they can get the most out of me as a content creator. So, that’s what I wanted to say that I didn’t
mention in the video. But, yeah. Bye.

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