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100 thoughts on “How To Create a Stylish Single Weight Line Art Logo in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Another Master Piece Sir.! This 10 minutes video has a value like an entire course! A mug of beer 2 you friend! Cheers!
    * ps. sharing in south america *

  2. Thanks Chris really simple and best way you done the Tutorial learn many new things for this tutorial god bless you keep posting.

  3. Very useful! I just refereed a friend to visit your website and join your newsletter. thank you for the great content.

  4. Can't thank you enough, I've been searching for a video like this for at least 2 years now, the few I found are not even close of being as complete and detailed as yours, they just explain how to design using this style of illustration rather than explaining the technique as you masterfully did. Thank you very much.

    Greetings from Panamá

  5. Great tut – but you sound like you are reading and bored – talk to me about what you're doing. Sorry, I am a media coach.

  6. Hey man, i really want to know more about freelance graphic design and how to come about it im 17 its hard to come across advice

  7. Thank you so much for your great work, keep it up! Also I'm wondering where did you learned your skills from? Did you graduated on design or something similar? Thanks again!

  8. at 8:30, when I go to the shape builder tool, none of the sun rays are red and I cannot remove them… anybody knows why that could be?

  9. Love this design? Get the t-shirt!

  10. I had a great friend named Spoon who taught me 75% of what i know about VW's and now I have a new Spoon Teacher. lol Thanks for the videos.

  11. Hi
    I created a logo based on this tutorial and the non profit I work for wants to use my logo design for tshirts to sell to campers and parents. Would this be a breach of any legal issue with you? I believe my is different than yours and created by myself. I just really want to check in with you and not step on any toes
    Thanks and its a amazing tutorial and love your others

  12. Thank you for the wonderful tutorials..I have tried this tutorial and it worked well under your guidance. Now that i am trying to practice further Single Weight Line Art Logos without and text in it.. What are the necessary steps to convert the stokes to objects … since the create outline option is dimmed and cannot go further. please help…

  13. At the 8:22 when you expand the outline, why only checked the object, not including fill and stroke as well. What is diferrent result if expand the the fill and stroke as well?

  14. Chris I've been following your blog for years!! I can't believe I've never watched your channel, amazing! I learned more illustrator tricks and shortcuts in this video than in 2 years in design school! You're the best!!!

  15. Subscribed after 1minute due to you actually talking and doing a tutorial unlike most that are basically speed drawings! Plus you sound like your from Leeds lad?

  16. I LOVE your Tutorials but you speak so quickly its really hard to keep up and make notes.  Could you maybe do a newbie tutorial and attach a step by step cheat sheet for those like me who really want to learn to use the package as well as I can PLEASE!

  17. Excellent tutorial with useful but easy techniques that can be applied to almost every design project on illustrator that just uses lines! I followed everything, but I'm stuck on the last bit (the sun rays). I am not wielding the same results as you for the sun rays and I really don't know why? My sun rays don't flare out for a start and instead flare inwards making a shape that I don't want…can anyone help? My blend options are same as yours so I don't understand. :/ :s

  18. Great Video Spoon Graphics!! I am doing my first design in Illustrator but I am stuck at the last step of sunrays. Getting an error as 'The filter produced no results. Please select two or more overlapping paths'. I did make sure that I have two overlapping clouds with the half circle. Can anyone help?

  19. You're such a god. Honestly, you really helped me get through school with all of your tutorials. I have a BFA in Graphic design and a BA in Visual Studies and I visited your channel a lot throughout my studies.

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