How to Create Sliced Text in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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100 thoughts on “How to Create Sliced Text in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

  1. Any instructors or professors watching this should take notes – this guy can teach!
    Great tutorial, excellent instruction and verbal communication; he covered every little nuance and walked through every step of the process thoroughly and concise.

  2. Thank you for a valued exercise…………I have picked up some useful "Tips & Tricks" along the way. The "First Walk Through" triggered an interest and going back has been useful to clarify some previously "Grey Areas" in usage of Illustrator.

    Some thoroughly explained elements…….with several and numerous "Penny Drop Moments"

    Thank you

  3. You are an AMAZING teacher. You mention so many details and don't just assume that everyone knows what you're talking about. So many great tips and good habits to learn from the beginning. THANK YOU!

  4. Excellent tips and tricks Matt. I'm currently working a remake of my logo where I want to bisect 2 letter on an angle, very much like what you've done. I also want to insert a red chili pepper (created in Ps) between the bisected letters. What's the best format for the chili pepper file to be in so I can manipulate and perfectly place it? Thanks in advance.

  5. I have learnt a lot from your video and I have liked and also subscribed your channel. Please, keep working like this and make us beneficial. Thank you….

  6. nice video on how to slice text in adobe Illustrator heres what I made for mine I used adobe Illustrator and photoshop to add a little extra

  7. Yes! Finally a tutorial I feel like I can follow without getting all confused before its even started! How do you not have more subscribers??

  8. I got a problem when i click divide. There is an information: The filter produced no results. Please select one or more filled paths. I use Ai Cs6. Help

  9. Can I just draw a white line across the letter to make the letter look cutted? I have school project make words cut in wood. The machine reads only illustrator. Does the machine also cut the white line?

  10. Love this tutorial! However, I mainly work with photoshop and I've tried my hardest to duplicate what you're doing here in PS and it is just not working. I'm ready to destroy my computer. Is there any way someone can give me the equivalent of PS for this tutorial? I've tried looking up Text Slicing tutorials for photoshop but none of them are as concise, or really giving me the effect I'm looking for as this one does. Thanks in advance!

  11. The filter produces no results. Please select one or more filled paths…..why do I keep getting this? what I do wrong

  12. When I go to hit divide it says please select two paths even though my letter and line are both selected?

  13. Thank you thank you thank you! I was trying to change the cap of a stroke to something custom, and I didn't know about the Expand command. Thank you!

  14. Hi. I really enjoy your tutorial. But whenever I try pathfinder divide and ungroup them, they dont divide themselves and move as a group. It drives me crazy. By any chance, does pathfinder never work?

  15. Thanks #MattBorchert –
    Great tutorial –
    I use it often as a reference for work I am trying out…
    All the best to you…

  16. im sorry, i am from indonesain and i really didnt undterstand what ur talking about, could u make some notification or caption when u want to say something like as u want give a command insturcrion

    because i have confusing my english not good im so sorry so i really need that command

    sha we?

  17. I try to click the divided text, but it just ends up as whole. Direct Selection glitches out and does this weird thing where it tries to connect to the last point.

  18. Hi Matt, I tried this out. I like this video and the links. I also book marked this in my favorites, as well as subscribed to your channel and clicked the notification bell. Look forward to more tutorials.

  19. Was having trouble trying to figure out what I can do for a logo project. This definitely helped. Thank you.

  20. I was wracking my brain on how to do this and just came across your video- thank you ! Great job on explaining it- not to fast and not to slow. I am a new subscriber

  21. Si digo que esta mal abria perdido mi tiempo, por lo tanto es genial muchas gracias Dios te bendiga.

  22. You are an EXCELLENT teacher!! I love that you tell what buttons to click on (even describing them at times). Very helpful!

  23. Why i press divide, it show the filter produced no results,. Please select one or more filled paths. Anyone know why and how to solve it?

  24. Hey Matt, when I click divide on my pathfinder window it says please select one or more filled paths, what am I doing wrong

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