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15 thoughts on “How to Create The New Instagram Logo In Photoshop

  1. its not easy to make a simple logo from nothing, and its very easy for you to remake it. they payed much for the logo becouse they can represent the concept very well. try to appreciate someone else artwork man. its a concept design matter, not a technical photoshop thing. no offend 🙂

  2. Let me first say that i don't like the new logo too, but saying "can you believe someone was payed thousands of dollars for that" i would say that's a pretty ignorant argument from your part. Just because you copied in 2 minutes, that doesn't mean the logo didn't required lot's of study, work and effort from the team who developed it. That's why fiverr is what it is right now. For 5 bucks you can have anything.

  3. Logos are not only about how technically difficult they are to put together though.I think it's quite good, definitely a needed change! Thanks for the video, still trying to get that gradient right

  4. they dont get paid to create it on illustrator u ** (maybe i should be more decent ). logo making is a huge decision one has to take. read the process of logo design

  5. When i double click on my original rectangle only that first layer gets a gradient layer the center of the logo stays the same

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