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10 thoughts on “How to Design a Company Logo : Color or Black & White Logo Design Tips

  1. At last, a competent and well presented video tutorial on logo design!


    Please do more videos on logo design so the dumbasses on YouTube actually learn something.

    The video by cbs8 called "Logo Design" is one of the worst of the lot.

    FIVE STARS for this one, though.

  2. If you ask me, you probably shouldn't be designing anybody's logo if you had to search "how to design a logo" on youtube.

    Also, he refers to the term 'spot colour' as a secondary colour. This is wrong, any designer will tell you that a 'spot colour' is an (often) vibrant colour selected from swatches, that cannot be made using the conventional CMYK print process.

  3. No! Color is last. If it doesn't work in black and white..if it doesn't work in less than 4 colors and without gradients and stupid drop doesn't work period.

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