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100 thoughts on “How to Design a Logo

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  2. This was very helpful and informative. It really got me thinking about exactly what I'd want my logo to be and represent.

  3. yeah that Slytherin banner really catches my attention. BTW I was sorted into Gryffindor but I honestly want to be in Slytherin. lol

  4. So instead of telling people how to actually make a logo om a pc or something, you just gave a 3-4 minute lecture about being creative and cautious and stuff. JUST TELL US HOW TO MAKE A LOGO!!!!

  5. Logo design is not a cup of tea for everyone. This is why people either learn design and then make a logo or simply hire a professional to do the job. Good video. How is your professional life coming along in the design industry?

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  11. I'm trying to make a logo for a english school in Brazil and I'm looking for ideias, if anybody can give me some I would appreciate…

  12. Love these logo explanations! I never noticed the arrow in Fedex. These are great think out of the box explanations. I like the idea of watching interviews with designers and getting in their head behind designs. Thanks for all the great logo ideas!

  13. Stop waving your hands around – it's more distracting than a bad logo and It makes you look as if you are so lacking in confidence. Not enough pauses, bad angle from camera. Pity because the info is solid. Also look at your background – visual chaos. Sorry to be frank.

  14. i think logo designing in coral draw is best in photoshop its also ok i have neve used illustrator yet i have only done 3 months course in graphic designing recently i can design cool text logos in coral drawand photoshop

  15. @legend robert blake sir do u design logos in illustrator or photo shop or coral which is best softwarefor logos designing> thanks

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  17. Love it – thank you for sharing Karen. Based on your advice, I'm going to be creating a couple of logos that I will have on my youtube channel shortly. Cheers for the inspiration.

  18. Mam can you tell me how I make logo on topic " A day without consumer in a day without sunshine" plz tomorrow is my competition

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