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58 thoughts on “How to draw the Green Lantern Logo – step by step

  1. Hi i I like to do gymnastics and I'm very flexible and i like how you draw that how you draw the Green Lantern symbol can you saw a horse for me please thank you have a nice day bye

  2. Hi Doodle Draw art, I have a request can You please draw something to do with a sport , maybe golf or volleyball? Thank you so much and if you do draw this can u mention me in your video? Thank you sooooooo much I love your channel its so easy and simple!!!!!!

  3. Wooww.. Wooww this was my first video and believe me I've fallen in love with your drawings!! Ok now I'm going to show off to my friends and tell them look 'how perfect I am' hehe thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊☺☺😝

  4. love it… I'm making a painting for my little brother of some of the DC comic logos, and have no idea how to draw most of them.. this helped a lot, thanks!!!

  5. Can You Do Jed's Favor Draw The Flash Logo Reverse Flash Logo Sometimes Loom's Like The Flash Logo Reverse Logo Reverse Lighting All Red And Black After Red Lighting And Outline Red , Yellow Paper First Please…

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