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(upbeat techno music) – What’s up, TeamMBL? It’s Music by Lukas. – And Lauren Z. Ray, DJ
filmmaker, DJ producer, and this week’s talk is about– – How to email big labels. – And, if you can’t tell, yes, we are still here in
Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Lukas’s song is coming out
on Spinnin’ Copyright Free August 31st, so we’ve
been doing live meetings, meeting with some labels, and we just figured
it’d be the perfect time to really kinda cover
how to contact labels, and how to send them an email, what should be in the email, et cetera, so that’s what we’re
gonna be discussing today. All right, you have a
track you’re so proud of, and you think it’s amazing, you wanna send it onto a label, but you don’t where to start. You don’t know the label’s email, you don’t know what label to send it to. Well, that’s pretty easy. Just, I would say, figure out who your track sounds
similar to, what artist, and what labels have they been signed to, because they would be– – That’s gonna help you
figure it out, yeah. And there’s other resources
like and 1001 Tracklist, which
will be super helpful. actually lists all of the different labels by genre, so you can search things, like if you know you do future house, you can search future house labels, you can search tropical house labels, and start figuring out which
ones you wanna send to. It shows you the links
to their SoundCloud, you can see how many followers they have. – And it has their email address, everything right there, so
they can grab that email, and that’s where you
would send your demo to. – Yeah, and you can also,
if you think that the info, like let’s say the email
for the label is there, but you know that it’s the wrong email, maybe they have a new email, you can actually submit
an update so that you can, it’s like a collaborative website, so that’s really cool. – And once you get what
labels you wanna send to, I would create an Excel spreadsheet where you would list the labels and maybe list what
tracks you sent them to, what dates you sent them on. – If they listened and if they responded. – Yeah, if they replied, what they said, that sorta thing, to keep track of, because further down the line, believe me, you’re gonna forget, and it’s just gonna be a
really good reference to who you sent it to when. – You also wanna start weeding out labels that are not active anymore. Like, you could search
future house labels, there could be like 200 that show up, but maybe there’s only 10
that are actually good, and one of the best ways to figure out which ones are good is by
going to 1001 Tracklist, trying to figure out, like,
search a track on there from that label and see
if it’s getting support, see if it’s getting plays, see if it’s getting spots on radio shows. – Kinda like a good way to research and make sure it’s a
good label, basically. Okay, now what goes in your email? Very good question. We’re gonna talk about it
and we’re gonna tell you exactly what goes in the email. Now, we’re gonna head to– – The weekly highlights. – Okay, so we just
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in there about that. – It’s really, really fun, go watch that. Don’t forget to be checking
out our Instagrams. We do daily content there. So, this YouTube video, maybe it’s just once or twice a week, but the Instagrams, you know, it’s every single day. And Lukas has an IGTV about if you have to be Dutch to
make it in the EDM industry. – Yeah, if you have to be Dutch to make it as a DJ producer. It’s an interesting topic. And if you wanna see that or any of the other stuff we talked about, or the secret link of the week, all of that is in the description below. – And back to the normal programming. – So now we need to talk about the most important part,
which is what to say and how to send your email to the labels. So, record labels have two
different types of emails. They have public emails, which is like [email protected], and they have private, direct emails like [email protected] – That’s like directly to the A&R. Now, those emails are
probably harder to come by, but you know, through connects
and through other ways that we’ve discussed in other videos, we can go into that some other time, you can get that A&R email,
so that’s really good. But you say you’d maybe start
with the public ones first? – Yeah, you start with the public one and see if anyone responds, because if they reply, most
likely it’s going to be from a direct email, and then
you wanna of course save that. – Put that on that list
we were talking about before the weekly highlights,
where you keep track. That would be where you’d
add that email and be like, this is the one.
– ‘Cause those kind of emails are not listed on – Yeah, good to keep track of too. – Yeah, and you can also find those, like if you collab with someone else, they might have a
connection with that A&R, and then once they include you, like they CC you on the email, then you can also take that email address and put it on your list as well. – That’s kinda how you find those. And then what goes in the email, you wanna introduce yourself, not a long biography of
the year you were born, and you were doing this, and doing that, and then you discovered music. It’s like, it’s too much information, they don’t know what you want, they just probably give up,
don’t read the whole email. They don’t have a lot
of time, remember guys? They’re really, really busy, so short, and sweet, and
to the point, very direct. So, I would say your name,
maybe your best pitch, like a really quick thing about yourself that makes you unique, maybe a recent, you’ve been signed to another
label recently or something. – Supported by an artist. – Supported, something like that, then quickly add the– – Yeah, you wanna add one
SoundCloud private link, so one SoundCloud private track. Like, you don’t wanna add 10, you don’t wanna attack an MP3 or a .WAV, and the reason for that is because you need to be able to tell if they actually listen to the track. If you attach an MP3 or a .WAV file, there’s no way for you to really tell if they listen to it, whereas if you attach a private link, then you can keep track
and you can also see which A&R listened to it, because if you send it to a big label like Spinnin’ or Armada,
there’s tons of A&Rs, so you might send it to [email protected], you know, whatever,, and you could see the different names, like this guy James listened to it, and Ralph listened to it,
and you get to see it. – And then, notate that on your notes that we were talking about earlier. Like, the notes are the
most important thing, honestly, I really do think. After that, in your email, make sure you add a call to action, like looking forward to
hearing back from you, or you know, something like that, your feedback, something like that, yeah. Just make sure you tell them
what you want from them next, because they’ll listen,
and then maybe do nothing. And if you put it out there like this is what you want from them, but in a nice way, of course, then they will be like, all right, maybe he wants a response. You won’t always get a response, but it’s really good
to see if they listen, like Lukas said. That’s feedback enough
to put in your list, like, no reply, but I
got this many listens. Like, all of these are just clues to discover the mystery of what it is to be in this career, I swear. – Yeah, it gives you more information, like, if they listened
but they didn’t reply, it probably wasn’t the right fit for them. – Maybe not the right fit,
maybe it wasn’t, like, the best track maybe, you know, it’s just clues, because I feel like a lot of times you’re just sitting there clueless of what to do
next or what’s going on. You’ve sent your email. Like, we get comments or
questions all the time like, I’ve tried to come in
contact with these people, or get, you know, my music
heard by blah, blah, blah, and no response. Well, tweak it, tweak the
email, tweak the song, tweak all your little things
to discover if the answer or the solution back is different. That’s how you discover what works. – Yeah, and don’t be afraid
to put yourself out there, because you’re never gonna
know this information if you don’t actually email them, and you have nothing to lose. – You really don’t. They get hundreds of these all the time, so they’re not gonna be
specifically remembering you, and your name, and
your track was terrible. It’s like, no, not necessarily, so you know, just take the chance. I mean, you have to take the chance in this type of career. That’s what it’s all about. And don’t feel bad if
something doesn’t happen, because everything takes
a really long time. I mean, Masto, Mike Williams,
any of these people, they went through some rejection as well, so you’re not alone in that. – I’ve been through rejection. – He still does, what
are you talking about. – If anything else that
we didn’t talk about has worked for you and
you’d like to share it with everybody else, be
sure to comment down below. – And if you’re new
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because we’re gonna be doing videos like this to help you guys further your music career. And also, don’t forget, on our Instagram, we do daily content. We do daily, just more things like this, you know, tips and tricks– – Interviews with artists. – Stuff like that
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train, you’re on a plane, you’re in the car–
– You don’t have time to look at the YouTubes,
you wanna just hear it. – If you wanna fall asleep to our voices. – I mean, that’s cool. SoundCloud, we got
everything on SoundCloud too. All right, that’s it. – See you guys next week, see you tomorrow on Instagram. Later.
– Bye.

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