How To Find Instagram Influencers To Explode Your eCommerce Sales (BRAND NEW!)

What is up ninjas! Everyone’s heard
about Instagram influencers but if you Want to know exactly how I made $30,000
in just one week only using Instagram Influencers to advertise for my Shopify
store then stay tuned because we’re Gonna build some crazy stuff about how
to find the best influences in the world How to negotiate their prices to rock
bottom and a secret that I personally Use it’s going to completely change the
Instagram influencer game so don’t go Anywhere Yeah and I think sup min does today
we’re gonna talk about how I use Instagram influencer marketing alone
with no Facebook no Google no other type Of advertising to make over $30,000 in
just one week and this video is gonna be Completely full of hacks right there’s
not going to be any fluff like all the Other Instagram influence or videos that
I’ve seen out there we’re gonna talk about real implementable actionable
strategies that you can use today to find Instagram influencers in your own
niche so make sure you don’t go anywhere because we’re gonna be dropping absolute
bombs throughout this whole video but before we get into actionable steps that
we can actually use right now to find Instagram influencers that are going to
be super profitable let’s take a quick step back and discuss what Instagram
influencer marketing actually is because there’s probably some people out there
who are wondering you know what the heck is Instagram influencer marketing
I always keep hearing about it but I want to know what it is so basically
what it is guys is you’re utilizing people’s already existing following so
let’s say that I’m selling pitbull socks for example and we can use that example
for the rest of the video so if I’m selling pitbull socks right for the dog
the pitbull then I want to go out there and I want to find instagramers who have
already built a big followings of people who like pitbulls right so if I made a
page and all I’m doing is posting you know cute little pictures of pitbull
puppies for example people out there in the world are going to be searching
Instagram for pitbull they’re gonna find that page and that page is going to
build up a following so sometimes these people and I know it sounds crazy but
these people have instagrams that have a hundred thousand or a two hundred
thousand or a million followers and all they do is post pictures of up pitbull
puppies and pitbull related stuff and so when you know let’s say that you’re
selling pitbull socks for example then you already know that that a
hundred thousand or million people are interested in pit bulls and so it’s a
very targeted audience who is much more likely than a cold audience to buy your
pit bull related products and so that’s kind of the point of Instagram influence
or marketing it’s finding people who already have pre-existing followings and
then kind of utilizing that extremely targeted following to then sell them a
product that is ultra related to what they’ve already shown they’re interested
in as we can see from this chart right here guys about two-thirds of all shout
outs are between zero and two hundred fifty dollars and pretty much every
shoutout that I’ve ever done has actually fallen into that range I’ve
done a couple expensive ones and if you know what you’re doing and you’re kind
of more well-versed in this and then more expensive can be extremely
profitable also but for most of the people watching and for most beginners
into Instagram influencer marketing it’s gonna be between zero and two hundred
fifty dollars generally I found you know it’s between twenty and one hundred and
fifty dollars it’s kind of the sweet spot for choosing the influencers that
you want because a lot of people think that all influence are influencers are
created equal but they are absolutely not it’s all about the engagement rate
and having that engagement rate the actual real people and not robots and
engagement groups and we’re gonna talk about all of that very very in-depth but
before we do guys I’m if you want to learn how I use Instagram influencers
like in my own business how we generated you know over a thousand dollars our
first ever day then do me a favor and comment down below and if you’re a
follower and you’ve been watching all of my recent videos I’ve been asking people
to comment a lot but I’ve been making all the videos the reason I do this guys
is because I want to actually put the videos out that you want to see so if
you want to see how I made a thousand dollars on my very first time ever using
Instagram influencers profit a thousand times profit then comment Instagram
influencers as a comment on this video and I will make that video for you guys
next let’s jump in and see what we actually want from an Instagram
influencers so if we go to Instagram right here we’re gonna type in
millionaire and we’re gonna just choose one of these millionaire dream so we see
that they have four hundred nineteen thousand followers I’m generally you
know that’s pretty good I like to look for you know anywhere between fifty
thousand and three hundred thousand sometimes I found and this isn’t a said
this isn’t a steadfast rule but sometimes I found you know people with
over 300,000 followers tend to want more for a shout out than they necessarily
deserve but I’ve generally found that people under 300,000 are a little bit
more fair with their pricing but again you’ll never know unless you reach out
for these people and it says right here right email us for promos ads at clever
preneur comm so again we’ll talk about how to contact and how to price and
negotiate these things later on in the video but again it’s very easy if you
want to contact these people for a shout-out all you most of them list
email us for promos right here so what we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna take
their username right here or again right here and we’re gonna head over to a
website called influence or marketing hub and what this site is is you know it
has a lot of things that you can use for Instagram but what I use it for is at
the bottom here called Instagram calculator so when we click Instagram
calculator what we’re gonna see here is the average engagement rate on Instagram
and Twitter in 2017 so we see that you know what we’re looking for you know
above 10,000 but generally above 100,000 is about 2.4 percent engagement and you
know they calculate engagement rate based on comments and likes per picture
so if like if I have a hundred thousand followers and a thousand of them comment
on my post then that would mean I had a 1 percent
engagement rate right in comments and likes are factored in but that’s just
these are general rules of thumb if they have over a hundred thousand then the
average is 1.7 so you want to see you know these type of numbers or higher for
these things and that’s a good initial gauge to know whether or not these are
real you know they have real followers and they’re not just followed by boss
because if you’re not familiar with Instagram there’s a lot of box which
means they aren’t real followers but it looks like they have a lot of followers
but they don’t have real people followers and then you’re paying to show
your products to robots and robots are never gonna buy your stuff right and the
same problem happens with what’s called engagement groups but I’ll show you some
fun little tricks and hacks to make sure that you’re not you know paying to put
your product in front of robots and to make sure that you’re actually putting
your product in front of real people so we’re gonna come down here to the
Instagram influence or earnings calculator and we’re gonna type in a
millionaire dream the one that we copy and pasted from right here in the title
and the URL or right here and we’re gonna go to search and what we’re gonna
see here is they’re going to do the calculation for us right here for the
engagement rate so we see that their engagement rate is one point zero two
and if we compare that with thousand followers plus on Instagram
they actually have lower than average engagement right and so what that kind
of means and we can take a look closer a little look but just you know on a very
basic level what that means is that they have lower than average engagement for
their particular for that particular follower count so what we see here is
you know twenty eight hundred likes with only fifteen comments right fifteen
comments for a four hundred and nineteen thousand followers twenty comments ten
comments right so these aren’t particularly impressive numbers and if
we actually look inside here let’s take a look at the comments nice instagrams
superb pics right like this comment if you have no fear this is totally true
right these are also true like this these are these are this is a perfect
example of most likely bought content this is all very generic short things
right nice Instagram that could literally be about anything so these are
literally robots these are programs that somebody created to go out and comment
on these posts to make it appear like this Instagram is actually getting you
know more action that’s dope right these are all just thumbs up these are all
very very generic and so this is a very good example and a red flag of a
particular post that has pretty much entirely bought content and so this
would be absolutely not be one of the Instagram influencers that I would want
to reach out to to actually promote my stuff I’m one little other trick that I
like to look at is you can look at the followers here and you like to see that
you know 99 percent of these little pictures right here actually have a
profile picture because most people who use Instagram who are real people have
like a profile picture of themselves of their family you know sometimes people
have like pictures on like the beach or whatever but for the most part you know
it’s pictures of themselves and we see you know there’s like a soccer ball here
this is obviously a company you know power storm this is obviously looks like
a company the Joker you know again most of these people like even you know even
like 30% of just these first ones we’re seeing don’t look like they’re actually
real instagrams inspiration for you these these kind of look like business
accounts or promo accounts you know that we wouldn’t necessarily want to actually
promote a product to just because they don’t seem like they’re actually real
people’s instagrams and so this is a very good example actually and just kind
of Brandon Lee happen to be so of an unsecured definitely avoid because they
have you know mostly bought content they have bought related likes they bought
related very generic comments and many of their followers even in the first you
know twenty that we looked at don’t seem like real human accounts and so let’s
take another example it is your boy at official Kevin David calm is my
Instagram if you want to follow it we’d love to have you because we are posting
a bunch of fun content all the time and so let’s actually plug in my
Instagram here instead and so we saw that there’s was about 1% engagement and
your boy does not have one percent engagement I hope yeah so we see you
know up 16 over 16 percent engagement rate you know over 16 percent higher
than what they were excuse me 16 times higher than what they
were looking at and if we look at you know my comments and things like that
you know 33 comments and things just just posted 60 comments you know 1.4
million views 47 comments 6147 94 you know 465 comments you know you can just
kind of tell that there’s a lot more people that are interacting right 906
comments then the the previous page that we looked at so this is definitely you
know obviously I’m not gonna do a shout outs for products but you know if you
found an influencer product let’s say that you were like selling wooden
sunglasses and you found like an influencer that takes pictures of like
beautiful islands or you know show a Travel Instagram that you could do an
insert campaign for you’d want to look for similar types of numbers 16% is very
very good so I wouldn’t say that that’s what net just generally what you’re
looking for but anything over like 2% right especially if you’re getting over
a hundred thousand followers cuz I don’t you know I only have like 35 or you have
thirty five thousand followers and so once you get over a hundred thousand
it’s unrealistic to expect a 16 percent engagement rate unless it’s like a
celebrity account for example like you know Kylie Jenner and things like that
so but these are kind of the numbers that you’re looking for anything above
you know two to five percent engagement rate for an account that has over a
hundred thousand is extremely good and what you want to do is make sure that
they have you know real followers by checking out the the profile pictures
and you want to make sure that the comments aren’t just like totally
generic things nice your Instagram and like thumbs up
thumbs up like great pose awesome pics like those are obviously robot the robot
responses they’re not real people let’s talk about the important part how do you
actually find influencers for your particular niche or brand so I’m gonna
use a pitbull as an example just because you know we’ve sold dog parks in the
past specifically pitbull products just because they have a huge very passionate
fan base so we’re gonna go to actually instagram themselves we’re gonna type in
hashtag pitbull and we see there’s 19 million posts related to pitbull right
and some of these could be the artist pitbull but we see pitbull of instagram
i’m over a million posts for a pitbull puppy pitbull gram right so we can
pretty much assume that pitbull official pitbull gram pitbull puppy pitbulls and
Instagram are probably all their own instagrams here so let’s take a look at
the first one so we see 16 thousand likes huge amount of likes there so we
definitely want to open that one up see what’s going on with that I like to
actually just go on the overarching one though so we’ll go to pitbull and then
we would look at the 19 million posts I mean how Instagram is kind of organized
here is it organizes the top nine post the 3 by 3 as the top post and the top
posts are chosen by a variety of things you know acceleration you know how many
likes a new post gets how fast how many high-quality likes that post gets so
like if I get you know if Selena Gomez likes my picture and she has you know 70
million followers or whatever it is then obviously my picture would go
immediately to the explore page because the strength of the like and the
velocity of likes and comments for a new post is what determines what gets on on
the explore post and you know there’s ways to manipulate getting onto the
explore post by kind of using a less competitive hashtags and getting onto
the explore post for those less competitive hashtags and that starts to
build up to get you onto the from the explore post of you know the more
competitive hashtags but that’s that could be another video again if you guys
want me to make more videos on Instagram type the comment down below that says
Instagram influencer just the two words Instagram influencer as a comment on
this video and I can make a complete all-inclusive Instagram video you know
how I was able to grow my account from 5,000 followers to 35 thousand followers
literally in just one month and though real people not boss not engagement
groups not any of that BS and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look at
some of these two comments one so we see a lot of different accounts here let’s
see what happens when we just type in pitbull and see if we can find some
actual accounts here so we see pitbull universe so three hundred and three
thousand followers I’m another good way to do it you know it’s just exactly how
I just did pitbull fans you know seven hundred and
fifty four thousand and so these would both be you know good kind of people to
go after and see if they would be available for business shoutouts
literally they say DM for business shoutouts best price available I could
that be you know easier so all you have to do is shoot them a DM stands for
direct message for you good for those of you who don’t know so once you find kind
of a good one like bit like these two right there’s a fun little trick that I
like to use and all it is is very simple it’s this little arrow right here it
will actually show suggestions and so these are other popular pitbull pages so
if you find one good kind of influencer let Instagram do the hard work for you
right and find these other accounts two hundred and three thousand followers you
know eighteen thousand followers two hundred seventy two thousand
followers thirteen thousand followers three hundred and thirteen thousand
flowers for all different types of kind of sizes and this gives you a good range
because how hard is it to send a single message right a direct message or an
email to these people saying hey I’m interested in doing like a promotional
shout out on your page could you give me you know your prices for a 12-hour shout
out we’re gonna talk about you know the length of shout out the time of shout
out because all of these things matter guys every single one of these things
makes a huge difference and doing it right the first time
you’re gonna see a huge dividend and a huge payoff and a huge amount of profit
from doing Instagram influencer marketing right but that is a great way
to find Instagram influencers all you have to do is find one influencer are
just by typing in the hashtag right pitbull looking for one account we found
one account here click this little button and now we see a bunch of
suggestions so I would message every single one of these guys and say you
know what are your prices for you know doing a promotional shout-out for twelve
hours I generally like to run my shoutouts from 9:00 a.m. Pacific time to
9:00 p.m. specific time if you do 24 hours
the relevancy on Instagram starts to degrade and so I’ve found that the
biggest bang for your buck is paying for a 12-hour shoutout from 9:00 a.m. PST to
9:00 p.m. PST and you know there are a few other secrets like doing you know
promotional shout outs with images and videos and story posts and there’s one
of those three that is you know absolutely the best option of the three
but again if you guys want to learn more and I can do an all-inclusive Instagram
video comment Instagram influencers down below give a like on the video if you
guys have learned something I’m trying to put out as much free content as I
possibly can for you guys because I love you and so that’s how you kind of use
Instagram itself to take a look at you know how to find Instagram influencers
for any particular topic so another cool way that I like to do it is using a
little search hack on Google and you can do this for anything right if you want
to search a specific website for something right you could do Facebook
you could do Amazon it doesn’t matter what it is all you type into Google is
site colon and then the website itself and then we’re gonna go space here and
we’re gonna type pitbull and now Google is going to do the work for us and
they’re gonna so this is pitbull the actual artist the musician if you can
call him a musician um no offense if you like him so but we see pitbull here mr.
worldwide pitbull pitbulls of Instagram pitbull 5% we see 36,000 followers the
most bad ones pitbull puppies online yeah so we see you know Google is
showing us 1.6 million followers so this is kind of the big guy right that it
seems like to me 30,000 dollars donated here we see that their gmail address so
if we wanted to message them asking for a particular shout-out or something like
that this is how we would do it and again a
great way to do it click this little thing right here the little arrow it’s
gonna show you suggestions and I would again look at every single one of these
and it gives you literally this carousel that goes on and on and on and on
so 200 to thousand followers 67,000 40,000 18,000 1.6 million so all of
these different kind of options here we can calculate their engagements you know
we can look to see if they’re getting real comments and not from boss or
engagement groups we can see if they’re followed by real people and all
this kind of plays in to choosing the correct Instagram influencer that’s
going to give you the most possible profit and so the last way that I like
to use and I generally don’t suggest paying for Instagram influence or search
engines but deep social does have a free trial though I think they’ll give you
three free searches and so it says you know and we just signed up for deep
social and you don’t have to pay or anything like that I think I just signed
in with Facebook or something and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna type
in pitbull here and let’s see what they actually give us back here and so we see
that you know they’re gonna give us some of the things that we just looked at and
again they’re telling us to upgrade the plan but this is a good way to kind of
get started when you’re not 100% sure kind of you know what to do and how to
get started even though I just showed you you know some some great methods to
do that but we can take a look at these ones right here I’m just straight from
this website we see some quality right 73 thousand which is pretty good we see
two hundred seventy three thousand four thousands probably a little bit too
small but again so free it showed us it got us started and then we can use
Instagram itself by looking at the related posts to find a ton more so that
is exactly how you find Instagram influencers and so that guys is
everything that you need from a pitbull perspective but more importantly from an
Instagram perspective for influencers how to contact and find the best
influencers right a bunch of tips and secrets and strategies that I use to
find you know very high quality Instagram influencers how to make sure
that they have a real engagement how to make sure that their engagement is above
average how to make sure that they’re not just followed by a bunch of bots and
engagement groups and how to actually go about contacting them guys it’s not as
hard as it looks you know if they don’t have any information here shoot them a
direct message but a lot of times you know they’ll literally tell you you know
DM for business shoutouts best price available
or they’ll literally have you know their contact information right here guys and
you know when you when you contact someone you can you know open it up to
whatever pricing you want if they have under three hundred thousand followers I
generally start with an offer of twenty dollars and they’ll counter and they’ll
tell you you know you we normally have we normally do $50 or $100
and then you can ask you know if you want to be except you know especially
kind of detailed you can ask for engagement details that if they have a
business account you know they can show you kind of their analytics where it
says okay our audience is thirty five percent female sixty five percent male
you know thirty seven percent from the USA and then you can you know take a
deeper dive into that information and decide for yourself whether or not you
think that is useful and again I can go super super in-depth on this guy’s just
comment Instagram influencers down in the comments and I will make an
all-inclusive Instagram video but you know that is pretty much everything you
need to get started using Instagram influencers today for your Shopify drop
shipping business guys and before we go I just wanted to give a shout out to our
daily $100 winner where we’re sending 100 straight to your PayPal every single
day jut just to give back to you guys for being such awesome fans we literally
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Shopify Empire guy so I hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll see you on the next

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