How to: Gold Plating on Chrome Items – Plastic Car Emblem – Kit Demo (NEW)

Hi guys, okay, today I’m going to be
showing you a new edition of the Universal Plater called the Universal Pro Series Chrome. It’s our Universal Plater kit that gives you the option of plating gold on to chrome-plated items like car emblems.
Okay, so we’re just going to get right into it. Here I have a little emblem here
it’s chrome plated. Whenever they chrome plate something there is a layer of
nickel underneath it. So that’s the key to the whole thing. The first step, we’re
going to be stripping the chrome off so that we can get to the underlying layer
of nickel because you don’t want to gold plate straight onto chrome. So with the
kit we’re going to put it to the Chrome Stripping position and what that does is
it automatically sets this first yellow port over here to the correct voltage
and everything. You don’t even need to have to worry about the volt output
nothing it’s already ready to roll. We take it and here we go. All right, we’re
gonna start just spreading it on there. Now you’ll see that it will start to
change color and what that is, is that’s the chrome removing and when the chrome comes off. The underlying metal will have almost a coppery tint to it.
It’s like maybe even a little bit of a goldish, copper tint. And that’s how you
know that the chrome is coming off. Now you do want to do this in an area with
local ventilation, meaning have a window open, have a door open, have a fan blowing across because the fumes are a little bit nasty. They’re not something you just
want to sit there and breathe in and steal air. Now if you notice I
clipped the black clip to the back here, just to anywhere off and I’m only going
to be plating the part that’s going to be
visible, because this will be mounted onto a car and you know you don’t want
to worry about the part that you can’t see. I’m just taking my time and
chrome stripping everywhere that’s going to be visible, all the way around the
edges here, down in these little nooks and crannies, and you know keep dipping,
make sure you have plenty of chrome stripping solution. It’s fairly
cheap so you don’t want to, you know, go short on it. Now I think I’ve pretty much
got it all off, I could probably move forward right now. Just going to spend
another ten or fifteen seconds on here, Just to make sure. If you don’t get it all off, it can cause problems so you’re better off over doing it than under
doing it. In the event that you didn’t get all the chrome off and you
went forward and gold plate it, you may see areas that are cloudy or hazy. You
know, you’ll have different visual issues and you’ll have to polish it off with
some Mother’s Mag aluminum polish or similar and start over. Okay, so I believe
the chrome stripped. I’m going to rinse it off here, kind of look over everywhere
make sure there isn’t somewhere I didn’t obviously miss. But to me it looks good. There’s a spot right there I’m going to get
just a little bit more because I think I see some chrome there. So I’m just going
to get here a little more. Okay, let’s try it out, move on and see
how it goes. Okay, so next we’re going to move on to the activation. So we come
over to this switch and we switch it to normal plating. That works for these two
ports here, the middle and the gold port. Here we have our Surface Activator
solution and we want to set the voltage to six or seven volts. We’ll be fine
now, this is just a quick activation of the nickel. You can’t really hurt it if
you overdo it, but it’s just not necessary to go too long. Just 15-20
seconds is sufficient. You’re just activating that underlying layer of
nickel and getting it ready for gold plating. Rinse that off. Now it’s really important that you change the voltage between this step and the next. You know, you don’t want to be gold plating at 6.2 volts. You want to change it down to five. I would recommend five at the most, maybe a little more once you’re a little more experienced. But stay at five because the voltage is going to drop down as soon as
I touch this to it and start plating. It’ll drop down by about whole volt and
go to four volts. Now let’s see, here we go. Ready? Go. So you know immediately the gold starts to fly on there, that is a good sign. If
it’s taking five to ten seconds for the gold to start going on, there’s something
wrong. Maybe you didn’t strip all the chrome. That’s most likely what happened if the gold is not going on quickly or your voltage is too low, maybe you just
need to turn it up a little bit. If you’ve got to turn it up much more than
five volts to five and a half volts, you’re probably a chrome issue. But as you can see it’s turning gold quickly. It looks very nice. Now you want to spend
probably, you know one to two minutes in a given area. Dip frequently, you know,
make sure you get everywhere and this is actually a rapidly applying gold
solution that we make. It goes on pretty quickly in this one to two minute
time. You are really applying a fairly, relatively, thick layer of gold in the
electroplating industry. It’ll last a long time, if these are taken good care of.
See, it’s already done. I mean you could call it good right there.
It’s very, very nice plate on it. Now I want to try and rinse it off and show
you how beautiful it looks. And now I would take it and you know,
maybe rinse it on a sink, whatever, dip it in another thing. Make sure you
get all the solution off and out of it. But I’m just going to take a paper
towel and dry it off and i’m going to unclip it. Bring it over here, and make sure real quickly we don’t get any water spots here. Now that looks great! And that is how you gold plate a chrome plated item using the Universal Chrome edition. A regular Universal Plater is not set up to do this, so if you’re going to be doing cars, make
sure you get the Chrome Edition. It’s our new kit. People are going to love it!
Thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “How to: Gold Plating on Chrome Items – Plastic Car Emblem – Kit Demo (NEW)

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