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Did you know that a
good strong personal brand can make you over a
million dollars a year? I myself can generate over
a million dollars a year just from speaking fees
because of my personal brand. Hi, everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna teach
you how to growth hack a personal brand. (calm music) Before we get started,
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more videos like this, you’ll get notified. Everyone talks about how personal branding takes a long time and it does but that doesn’t mean you
can’t get results faster and today, I’m gonna share with you how to build a personal brand like me. Do you wanna learn how
to build a brand like me or Gary Vaynerchuk or Tony Robbins? If you do, this video will
break it down step by step. The first growth hack I have for you is to pick a niche and a big one. Here’s what I mean by this. If you wanna build a
personal brand and a niche that’s so small that only
10 people care about it, there’s not really any money to be made. If you wanna do well, go to Google Trends. Type in whatever niche
you wanna be an expert in. Make sure that niche is
bigger than digital marketing. Google Trends will allow
you to compare to it. As long as it’s bigger than
digital marketing, you’re fine. That’s a big enough niche. The second tip I have for
you is to leverage video. See, when I started
building a personal brand, I was old school. I would write blog posts,
go to offline events and that’s great and all but these days you can build that in-person
kinda feel and connection through videos over the web because of channels like
YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn. You can get your message across and it’s much more effective
than in-person events. So go and create content. Just bust out your phone, create
videos related to any topic that’s related to what
you wanna be an expert on, push it out there, upload those videos to
all those social channels and make sure when you’re
uploading these videos to use the right keywords. Through tools like Ubersuggest, you can see what phrases are
popular within your niche. Integrate those keywords in there and that way when people
wanna find your videos, they’re more likely to see it because you’re leveraging
popular search terms then I want you to interview
other successful people. Being an expert isn’t easy. It takes a while but a
quick hack to make it faster is get seen with other experts. So if people see let’s say you
and Gary Vaynerchuk together, they’re gonna be like, oh, Gary knows him, Neil or John or Chris
or whatever your name is may also be an expert too and an easy way to do
this is do interviews. So hit up the Gary Vaynerchuks, the Tony Robbins of the world,
the Seth Godins and say hey, do you mind if we do an interview? Interview ’em over Skype getting maybe a 10 minute interview. People will see your face next to theirs. When you’re editing the
video, you can just pop it up. Technically, you don’t even
really have to edit it much. Pop it up on all these social sites. Again, it’ll make you seem as an expert because these other people are
experts and you’re with them. Now, when you pick these other
experts to be interviewed, you don’t wanna just pick random
people like Gary Vaynerchuk or Seth Godin ’cause you see ’em all over. More so, you need to pick
other experts within your field so that’ll help brand you
in a more positive light. You’ll then also wanna speak
at four conferences a year. That’s the next tip for you. I know I mentioned with videos hey, it’s just as good as in-person events and yes, it’s much more effective but still that in-person event but people seeing you,
a lot of ’em over time as they like your speech, they’ll wanna take pictures with you, they’ll push it out on the social web. It’ll help brand you as an expert and I know at the beginning
no one’s gonna pay you to do a speech and even
if you have no practice or experience speaking
on stage, that’s okay. No one cares. Just apply to all the
events within your space. Some of ’em are gonna say yes. All you need to do is
speak at four a year, one per quarter. Trust me, it adds up over time. The fifth tip I have for
you is to help people out. Helping goes a long way. Don’t just help people
because you’re just like, hey, if I help ’em, I’ll
get a more personal brand and it’ll be bigger and
I’ll make more money. Help people ’cause you care. If you truly care and you wanna
be an expert in your space, you gotta pay your dues
and help people out whether it’s responding to
them on Facebook groups, responding on Twitter, answering comments when people leave a comment on your blog. This all shows goodwill and it’ll help you build a personal brand. The sixth tip I have
for you is to stand out and when you’re standing out,
don’t try to be too crazy. Just be yourself. Look for something
that’s unique in yourself that other people don’t have. Good example of this, if you look at Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos, a lot of ’em he cusses. He doesn’t cuss because
he’s trying to be cool or anything like that. It’s just his natural self. So when you cuss or you’re
being your natural self in a way that other people
aren’t, it’ll help you stand out and last but not least, be patient. It’s not gonna happen overnight. You’re not gonna make a million
bucks from speaking fees in one or two years but
over three, four years, you’re gonna do better and even though I’m
telling you to be patient, if you follow these growth hacks, you should see results each
and every single quarter. So when three months passes, you should see your
brand growing and growing and you’ll notice when
you go to Google Trends and you type in your name, you’ll notice that the chart
is going up and to the right. That’s a good leading
indicator that you’re growing and you’re gonna become an
expert within your field. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video,
make sure you like it, share it, comment and
tell other people about it and of course if you ever need
help with your own marketing, check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital.

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57 thoughts on “How to Growth Hack Your Personal Brand | Neil Patel

  1. Good Video and Tip. My questions is if I want to create another business in a différent niche of my personal , may be possible ? and have you some tips for that.

  2. Great, concise tips, Neil! Wow! I really like Tip #️⃣5️⃣ (03:40), help people out! I've discovered so much growth from that one alone. People want to be helped, and they are excited to investigate your brand in return a lot of the time. This brings in a style to help people want to discover the "mystery" behind you and your brand instead of just constantly pushing it out into the marketplace in a very demanding way. Keep up the awesome advice! 👏

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