How to Label Bottles

Hi, I’m Gregg from Consolidated Label here to show you some tips on how to get labels for your bottles. Before designing your labels, you should try to pick out your bottle first, so you can be sure the artwork is designed in the right dimensions. And if you need help determining the proper label size, we have some great resources on our website to use. After you’ve determined the size and your label artwork is all set, your account rep can help you determine which material is best for your bottle. Your label material choice will depend mostly on the material that your bottle is made from. For example, label materials that work with smooth glass bottles may not work as well with an aluminum bottle that has a matte finish. The cleanliness, texture, shape, and temperature of the bottle at packing, shipping, and final destination are all factors that can impact your material options. Let your account rep know what type of bottle you’re labeling, the conditions in the application environment, and any other considerations, so they can better guide you to the materials that best fit your needs. You can even send us a sample bottle so we know exactly what you’re labeling and we can recommend different materials if necessary. Ok…so you’ve received your labels and now it’s time to apply. There are two main ways you can apply your labels – by hand or machine. Hand application is pretty simple, you peel the label off the liner and apply it to the bottle with firm pressure. This method, however, can be time consuming and frustrating if the label is applied crooked, or if there are bubbles in your application. That’s why we recommend using a manual or semi-automatic label applicator for small to medium volumes. Or, you could use a co-packer to handle all of your labeling and bottling needs. Get started on your custom bottle label project today by checking out our website for an instant online quote or just call us direct and talk to one of our in house experts. Be sure to check out some of our other videos. Learn more about us here. And learn more about labeling options here.

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  1. Great video team! I have tons of Consolidated Label customers in the Denver, CO area that label everything from kombucha bottles to cannabis containers.

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