How to Label Home and Work in Google Maps

Hey YouTube! Google Maps has a new feature that allows
you to label locations so you can easily search for them. You can label locations as home, work, or
even a custom name. And then you only need to type in that label
name instead of the entire address for it to appear while you are searching. So how do you label locations in Google Maps
for iOS? First, either search for a location, or press
and hold to drop a pin or use your current location to set a labeled location. So if I use my current location, and I’m just
going to go ahead and drop a pin here. And if I press the info at bottom and then
I can have the option here in the middle to see the “label” button. I can set this as my home, work, or even a
custom name. I’m going to go ahead and set this as home. Now what this is going to do is set this as
labeled as “home” across your entire Google account that you are logged into. So be sure that one you are logged in to is
the one you want to use. So not only can you set a home, you can set,
like I said, any custom place. So I’m going to set, right across the street
here, and lets say that this is where I work. And also you can do custom location labels. So, lets go ahead and drop another pin over
here. And we’ll just call this one “meeting spot”. So now I have these custom labels, so when
I search some of them will be suggested or you can just type in one and it will bring
it up. I don’t have to type in an entire address
anymore, I can just use the shorthand label that I’ve entered for each of these places. Now, what if you want to change, edit or delete
any of these labels you’ve created? On the left hand side of the search bar, the
three lines, press that and then go to “your places”. Now to delete any of these three, just press
the “x” on the right hand side of the screen. Or to edit one, press on the label and then
press the info bar at the bottom of the screen, and then press the “labeled” button in the
center again. Here you can have the option to change the
name of the label if you wanted to. If you wanted to just move the location of
the label, I would suggest deleting it and then re-adding a new label in the new location. Now that you’ve added these labels, sometimes
what will happen is that Google may suggest travel times to these certain areas and you’ll
see it pop up at the bottom of the screen. And it will say “suggested travel times to your
new shortcuts”. This sometimes will popup and sometimes it
doesn’t, currently it isn’t popping up for me right now. But, I hope this was successful and that you
can use these new labels in Google Maps. Thanks for watching, please like or subscribe.

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