Hi guys, so today I wanted to do a video on
labeling my son’s school uniform. I think that sounds really, really square of me and
really like I am a proper sad old mum. But I know that I would watch this video because
that’s the kind of geek I am. So I’m hoping there’s a few other geeks out there as well.
Sorry about the lighting. It is like 9:00 at night and I thought I could get away with
it, but I don’t know if I can. But anyway, I’ll make this a quick one. So
my little boy is starting reception in September and I’m feeling very emotional about it. But
anyway, I’ve sorted out all of his uniform and obviously I’ve got to label it because
it costs a freaking fortune. So I’m going to show you what I’ve got. They’re all off
of a website called Easy2Name, I’ll put the link down below. It’s literally the top thing
in Google, so that’s just what I ordered. The first thing that I got was like quite
a basic thing that everyone probably had when they were children as well, it is the iron
on name strips. So they just come in strips and I’ve cut them up and you can obviously
iron them onto the clothing. With these ones, in some of the more expensive items of clothes,
like the blazer and things like that, I have also stitched round just for extra security.
These are the kind of labels that I’ve been using for ages in his nursery clothes and
preschool clothes already. I’ve got a few of these credit card things
that show their name. They’re perfect for like their gym bag and things like that and
I also see a lot of children will have that, but then also have a big key chain of like
a minion or you know some sort of stuffed animal key chain, so that they can easily
identify their bag. I really like that. You could choose from different little icons.
I just chose footballs, but for girls there was like flowers and princesses and all kinds
of different things. Also got something that I’m very excited about
and I sound like a real geek now. Got a stamp with his name on it and it’s basically a fabric
stamp, so it will stamp his name onto any item of clothing that I want it to or onto
anything. I’ve used it to stamp his name onto his lunch box as well. You can use it on paper,
you can use it on labels, you can use it on fabric you use on anything. It’s completely
washable, so once you stamp something, the ink is going to stay on it.
From my little tests of what I’ve done so far, I’ve stamped onto papers and labels very
easily, more easily than it does to fabric. But if you had an item of clothing that you
wanted to stamp on the fabric, you could, as long as you stand two or three times. This
is great because it’s so quick for us moms, it’s just like stamp, done. I’m literally
going stamp crazy around the house. Also, if someone did pick up the wrong item
of clothing or if someone wanted the wrong item of clothing, I’m not saying that’s going
to happen at his school at this age, but you could easily cut out a tag or un-sew a tag,
couldn’t you? But if this stamp was stamped right onto the fabric, it’ll be really hard
to say that, that was your item of clothing. So I don’t know, I just liked it. I’m even
going to stamp his shoes. I’m just going to go stamp crazy.
And labels for his Tupperware and lunchbox and things like that. You can get these, but
my son is also allergic to peanuts, so I got the allergic to peanuts ones. I’ve got the
no nuts ones, yeah. So it’s like, “Fraser Norris. I am allergic to peanuts.” It’s also
dishwasher safe. You don’t have to worry about these coming off in the dishwasher. So I just
thought that they were really handy as well. I hope you’d like some of these ideas and
it wasn’t completely boring. There are so many labels that you can get nowadays. It’s
crazy, you can get special shoe ones. You can get special sock ones, you can get all
kinds of different… Like just ones that stick on like sticky tape. They looked really
good, but then I decided to get the stamp over those, but yeah. Anyway, I hope you like
this video and I will see you very soon. Bye. My cup, my [inaudible 00:04:03] I’m going
to [inaudible 00:04:03] your face. What are you up to?

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  1. Oohhh…I definitely need that stamp in my life! Do you think it will work on fleece materials? T's prep school sweaters are fleece lined and I'm finding it hard to get the iron on's to work properly (she's starting reception next year and I'm already an emotional wreck)

  2. Great video! Yay for Geeks ha! Such a good stamp idea, love that! We have had countless items of clothing go missing Grrrr! But hopefully this will solve the problem Thanks for sharing! I actually lol at your little one throwing water over you at the end, so funny!! 😆 xx

  3. Loved this! Mine started reception last sept and I was in a labeling frenzy for weeks 😁going to look up this site as I found shoe labeling hard, I used saw in labels but might go iron on this year,live in the fast lane,lols…….

  4. This is fab. my wee one is starting nursery soon so very helpful . ordered some labels from another site before watching this but like the stamp idea xx

  5. Love this Emily. Only just seen it. Some more back to school prep would be brilliant and pack lunch ideas. My little girl is starting the juniors and won't have school dinners anymore and she likes sandwiches but not every day xx

  6. Love this video 2 years on! Great idea and I may just start ordering now. Just found out what school my little one got in to and would love some starting school videos so I know what to buy over the next few months 😂🙈 you always have great ideas! 👌👍

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