– Hey, guys! So I’ve gotten quite a few
emails saying things like, “I’m 12 years old and I
wanna learn graphic design, “but how do I even start?” So since I can be kinda
lazy, and I don’t want to type out the same answer every time, I thought I’d make a video to answer it. So, that’s this. (upbeat music) The first thing to do is understand that it takes lots of hard work. Graphic design is a skill
just like anything else. It takes a lot of time to develop your eye for layout, legibility, juxtaposition, all those other fancy design words. I was using Photoshop almost everyday, from when I was 12, until when I was 16. Now, I’ve had almost four
years on top of that, learning from what’s arguably the best arts school in the country. So don’t think that I’m about to give you some magic spell that’s going to make you
instantly great at it. Graphicus, designus! Aw, man! I still have the uncontrollable urge to use Comic Sans. So, if you really love it, and you’re willing to put in the work, then all the power to you. Back to the original question, “Where do you even start?” Not to get all Hermione on you, but I’d really suggest
going to your local library, or book store and reading some books. This is a great introduction
to type typography, the history of type,
just some basic things that you should probably know before you start actually doing it. This one is another really great book. It was actually our text
book for Typography Two, and it was written by a guy who teaches here, John Kane. It’s really easy to follow and has this funny face on the front which is just kind of hilarious! On top of typography, you might also want to learn about the
history of graphic design. This book is a really
great one to start with. It has just a really good summary of most of what you’ll need to know. There are lots of pictures too! Links to all of these can
be found in the descender. So, now that you know
what graphic design is, and your fingers are itching to make layouts and modify photos. If you already have Photoshop, Illustrator, and, or
inDesign, that’s awesome! If not, a really great
starter program is the GIMP. The jimp, the gimp? I don’t know. I’ve never actually used it, but I’ve heard it’s really good, and it’s free so, you know. Or, just work with actual paper and glue. Sometimes, the limitations
that actual paper gives you can make you even more creative. A great project is to take a poster or an ad from a magazine, and just redesign it. Make yourself stay to the
same size as the original, and use all of the same text. Even if there is a lot of it, and it’s hard to fit it all in. Really think about the audience that the ad is trying to
appeal to, and other ways that you can present the same information. Or, if you really just need to learn the programs better, then simply recreate the ad, getting it as close to the
original as you possibly can. Obviously, that’s not something you could put in your portfolio, but you’ll learn skills
that will come in so handy when you’re actually
designing your own work. Also, if you’re like 12 or
13, you’re still so young! So don’t force yourself
to do a ton of work that you’re just not interested in. Maybe you really like modifying photos, or maybe you wan to learn to layout books, or maybe you want to
combine your illustrations with expressive typography. Just keep working at whatever
it is you love to do, and give yourselves assignments, as if you were in school. Restrictions only make you more creative, so try designing a flyer that
uses only green and blue, or a flyer that uses one font, or a flyer that uses 10 fonts. Most, well probably all
of your early designs will be completely awful, especially looking back
at them years later. But don’t get discouraged because you’re learning
from every single one. As you get more confident
in your abilities, try taking a class at a
local art store or college. Even if you’re not the most motivated person in the world, that’ll give you the incentive to keep at it week after week. Also, try to make friends with people who are at about the
same level design-wise as you are, either IRL in class, or online, on a message board. That way you can give each other encouragement and feedback, and it’ll really get
you to stay motivated. Well, that was a lot of information. I hope you guys can keep up. So, stop watching me and go get designing. I’ll see you guys next time for my epically awesome halloween video. Stay awesome, and papyrus is bad!

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100 thoughts on “How to learn GRAPHIC DESIGN

  1. To be clear, "learning software" is not "learning graphic design". The practice and profession of graphic design existed long before computers. Design is a visual language of artifacts–such as type, images, illustrations, etc. Designers make information meaningful to an audience by making it accessible and memorable. You can learn design without learning software–Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign are just tools of the trade, presently.

  2. Graphic design is a talent, art is one of the main ingredients to have a great design. If you want to learn graphic design, then study, read books, watch video, because learning has no limitations, information is always there, all you need to do is digest it. Thanks for making this video!

  3. I'm 12, I sell commissions (have been doing for 2 years) I started on a website called 'deviantART' theres some great people there!

  4. could you please do a video on your experience as both a graphic designer and student in graphic design? like making your portfolio and all!! thatd be amazing :'D!

  5. Hi there im 18 and i just finished my Alevels. Right now still waiting for my exam results but i more or less have decided that i want to be a graphic designer. the thing is i got ZERO experience and knowledge whatsoever. was wondering if i should just head on go for internships based on graphic design or should i self-learn first? Anyone care to advice? Thanks 

  6. I usually do serious graphic design videos, but lately I've been thinking of doing a series of comedy shorts where I "murder" comic sans in various ways, just for being annoying. BTW comic books by the way have great examples of layout, typography, composition and contrast so you should definitely look to them for inspiration.

  7. hey im 15 and im already skilled with photoshop cs6 but i would like to further my skills to become a graphic designer  can u please kist out what i have to do .

  8. 1:15 I actually met Ellen Lupton, she's so amazing…fantastic personality, sarcastic, hilarious. Great book btw, type is underrated and overlooked.

  9. im trying to learn graphic designingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Although i am a late subscriber I really really love your videos. I found you when i saw Tyler Oakley's tweet and he is right. You have EXTREMELY good content!

  11. Yes, when you want to be a graphic design you just have to start making graphics as I started – Only several but there will be much more :).

    Photoshop is great for it but I'm using Gimp, as you mentioned, and another open source program for making scallable graphics – Inkscape.

  12. Thanks for this. I was forced to take a couple of years off from school for health reasons and got dis enrolled, so my entire portfolio got lost on the school servers. So I'm trying to recreate my portfolio from scratch and need to know where to start.

  13. Designers (still) dissing on Comic Sans need to get their consciousness expanded so to influence their view on diversity, expression and states of creation. Namaste.

  14. What if you want to do Graphic Design but aren't clever enough or you don't feel like you're "Artsy" enough?

  15. my simpe way (not simple actually), 1. go to contest design even if you beginner and you going to grown faster…
    2. keep stupid every time ( and then you need to learn more and more)
    work for me…

  16. gimp is good. COMIC SANS IS BETTER 😀 (undertale has broken me xD) (also papyrus is cool… sarcasm isn't a good thing kiddo)

  17. hi! im also a doing the graphic design youtuber, my fren recommed u, hope to see u more video ^^ nice to met u !

  18. wow thanku thaku frds …….o my god i dont like publie seti …any way thanks all and always saport for me ok

  19. Nice insights into Graphics designs which covers all aspects of it. Kind of complete all inclusive guidance on learning graphics design. I have started a channel on tutorials on web design/developer and will be also posting content on career guidance related specific to web development. If you are interested please do subscribe! I have already subscribed to your channel 🙂

  20. I watched this primarily for inspiration to jump into my second year of design at university. 🙂 I can access all these books at my university library so I'll be sure to look them up when I go back (or buy them if I save because I'm a hoarder of books) and my first year of design at university did actually involve redesigning a magazine advertisement. I was very proud of mine. It was originally kind of like an infomercial kind of a design with too much text everywhere and really cluttered but I made it sleek and minimal and used Photoshop to bring it all together in a minimal Maybelline-style advertisement. We weren't allowed to get rid of the original images or text either. As for practicing, I suggest Briefbox. It's a site that provides fake design briefs for you to practice. I highly recommend it. I also recommended it to my university tutors as a practice for in class. I also recommend for newbies watching graphic design tutorials, as well as if they desire to become a full time graphic designer after school, not to adopt the mindset it'll be simple, easy or just like art class. I myself enjoy watching "a day in the life" videos of designers because it's really different to what I initially envisioned before starting. But I enjoy watching them nonetheless. 🙂 Great video and I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

  21. I remember being 13 years old 7 years ago watching this. Thinking '' man, i really wanna do this, but im not good enough''. 7 years later im in my second year of graphic design. thanks karen!

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