How to Make 3d Intro on Android ( KineMaster )

how to make 3d intro on android for download font check description Intro Template Link in Description

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100 thoughts on “How to Make 3d Intro on Android ( KineMaster )

  1. The example in the beginning can you add tml voke to it pleaseee ill give you shout out i really need this i wanna be a big youtuber it has alwase been my dream so i beg you

  2. i like your tutorial..sau talaga ako nka learn at ng simula na explore pa rn..tnx inspire me..i hope matulungan mu ako kasi baguhan pa lng ako..tnx…😁

  3. I dont get why certain devices can do this and ima one prob only one watching this hoping its no media layer but it is 🙁 ill never make a intro like this

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