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10 thoughts on “How to make a solar eye logo design in CorelDraw?

  1. this is not a tutorial , this is a drawing RAISING which you did all quick and rush , just to finish drawing , no talk, no slow move no writing to explain rather. just performing of your work.

  2. Amazing …. I teach Corel >>> I learn from you………. great lesson
    i have three important point not know about them before

    first smart fill … amazing ….enable you to color object intersect with others without cutting it and isolate it
    second point …. gradient coloring other object …. this made me so happy …. i repeated the part three times to notice

    you create a rectangle and duplicated it then blend between them from dark orange to light … now the important point is you drag the rectangle color by (right click mouse +shift) to the object to color it…. fast and easy …. Thank you so much

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