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55 thoughts on “How To Make An Awesome Free Logo In 5 Minutes With No Strings Attached

  1. Hi please review back on ssl certificate from cloudflare- since Google blocked from using TLS v1 since 30th june….. Please

  2. Cool. I will try that even if the graphic is a little poor. But it´s free and most important, it might give us some ideas. Thank you for a great video. =)

  3. Canva has better style option but I'm liking the transparent option here. Because Canva doesn't give the transparent option for free.

  4. You could have used the little lime/lemon icon, that would have worked, since limes are often squeezed on tacos! mmmm tacos

  5. You mentioned in the video that there was no way to go back and edit your logo. But, I noticed in the email they send that contained my files that there's also a 'click here to edit logo' link. I don't know how long the link will work for but it is there and it does work. I'll save this email and click on that same link a month from now, we'll see what happens. Great discovery!

  6. If you don't like any of those logos try this software for $27

  7. I have designed over 340 logos and before anything I have been a graphic designer who studied the craft of a good logo. My logos are all over the map and the last 10 years i draw each one out with many revisions. I believe in simplicity and I get to know each brand before I start. If you are selling a product please use a pro logo designer and pay what its worth for unique and clever which isnt speedy or cheap. Dont get stuck with a bad cheap looking logo like all of these sites produce because you will settle and you can always make a better site, rebrand packaging or ads..but it all starts with a compelling logo..its your first impression. I would rather see a temporary font like a basic helvetica on a site before a cheap logo…trust me we can tell the difference and so can your clients and potential customers…then its more expensive down the line for a rebrand. Adam, I respectfully follow you and your knack for spotlighting whats next in the web wp world but its touchy waters with design, since everything begins with design and design only from creative minds who with or without school have mastered a craft not to be watered down by fiver or these horrid logo sites..if you splurge for anything…and dont diy it…it should be the logo left to the pros as you stated in the beginning. Sorry for my opinion but its a subject close to home.

  8. Hey, Adam, I use the logo creator I stumbled across this a while back and you can download the complete.PNG file for free. The quality is better than also, check it out and give a review for it, please.

  9. Now is there anything like this available for website layouts? It doesn't to have to generate it like that but maybe just a library of web layouts to get clients to choose from?

  10. I just created my logo in Canva yesterday before seeing this video. I'm happy with it but I don't have a transparent background. That's fine for now as my site has a white background and I like it blending in. I'm going to build one as I follow this video.

  11. Like any free logo builder, you will very most likely not be able to trademark or copyright your design. And according to their terms of service, you may be in danger of of a violation by using the site or any of it's designs.

  12. Hey sir , I am facing one big problem with my wordpresss site .
    Few days ago I add amp plugin by Ahmed khaludi to my WordPress site and then i remove it because it's looks ugly and i also replace <link rel="amphtml" href="(.+)"> code with black space using real find and replace plugin now i again install amp then when i went to my site using mobile i can't found amp version directly so i add /amp so can able to access it. But tomorrow i removed amp plugin now when i go to my site sometimes inside mobile version and desktop version its open normal but sometimes in mobile its shows nothing found and i also noticed amp pages which i don't have now what can i do …. Please help me 🙁 technicaljayendra .com karke site hai sir please help me :(((((

  13. I'm very impressed with this service. I went through the whole process and they never once asked for a dime. I've used logojoy and it's great, but it costs

  14. Ok, I tried it a few times and my enthusiasm has lessened. I think it's good for small projects that you don't care too much about.

  15. Great little placeholder tool until you can get a real design done. Like it! Most of the online ones are a scam and try to 'extort' money at the end of the session. Why would I pay for a crappy logo I designed when I can hire a pro? Thanks so much, you are awesome!

  16. awesome I love to watch your videos. 🙂 I always watch full ads on your vidoes so you get credit from youtube as you deserve for it. I do not skip ads because you are helpful.

  17. Thanks, this is nice. … A question: Do we need to use shopify in the link, or can we just go to the site ?

  18. I was playing around with the logo maker and signed up as normal, but when I click on the logo it tells me "All done! Your logo package and design files have been sent to myemail" so far it has not sent the email and it has been like 20mins and I checked all the spam and filter folders.

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