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22 thoughts on “How To Make GEOMETRIC LOGOS *CREATIVE*

  1. Check the links above for monday. com, as well as the practice / test Ai document.
    Coming soon here at Satori Graphics;
    isometric design tut
    print design tips tut
    futuristic vector tut
    YOUR graphic design submissions and critiques

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  3. Is there any tutorial on how to make a DNA molecule in illustrator? I've tried so much but I couldn't make it…
    Well done by the way, 90% of my knowledge and skills in illustrator I got from your videos so thank you so much πŸ™

  4. Hello Satori,
    Quick question, how come in your second design your star rotate when you blend it ? mine doesn't, did I miss a step ? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  5. ai sheet isnt up for some reason on dropbox(says file is missing or something), I know you're busy but I guess with this one I can just experiment without using the AI sheet.

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