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today I have a quick but a very cool
illustrator tutorial are we going to make some star line art using the blend
tool what is that people is Tom again back with another Satori graphics
illustrator tutorial before we start today I want to remind everybody I’m
gonna launch a giveaway on September 1st more details about how to enter prizes
involved will be given closer towards the launch of the giveaway this giveaway
is a way to say thank you to all of my subscribers and viewers for helping my
channel grow to where it is today this star line art design is very easily
made with the blend tool in Illustrator first of all you want to make a star
shape so select the star tool here make sure you’ve only got the stroke selected you then need to make a circle within
the star using the same size stroke this is where the magic happens we need
to select both the star and the circle holding down shift or by clicking and
dragging over them both then you go to object blend and blending options to
make this line art effect design select specified steps type in something
between 10 and 20 and then opt for the first option the left here the final
step is now to go back up to object and then blend at this time you hit make now
you have this star line effect design in illustrator we can expand the lines like
so enabling us to add colors and gradients to the design try having a play around with different
arrangements of the circle within the star or you can even try adding
different shapes and see what happens when you make the blend tool as before
use the same method using the blend – operation in Illustrator you can add background as a design
you’re able to see the star line effect a lot easier also you can increase the
stroke weight of the line arts so what did you think of today’s star
line our illustrator tutorial thanks again for all of your support and
helping my channel grow I am to bring the best tutorials I’m able to do so if
you have suggestions just let me know in the comment section below like and share
this video if you did enjoy it and until next time is on your future today peace you

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