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100 thoughts on “How to Make the Apple Logo on Your iPhone Light Up Like a Macbook (iPhone 7 & 7 Plus)

  1. That's one of those things which are not useful but we still want it, I wonder if Apple has ever though about using the logo for the Camera Flash

  2. really love your glowing Apple logo videos…..but why would any break the seal just to light up the logo?? I mean it's cool but useless….maybe Apple could have implemented​ it in the starting.

  3. Ugh…just went through this process on a 6S and failed due to getting a bad unit…sold the 6S and bought a 7 Plus…now this video makes me want to attempt it with the 7 Plus haha

  4. You forgot to mention how much for me to just send you my phone and have your more experienced hands do this for me 😅

  5. Does this one light up & dim along with the phones screen exactly like the 6s one you sell does?…. or is it that "touch activated" kind of one I've seen for sale else where? Thanks.

  6. I've done this to mine and in my opinion the effects are the wrong way around. The solid effect should of been first as its annoying when you knock the led and its flashing, also i've noticed that the battery life seems to drop significantly.

  7. Light up like previous MacBooks 😂
    Good tutorial David sir.
    Anyway to light up my iPad mini?

  8. Very cool. Totally something i'd add to my near future activity to try 👍🏼. Did you tape the battery back using some kind of double sided tape or left it loose/just sitting on top of the LED and iphone housing?

  9. You make it seem so easy! Ugh, I couldn't do it. How bout I just bring it to you and I can watch you do another one… lol. 😉

  10. Love the videos man! The way you explain it is so simple and very helpful. Keep up the great job

  11. This is super cool, but there is no way in hell I would do this to my iPhone. That battery part looks horrific.

  12. Hi my name is Siva my am living in India but this Apple LED logo not available in India you making very very good videos keep it up good job

  13. Is there a kit where you simply double tap on double tap off and just have the continuous light on?? I ordered and installed this one looks great but everytime you accidentally touch the logo it keeps switching not a huge problem can just get annoying.

  14. i have this same light mod on my phone but i cant charge it without unplugging the apple logo. Help please.

  15. Do not buy this product, I bought it, put it in my iPhone 7, and it damaged the battery and acid corroded my phone, I spent 850 dollars on my phone at pre-release, and now I can’t even use my phone, guess I’m gonna be buying a brand new one…

  16. Just cracked my 7plus open and found out the battery connector cover has tri point screws and not philips head screws,smh!!

  17. Good afternoon, because I'm in Brazil. Where can I find and buy this shiny logo my dear friend? Thank you for listening! Send me some kind of link where I can find it.

  18. did you do this to your personal Iphone 7? and would you recommend doing this if I have experience with iphones. I did a back housing exchange on an iphone 6 Plus and it worked fine after!

  19. Do you have the same exact one for the iphone 6s? I've wachted some tutorials but you have to attach it to the lcd and it won't light up when your phone is off so that's why i like this version more.

  20. Anyone installed it for a couple months and tested out?does it Gona damage battery after time and spill acid(some commentators)? I just saw this video I’m ready for this delicate stuff 🙂

  21. When I plug in the LED with my battery, the light doesn't go on and my battery says 1% but if I plug in back battery without the LED, the battery shows the right level. Any help please???

  22. And here I thought this would be a simple setting. Do you think they will ever just have this built in? You should change the title to “how to install a light up logo”

  23. Has anyone had any issues with the battery not charging after the install ? Mine is stuck at 3% now. Guessing it may have to do with contacts, please advise if you have any ideas or remedies.

  24. is disconnecting the battery do I have to disconnect the battery? to can I just work around it? the screws holding my metal plate down will not come out.

  25. So this only works when you tap it? I think I like the older led setup where it comes on with the screen.

  26. Why haven’t you addressed the battery percentage and booting issues? I just received mine installed it per your tutorial with no issues except now my percentage is stuck at 3% and boots up every 5 minutes.

  27. soooo I Have a HUGE problem! I recieved the new apple light mod and installed it but now the mod melted my battery and it will no longer charge! I highly recommend that you stop production of this product because melting the battery can result in serious injury or death! I now need a new battery!

  28. Do you send shipping info through email? Because I have an account on your site but there’s no home option or any options to look at my orders or track packages..

  29. I just want the white led with no other functions like strobe or color changing. I just want white with constant glow.

  30. After changing the lights. Is the machine version prone to problems? And ic will burn because it can't load? ?

  31. I’ve done this mod for previous iPhone but not the 7, the mod always pushes up the screen a little so it doesn’t sit completely flush. Has anyone tried this specific one on the 7?

  32. So this one doesn't work where it lights up when the screen is on and goes off when the screen is off? If so then this ones not really as good as having it work with the backlight.

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