How To Map Out, Label Your Electrical Panel/Fuse Panel Diagram

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13 thoughts on “How To Map Out, Label Your Electrical Panel/Fuse Panel Diagram

  1. What ideas do you have on labeling your electrical panel?
    Let us know in the comments below and post your questions as well, we will answer them for you.

  2. Your breakers are not correct to begin with. Depending on the location of your main shut off breaker is…(top or bottom of panel) they go from biggest to smallest amp breakers…50,40,30's then 20's and 15's at bottom if main is at top. I'd fail the inspection just because the breakers are all mixed up…you have a 30 at the bottom…why?

  3. Need to label at outlets if they're GFCI protected. Kitchen and bathroom especially…one GFCI in upstream of the circuit is required…the downstream outlets must be labeled as protected. Garage outlets tend to protect outside outlets….be complete with description of the circuits. There is a reason why labeling is important; if a GFCI goes out, people tend to go to the breaker box… just to find nothing is tripped…a GFCI protected outlet would tell you to check the GFCI outlet first. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a job just to push a button and charge someone $90 to do that…

  4. I use a long extension cord and a drop light plus a fluke meter with a plug type meter lead to plug into the outlets .You can 't always depend on one outlet shutting off when turn off a breaker. I have run into a bedroom for example that is on two separate circuits. Once I do a bedroom for example ,when I turn the breaker off and the light goes off on my drop light, I go to the bedroom and check the other outlets and the light. If everything is off ,I know as far as the bedroom is concerned that the breaker I turned off controls that bedroom, however that same breaker may controls other areas in the house. The key is to move from area to area in the house. This takes patience and a lot of breaker flipping!I create my map in Word .I list the circuit # as it corresponds with the breaker # my list has more details ,plus when i print it out,I tape an envelope to the panel door and put the map in the envelope .

  5. Here are a couple of other solutions you can try, Circuit Breaker Decals – 105 Tough vinyl labels for Breaker Panel Boxes:
    “Circuit Guides” Kit. You Get 149 Identifier Labels:

  6. Hi Jeff 🙂 Great video and thanks for sharing 🙂

    I have questions about the electric panel in my house. It is taller than it is wide, has 16 (horizontal) slots in the middle to lower section (2 columns of 8), where only 9 are filled w/ breakers. So I have 7 empty slots where new breakers can be added.
    In the space near the top my box has 4 slots in a vertical configuration w/ breakers installed and a horizontal bar connecting them all together. I mean, if you flip the bar down , I suppose the whole rack of 4 breakers turn off. THEY ARE LABELED : 'MAIN' !!
    Questions :
    a.) would you suspect the 'MAIN' (4 at top) power the whole box ?
    b.) if they do , could I shut it off , test and confirm no power is feeding the lower breakers and add new breakers to the lower empty slots ?
    c.) is there a maximum distance I can run a wire from a 15 or 20 amp breaker to a run of 4 or 5 outlets and a light switch ?

    I'd like to replace a yellow 12/2 residential wire w/ a grey UG (direct bury) wire that feeds a shed / shop in my yard.
    Thanks for your generous consideration,
    sincerely ………………………….

  7. I label panels with a brother label maker. Labels are right next to the breaker. Your idea is great for your own panel but when it’s not next to the breaker some people may accidentally turn off the wrong breaker. Totally their fault of course.

  8. If you can get help, two people with mobile phones will make the job much faster. One person testing while the other is at the box. Everywhere I have lived my boxes have a diagram of the circuits. Sometimes I write info in, sometimes I print avery 5160 labels, cut them down to size, and place them on the diagram. I never label a circuit according to appliance unless it's permanent like a furnace, or generator. I label according to room then north, south, east, west, side of the room if more than one circuit is used for a room or hall.

  9. Love this video thanks. Moved into a new rental and nothing on the breaker panel was labeled. The color code I also love. Thanks … I had already started using google sheets to start mapping my breaker box.

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