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30 thoughts on “How To Place a Graphic on a T-Shirt (HD) Photoshop Tutorial

  1. hey. great video. Im actually t work and needed to do this and your video helped. I was actually thinking to do the same thing but thought it wouldnt work.when i watched your video and saw how effective it was i was surprised. Im gonna check it out now! Thanks!

  2. Why not converting the logo layer into a smart object? So that we can place any graphics into the smart layer without redoing the effects from first. Am i right?

  3. I am new to graphics and I tried to do this on a black t shirt, but my image was really dark. Not sure how to fix that? Thank you

  4. This doesn't look like an Asteroid tutorial..

    the tutorial for
    How to make a Planet with Rings (HD) Photoshop Tutorial
    at the end said to make an Asteroid click here, Yet this is not an Asteroid Tutorial..

    But I have a feeling it wont get fixed beings the last time you was here was 4 years ago..

  5. Ok I put the graphic on the t-shirt and when I use multiply to bring the shadows through to make it look more realistic the graphic goes way too dark. It wasn't doing that before. I'm not sure what i did how can I fix that?

  6. Good tutorial but when I tried hitting Multiply (on a black shirt) my white design disappeared completely…How do you do this for a black shirt? Thanks!

  7. This is one of the best tutorials I've ever watched! I sell t-shirts through RageOn and wanted so desperately to be able to model my own shirts for promo, but didn't have the funds to buy them first. This is a wonderful little workaround to that!

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