How to Print 30-up Labels on a Dymo Printer

How to Print 30-up Labels on a Dymo Printer Hey, this is Nathan of ScanLister. For this video, I’m going to show you how
to print labels on a Dymo Printer instead of the 30-up labels. On ScanLister, you go ahead and print labels. We have a couple of ways in that. The first way that we introduced was to put
in the shipment ID. You go ahead and show products and I�ll
show all the items from your shipment ID and you can print those on a Dymo. We have another way now that you can load
from the PDF, the 30-up label PDF that you get from your Amazon solar central account. There’s a few advantages of this. First of all, it’ll load quite a bit faster
and secondly, you don’t have to wait until your shipment is complete because I know some
of you like to print your labels during the shipment process not afterwards. I’ll go ahead and give you an example. Here’s the shipment right here and it’s during
the label products phase right here. As you can see, you can print the 30-up labels
right here. I’ll go ahead and click on that. It will
download this is in the 30-up format, which you can print on an inkjet or laser printer
but since a lot of people would rather print on a Dymo or another label printer. What you’re going to do is go ahead and go
to ScanLister, click on load data from PDF and go ahead and click on those 30-up PDF
labels. Click open and there they are same exact order
as it is on the PDF. Just go ahead and select your printer and
the label size. You can go ahead and print
and there you go, printed all 26 labels on a Dymo printer instead of the 30-up labels
on Inkjet or laser printer. You can do this at any time during the shipment
process. You can do it during or afterwards. Any time we’re able to print those PDF labels
on Amazon. You also don’t need to use Scanlister or the
listing account. If you have another favorite listing program
but you want to print your PDF labels on a Dymo, you can certainly use ScanLister just
for that as well. That’s it for this video. I just want to show you how you can print
the 30-up labels on to a Dymo using our new feature load data from the PDF.

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9 thoughts on “How to Print 30-up Labels on a Dymo Printer

  1. Wow! I didn't know there was a way to print all 30up labels at once like that! I've been taking a snapshot of each label in Adobe Acrobat and printing one at a time. I'll definitely have to look into this method to speed things up so I can scale. Thanks!

  2. I am using Label Resizer Chrome extension for printing Amazon FBA Labels with thermal printer. It is very easy to use.

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