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Please introduce yourselves Hello we are April~ Why is your group name ‘April’? Why is it April? The meaning behind our group name is that It’s the combination of the alphabet ‘A’ which stands for the best And the word ‘Pril’ which means lovely feeling girls And there’s another meaning, it means a group of girls that sing warm songs like Spring And since the month April is in the Spring your group is called ‘April’… It’s cute! We’re going to be talking about how to correctly pronounce Korean brands This is really… Have you ever heard of ‘Aland’? Some of the members in our group are interested in fashion So whenever we go to Aland, they go around looking at a lot of clothes But, they also sell beauty products as well Oh really? I didn’t know that! This is the first time you’ve heard of Aland, isn’t it? This one, I didn’t know how to pronounce it at first But I learned how to pronounce it when the staff there said the store name when I entered Do you guys, perhaps know about Apieu? Yes, I use the lip tint products from Apieu I really liked that product, so I keep looking for it, but there doesn’t seem to be many stores Ah, really? There’s one in Hongdae There’s one in Hongdae, and another one in Myeongdong Do you know Apieu? Ah…I…After graduating elementary school… Don’t fight ladies~ I’ve been living in the states after elementary school, so I’m more accustomed to American brands But the product I like the most in Apieu is the browcara So, the Apieu browcara is a product that I like personally It has Laneige, Mammonde… There are just many brands in that store Do you like it? We visit cosmetic stores very often So if there’s a store near the broadcasting station, then we often visit And we often go to Aritaum to look around Do you know? Since you’re still young This is…do you know about this brand? I don’t use it that often… But you’ve heard of it? Trust? But actually this brand is being sold in Sephora Of the Korean brands this… Truth be told, I haven’t used it myself It’s a brand that so~ good for acne The price is also cheap It’s a brand that they like and often use Do you know where you can buy them? You can buy them at Aland Ah, really? Yeah, you can find them at Aland Etude House, where currently Crystal is the main model you girls like it? First, the atmosphere at that store is so pretty Everything is so pink that it feels like princesses will visit the store And even the product casings are so cute, so I visit it often Personally, I like the lip products Ah, is that so I stay away from Etude House because it’s so cute I think that their cushions are really good though I thought their base products were quite nice IOPE is a brand that…I like A brand that teenagers usually…that teenagers don’t know much about Their bio-essence mask sheet and essence is so famous and good And they’re also famous for their cushion as well Have you heard of it? Not really… Do you know Tony Moly?
Yes! It’s a sister brand of Tony Moly Ah, really? So when you go inside, all the products are very cutely wrapped Have you seen the wine lip tint? Ah! Yes! I know that product! The Labiotte that EXO sang about That is the Labiotte wine tint The wine tint is so cute And the product is good as well I want to try using it Try it! It smells nice, and it last long too! Do you know Laneige? No… Do you know Song Haegyo? Descendants of the Sun It’s something…that adults usually use… They’re saying it’s an adult brand, but I like Laneige Laneige water sleeping pack, cushion, lip sleeping mask are all very famous When I first saw LOHBS, I didn’t know how to read it I just called it L.O.H.B.S Do you know about it? I’ve heard of it before It’s a store kind of like Olive Young There’s a LOHBS store right in front of the 9th exit of Hongdae station Is it a store with green sign? No, it’s orange LOHBS is a store with a lot of different brands being sold inside Right, isn’t it? We go there a lot, because it’s right in front of the music station we perform in Do you know what this brand is? Yes, when we go to the shop to get our makeup done The makeup artists there use it as a base to set the tone of our skin And I’ve heard that it’s a great product Park Shin Hye is the current model for Mammonde The lip products there are good And the product that I especially like is the rose toner They have a rose toner, and it smells amazing, and it’s so moisturizing, and it’s one of the toners I personally like You can also use it as a mist as well You know about Memebox right? You don’t know? They have Pony products And they also sell many online brands as well Currently Shinee is the model for The Saem but it was GD before them I really like Big Bang so… I’m really a total Big Bang fan Have you ever used The Saem before? The Saem, ah! It’s a product that we use often at the makeup shop, the concealer! I really like the concealer as well! I think their base products are really good And it’s cheap too! Do you know about it? I really like it~! She really likes it! Do you like it? I don’t know about it… Naeun, Chae Kyung really like it They sell cosmetics products at Stylenanda We all really like it Some people pronounce Stylenanda like this It’s rather expensive compared to other brands But the quality isn’t that bad And they have so many lipsticks with beautiful colors Do you know about this brand? My mother… Me too! It’s made of expensive ingredients so the products are really…not that cheap

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100 thoughts on “How to Pronounce Korean Beauty Brands ft. APRIL (에이프릴) | Monthly Idol

  1. speaking Korean and english at the same time is quite confusing despite the english sub, but nonetheless this video is helpful. A lot of "how-to-pronounce" videos has been posted lately and i'm glad you also posted the same concept since it's a struggle to pronounce korean brands correctly. :))

  2. other than learn how to spelling, I learn what is good product from every brand. And I really love the fact that u a big fan of BB. Me too, yaey 🌸🌸

  3. Hi Joan. Have you stopped using the Heimish All Clean Balm? I noticed the first ingredient is listed as a pore clogging ingredient in your recent video. Does it break you out?

  4. I found it so ironic this was a pronunciation video, however I was super happy to hear Laneige pronounced correctly!! Thank you Joan for finally saying it correctly! :))))))))) and good concept video for all your viewers to learn all the other brands as well 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  5. Åland is actually a region/an island/an archipelago here in Finland. It's very funny to see a clothing store in Korea with the same name 😀 Got very confused the first time I saw the store's name.

  6. LOL this is a very useful vid haha…always felt foolish when talking about these makeup brands in case I was pronouncing their names wrongly

  7. When you are such kbeauty trash you know all the brands and how to pronounce them 😁 but great video Joan! April is so cute! I need to check out more of their songs 😍

  8. Being honest I didn't know how to pronounce most of the brands lol. Seen them but somehow just read as it sounds. This was helpful ^^ Plus we get to hear Rachel and Yena hehehe plus plus lol

  9. it's funny how they pronounce the french brand names xD they're not correctly pronounced XD it's weird for a Swiss that grows up with French language xD imagine me looking for A'Pieu, saying it correctly and nobody knows what I am looking for xD

  10. Our Portlan cutie still has some things to learn about Korea… 😉 Yena reaction to Rachel – like at 2:39 🙂 Lovely 2000-liners duo! ^^ April Fighting! ^^

  11. so i guess cosrx only popular online lol
    uh and i agree laneige is marketed towards young adult or adult
    since their price tag is pretty high
    younger/teen usually go for innisfree instead

  12. OMG you're a VIP 👑
    i was already gonna subscribe but that just confirmed it hahha

    The three of you are so pretty and charming.
    April fighting!

  13. Finally Rachel speaking English! I've been waiting to hear her say anything in English even if it was two seconds. I was so curious! 😅

  14. joan!! ive been googling this and its driving me nuts so i really want ur help/thoughts on this. some brands like skin miso or yuripibu – can you buy this in store or do you have to buy it online? surely – there will have some stores offline right – but why can't I google this? :/ 🙁

  15. This was your first video that I watched because I love APRIL! But then this led me to watch other videos and now I want to buy the neogen pads, heimish balm and beyond cleanser that you mentioned in your best of 2016 video 😩😩😩

  16. I don't really far about the pronunciation since I read the Hangul or well I never speak but April !!!!!!!!!! my babes

  17. Surprised to hear that Laneige is considered as a brand more suitable for adults! I remember using their products back when I was in high school.

  18. When Rachel suddenly switched to English, i bet NOBODY saw that coming xD
    And poor Yena was left feeling like "whaaaat"

  19. That's real interest about Åland. Åland is actually the name of a group of islands in Scandinavia (part of Finland, but they're autonomous). That can't be a coincidence, can it?

  20. Actually it is the name of the second biggest island in Sweden. It is a very interesting coincidence.
    Since it is not an a, but a Swedish å it is supposed to be said as Eoland (kinda) almost exactly like korean 어 letter. Of course the brand just uses the letter as an a, so then it becomes Aland. For me i feel sad about the misusage of our letter though…

  21. I choked when Joan said Forever 21 is "cheap". Maybe in the US but not where I'm at. Lot's of thin cute clothes that are waaay overpriced :/

  22. i was right!!! i pronounced it ettwide house because the hangul spelling but my friends laughed at me and told me it is actually etude house.

  23. The first video that I watched at this channel and she said that she likes Bigbang! I’m going to subscribe for sure ❤️

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