How To Reach ICONIC Brand Status With Your Marketing

Oh, hey guys, I didn’t see you there πŸ˜‰ Now that I’m awake, let’s talk about branding,
shall we? In this video, I’m breaking down the branding
hits and misses of two popular sleepwear companies. What’s up guys, it’s Alex and this week I’m
excited to introduce a new video series to the Copy Posse YouTube channel. The Brand Showdown where two similar brands
go head to head as I rate them on five key marketing touch points to reveal their overall
brand experience score. Who will win? Let’s wait and see. You’ve heard me say it before; copywriting
is such a huge part of a company’s overall brand strategy and that consistent messaging
is absolutely critical across all marketing and customer touchpoints. A customer’s experience witah your brand deeply
impacts their likelihood of purchasing from you again. With over 65% of small business revenue coming
from repeat customers, as a copywriter, marketer or business owner, if you are not hell-bent
on consistency in your branding, there could be trouble on the horizon. Consistent brand experiences from the ad to
the website, to the checkout, to the follow up, all the way to the delivery of your product
will build credibility and trust with your customers and massively increase your customer
lifetime value. So this should be the foundational goal of
any brand operating today. And then anything you do to go the extra mile,
to give them a memorable, personal and even emotional experience will help you turn your
customers into raving fans who will promote and rave about your product for free and for
life. Combine that with killer copywriting and you
are well on your way to reaching iconic brand status. And that is what I’m here for guys… I keep it real so you can stay relevant. So if you’re a copywriter, a marketer or a
business owner looking to take your messaging and brand to the next level, join the Posse
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video every single week on the hottest techniques, practices and strategies that are working
today. Alright, now let’s get to it. I was inspired to do this new video series
while I was shopping for Christmas presents and like most of you, I’m sure, I was shopping
online and in some instances my brand expectations were exceeded and in other instances, I was
left disappointed. So today I am rating two brands that I have
purchased from on the following five branding touchpoints: Number one: The Hook. In this case I’m referring to the Facebook
ads that I saw. Number two, The Exploration or the experience
of browsing their store or website. Number three: The Purchase, which covers the
checkout process. Number four: The Follow Up, so the email sequence
I received after the purchase. And finally number five: The Delivery, which
is everybody’s favorite brand experience… Receiving and unboxing your product for the
first time. So now allow me to introduce the brands in
this edition of the Copy Posse Brand Showdown. Kim+Ono versus Lunya. In one corner we have Kim+Ono, a hand crafted
kimono company specializing in silk and charmeuse botanical print kimonos and in the other corner
we have Lunya, a women’s sleepwear brand that offers luxurious, functional, natural fiber
fabrics and innovative designs. Now, both brands have a similar USP in that
they offer high quality and beautifully designed silk sleep and lounge wear made to enhance
the lifestyle of the modern woman. While Lunya has a slightly higher price point
than Kim+Ono, both share a similar target audience and fall in the premium, yet affordable
price range. So, let the battle of the brands begin. Looking at branding touchpoint number one:
The Hook. So in both cases, it was the ad that first
introduced me to these brands. First up, I came across Kim+Ono through their
carousel Facebook ad, which features a gallery of their beautiful silk kimono designs worn
with modern clothes using copy that perfectly summarizes this approach to wearing kimonos:
“Inspired by history, designed for the modern woman. These kimono robes are wearable works of art
to elevate your every day.” Mm… that’s good. They do a great job of calling out their audience
and really grabbed me with their “unique wearable art” USP. Kim+Ono gets an 8 out of 10 from me on The
Hook. And then there’s Lunya. Lunya didn’t just get my attention with their
beautiful, minimalist and comfy looking sleepwear but also with the fact that they offer washable
silk. Such a brilliant USP. “So essential, we couldn’t risk losing them
to the dry cleaners. Shop washable silk.” Soft, high quality, breathable silk that gives
me a massive PJ upgrade and won’t cost me a fortune to dry clean? Okay Lunya, I’m listening. Lunya gets a 9 out of 10 from me on The Hook. Alright, moving onto branding touchpoint number
two, The Exploration. Kim+Ono’s site has a clean, minimalist yet
interactive design, letting their photographs do most of the talking. However, I was a bit disappointed by the lackluster
messaging on their homepage. A simple line of copy showcasing their wearable
art USP would have been brilliant. The Instagram gallery on their homepage showcasing
the products worn in real life is a social proof feature that I really appreciate. I also love that they give you both an in-studio
and real life look at their kimonos when you hover over the thumbnails on their shop page. When it comes to viewing an individual product’s
page, it’s pretty straight forward. It gives you the basic breakdown of the features
and it’s easy to navigate. Upon visiting the site, I was hit with a first-time
buyer pop-up offering 10% off, although the “Sway This Way” call to action is pretty weak. Kim+Ono gets a 7 out of 10 from me on their
website messaging and browsing experience. Similar to Kim+Ono, Lunya offers a clean,
minimalist and almost seamless design on their website. They really put a lot of care into their art
direction, which immediately gives you a strong sense of the perceived value of their collection. I also love their cheeky “Good in bed” headline
on their homepage. I like how their shop page is presented, making
it easy for me to view their different collections, explore the gallery, understand the features
and choose the colors and sizes that I want without any confusion. And I also love that they’re size inclusive
with their models. Upon landing on the site, you get an immediate
$20 off your first purchase. Their copy is clear and their call to action
is straightforward. I love that they use a dollar value as opposed
to a percentage to give you a really clear sense of reciprocity and value. So Lunya, you get a 9 out of 10 from me on
website messaging and browsing experience. So far, it looks like Lunya is coming out
ahead but let’s keep going. Branding touchpoint number three: The Purchase. Kim+Ono has a very seamless and minimal checkout
page, which is really easy to follow. Also, I absolutely love that their website
immediately recognized that I was shopping in Canada. It features a small Canadian flag in the upper
corner. All the currency was featured in Canadian
dollars and I’m immediately informed that I’ll get free shipping to Canada on all orders
above $200. That’s amazing. Another feature that I want to highlight on
their checkout is their gift packaging option. So you have the option of including a personalized
message on the packing slip, which you can do totally for free, or for just $12, Kim+Ono
will provide you with a gift bag, tissue wrapping paper, a note card and a floral ribbon. I love that, this is an awesome upsell that
offers buyers a huge benefit. It means you won’t be scrambling around looking
for a box and wrapping paper on Christmas Eve or minutes before heading to that birthday
party. For the checkout experience, I give Kim+Ono
a 10 out of 10. Now onto Lunya. As soon as I went to my check out, a disclaimer
popped up immediately to let me know that no exchanges or refunds were available for
international orders. I was kind of bummed about that, because it’s
a pretty big risk to spend this much on sleepwear and then risk potential issues like a product
flaw or incorrect sizing. Although I am glad that they were upfront
at the beginning before the checkout process instead of leaving it to the fine print or
until after you’ve provided your payment details. Now, since I did order this as a Christmas
present for my mom, I did consider the $10 gift box option but it didn’t really give
me any specifics about what was included with that. Also, I assumed the default packaging for
a brand like this would surely be good enough to pop it into a gift bag and put it under
the tree, and call it a day. I also really liked that Lunya suggested matching
accessories that you could consider adding to your order. I really love a smart upsell placement. Like Kim+Ono, the payment process was pretty
simple and straightforward with an easy-to-follow form and several payment options available. But unlike Kim+Ono, I had to pay for shipping,
which was a flat rate of $10 US. Lunya gets an 8 out of 10 from me in this
category, so it looks like Kim+Ono is catching up. Alright, branding touchpoint number four,
The Follow Up. Since purchasing I have received three emails
from Kim+Ono. One to confirm my order, then one to let me
know that the order was on its way along with the DHL tracking number. The copy for these emails was clear and straightforward,
which is exactly how post-purchase transactional emails should be written, but I would have
liked to see a little bit more of their brand voice in action because these emails had none
of that. I then received a few emails from DHL to let
me know the status of my delivery, which was super helpful, and the third email I received
from Kim+Ono was 30 days after my purchase with an awesome thank you note and a request
to leave a review. They also asked me to share photos of my purchase
on Instagram for a chance to win a $100 gift card. Super smart! So Kim+Ono gets a 9 out of 10 from me on their
email follow up. After purchasing from Lunya, I received the
same standard confirmation sequence. One to confirm my order, one to let me know
that the order was on its way and one to confirm that my order had been delivered. Each email included everything I needed to
know and was designed so that it was really easy to locate the information I needed. What I had ordered, how to contact them, and
how to track my shipment with FedEx. Now, I have to say, mad props to Lunya’s copywriters
because they were consistently creative and cheeky with their messaging from their ad
to their store, all the way to their emails and it’s always valuable to me as a customer
when even boring announcements like order confirmations still have flair and personality. I would have liked to see one more additional
follow up email, though: Checking in on how I enjoyed the product and asking for feedback. So all things considered, I’ll also give Lunya
a 9 out of 10 for their email follow up. Man, these two brands are really neck and
neck. Will they stay that way? Let’s move on to branding touchpoint number
five, The Delivery. Even though I opted out of the gift wrap option,
my kimono arrived beautifully packaged in a sealable bag, tied up with a satin ribbon,
neatly folded with tissue wrapping paper and even came with a beautiful thank you note
from the Kim+Ono team. I really felt like I was unwrapping a gift,
which is something you’d probably experience if you were to actually shop at a boutique
in Tokyo or Paris. This extra touch made that entire experience
of receiving and unwrapping the parcel really enjoyable and special, greatly increasing
my likelihood of sharing these photos on Instagram too. So Kim+Ono definitely gets a 10 out of 10
score from me on this stage of the branding experience. I felt incentivized to recommend their brand
to friends and I’ll even go back to buy more. I cannot wait to see what their actual gift
wrap option looks like. Now unfortunately, to my surprise, this was
not the case with Lunya. For a brand that uses words like “luxurious”
and “premium” to describe their products, and puts so much thought and sophistication
into their marketing, delivering their premium priced silk PJ’s in cheap plastic packaging
with no personal touch or branding whatsoever definitely killed the romance for me. I mean, this is the type of packaging you
would expect from Ali Baba, which is no surprise when you’re buying from a wholesaler or a
nameless brand. But I was really disappointed and felt that
Lunya dropped the ball at this stage of the customer experience. Needless to say, I had to rewrap this product
from scratch before I gave it to my mother underneath the Christmas tree. If I’d have left it looking like that, she
would have thought I spent $20 on it instead of the $200+ dollars I spent on it. And then to make matters even worse, weeks
after purchasing from Lunya, I receive a FedEx invoice to pay outstanding duties and import
tax of $21.44. Um, I’m sorry, WHAT? To be fair, I did have to pay duties with
Kim+Ono as well, but they gave me the option to prepay them at checkout, which was offset
by their free shipping, which Lunya did actually charge me for. So unfortunately Lunya, you’re gonna get a
2 out of 10 from me in this category. Two because I got the product undamaged and
luckily, it fit. So how did these two brands fare in my brand
showdown? Well, although the product quality of both
products was great and as expected, they rank quite differently on my branding scale. We have Lunya coming in at 37 out of 50, making
Kim+Ono the clear winner at 44 out of 50. So Kim+Ono won, despite having a weaker brand
message than Lunya on the front end ultimately because they were more consistent in their
buying experience from start to finish, which has me feeling more trust and loyalty towards
the brand. As a result, I’m way more inclined to rave
about their product to my friends and family. Had Lunya put some thought into their delivery
and packaging experience, they likely would have won this showdown. So have you had any similar experiences with
brands before? Share your story below and maybe I will feature
them in my next edition of the Copy Posse Brand Showdown! Alright guys, I hope this video has served
as a cautionary tale to ensure that you as a copywriter or a business owner take the
time to seriously consider the experience you provide with your prospects and customers
at every stage of the purchase – before, during, and after. A consistent brand experience from start to
finish is just as important as killer messaging. It will increase your customer lifetime value
and turn your customers into raving fans that will not only buy more from you but promote
your product for free and forever. So give me a thumbs up below if you enjoyed
this video and as always, thank you so much for watching and subscribing. Next up, check out my video on 10 brands that
absolutely nailed their messaging. You can watch that right here and I will see
you guys next week with a new video. Until then, I’m Alex, ciao for now.

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