How to recover your Data when Windows Password is lost?

If you log into your Windows PC and are not able to log in (you get password incorrect message), it means your password is lost or forgotten Insert a Linux Mint bootable Flash Drive (check video description to check process of creation) and restart your computer. Press F10 (or Del or F9 or F12 or Esc) to enter BIOS Setup. In this system its F10, try other keys as per Make and Model of your machine Select USB Storage Boot as Booting Device from boot options. Menu Labels may be different in different systems. Save and Exit Press F9 (or Del or F10 or F12 or Esc) to display Boot Menu. In this system its F9, try other keys as per Make and Model of your machine Select Flash Drive as Boot Device from the List and Hit Enter. Here its 2nd item, it may be at different serial number in different systems Linux Mint Live Session will load from Flash Drive Open File Explorer in live session Check out the Windows partitions under Devices category (here 2 partitions are shown) This is secondary partition (may be D drive or E drive) This is primary partition (most probably C drive) Minimize file explorer and insert a blank flash drive in the system The new blank flash drive is detected as “My Disk”, you may have different label Re-open Windows secondary partition. Copy all your important data folders and files Re-open flash drive and paste your copied data on it Now open primary partition of Windows and look out for locations such as Desktop, Documents, Download, etc. Open main user’s folder under “Documents and Settings” folder Open Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc. folders, copy data from there and paste it on Flash Drive All your personal data is now copied from Windows partitions to removable Flash Drive. Eject the flash drive safely. You may now reinstall Windows system as recovering windows password is not so easy. Thanks for Watching. Hope you find it useful. If yes, then don’t Forget to Like, Comment and Share the Video. Subscribe the channel as a token of appreciation and receive latest Updates.

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