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100 thoughts on “How to REMOVE Bandicam or Fraps LOGO ? [ Works 100% ] [ Remove any logo ]

  1. at 1:21 and i dont want that its really creepy. lol. u call that creepy check this link.

  2. no offense, but this is all very obvious! You either put something over it or just place it outside the editing area. Any person who anything about editing videos would figure it out quite well… I must say, I was deceived…

  3. on a image that is white in color and the image has a small logo. is there not an easy process to cover up the logo with a patch of what color?

  4. You earned a sub

    I like your videos

    You teach us without any clickbait


    Can u sub my channel please Bro: D

  5. Guys you have to think, the reason why he recorded with a logo because he record it before he did it. DUH

  6. lol wut. I know you're being helpful but…You're telling people how to remove a free software's watermark with a paid software ._.

  7. we need to pay money for the vegas……
    instead of that we can pay money for bandicam itself and we can remove that……….?????????

  8. Video title: How to REMOVE Bandicam or Fraps LOGO
    Viewer: curious
    Viewer: realizes the tutorial video itself has a watermark
    feels suicidal

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