How to skyrocket your personal brand using the power of videos? (Genius Talk ft. Evan Carmichael)

the quantity lead to the quality the
more you make the better you’re gonna get expect to suck start and keep going
be more patient with with the results and more impatient with yourself hey guys welcome to another edition of
Animaker Genius Talk a talk show where the interview genius minds from the
world of videos and transfer some of the amazing knowledge to you today we have a
very special guest in the house I’m pleased to present to you successful
author motivational speaker very successful youtuber Evan Carmichael
welcome to the show Evan I’m happy to have you here today it’s great the great
way to start it off let me just give you a simple glimpse of how this is gonna
work today in this video we’re gonna find out from you Evan Carmichael how
to skyrocket our personal brand using the power of videos all right sure perfect
let’s get started we have three amazing sections and the first one is what we
call, “The Genius Jourey” so that is even how you went from a 19 year old
entrepreneur to this prolific motivational speaker and very successful
youtuber so just by following my curiosity I did not have this plan when
I started when I sold my business at 22 I started 19 sold when I was 22 I got asked
to speak I got asked to do a lot of things I didn’t know what I wanted to do
I sold my business I was a little bit depressed I didn’t know what to do next
I just spent the past 3 years doing this every day and I woke up and I had
nothing to do and it’s a good problem to have but I like to stay busy and so
people asked me to come and speak at their events and I thought sure why not
I’ll give it a shot and I said that I took that approach to almost everything
just to figure out what I wanted to do next so that led me to speaking that
lead me to making videos even my videos were pretty pretty basic at the
beginning it was me doing everything just to test and so I think what ended
up leading to this path and the lesson to learn is as soon as you get an idea
try it if you can short cut the amount of time that you spend going from idea
to execution for some people that’s years you have an idea and you don’t do
anything on it for years learn to make that happen as soon as possible and you
stumble your way to creating amazing opportunities for yourself wow that’s
definitely an inspiration all of us should take all right the next question
for you is you emphasize a lot on the power of one word at Animaker we believe
our one word is creativity and I know that your one word is believe so tell
us the story behind how you came up with the word believe and in that process show
our audience how they can find their one world so your one word is the most
important core value every human being I believe has the single most important
core value and when you figure that out it allows you to live your life and for
the entrepreneurs build a business that is meaningful that can have an impact
and so I wrote a book on it it came out of frustration for me when I felt like I
wanted to I felt like I’d be doing more I think a lot of people feel like they
can be doing more in their life even if you’re a high achiever there’s a lot of
people still feel like I could be doing more there’s another level and so to
access that I believe it comes down the self awareness figuring out what you
stand for and the one word is a process to help you get there basically it kind
of in a nutshell you look at what are all the things that have made you happy
what are your favorite movie is what did you love about your parents who your
greatest mentors growing up and if you write those lists of people down and
movies and books and songs and then three words that describe them like why
what is it about that movie that you love you’ll see that the same words
start to come up and there’s especially one word that’ll keep coming up and that
that’s the fruit point and so the idea is instead of accidentally stumbling
across new people and resources that can serve you you are now living your life
and building a business with intention and so for example if somebody said
creativity is something they want more of in their life the fact that you’re
out saying creativity is our word and that is what we’re all about it’s easy to say I’m
interested in this show I want to learn more I want to see what they have on
here because if they’re enabling creativity I love that I want to be a
part of it and so what allows you to do is attract people to you who believe the
same thing that you believe but if you don’t know what you believe then you’re
kind of stuck in the middle where as soon as you stand for something you
might be upsetting some people like people who don’t like creativity will
not be a fan of your show and you probably wouldn’t work well together
anyway and so having that self-awareness allows you to have a
rock that you can stand on that nobody can push you from or think most people
are standing on quicksand because they don’t know what they stand for
well definitely that’s a very valid point and creativity has helped us
garner this amazing million communities million strong community that we have in
an Animaker today all right we’ve come to the end of
section one the next section is what we call, “Picking The Genius Brain” I’m going
to throw some questions at you I’m going to find maximum value from your answers
I’m gonna pass on that value to my audience all right let’s do it let’s do
it let’s get started the first question I have for you is today we all recognize
you through your amazing brand that you built through your videos all right so
that leads us to the primary question of this video how do we skyrocket our personal
brand using the power of videos so first you have to define what your brand is
what are you staying for so for me it’s still the it’s still believe it still
comes down to your one word and it’s not something that your company stands for
words that you as a human being stands for and then you bring to your business
so if you don’t stand for anything it’s really hard to rally behind you so you
have to figure out what you stand for then with video you have to figure out
how you’re gonna win and so for me it’s a mix of I like being on camera I would
much rather if we’re doing the interview here I would much rather do this by a
video like this rather than have me write out answers to questions and so
that fits my style better I’m more of a visual learner and so understand the way
that you learn best if you love writing but hate making videos well maybe video
shouldn’t be the path that you go down and follow if they love the process of
making it and so for me I mix a combination of my thoughts my opinions
my truth with what other people are saying too and I’ll DJ and mix those
things together and it comes to a place of what i felt was missing so as an
entrepreneur myself I wanted to be around big thinkers I want to be around
Elon Musk in the beam Jane and people who are doing big things because I don’t
have a internship with Elon Musk and I can’t spend time with him so this is
the next best way to do it and so nobody had done it and if you if you sit and
listen to Elon Musk it it might be a four hour interview and you get twenty
minutes of really good stuff in there and so I said I wish somebody had done
this and typical entrepreneur go and solve that
problem and so thinking about what is missing what do you want to see more of
I would still be doing my channel even if nobody consumed it if everybody hated
it I would still do it for myself because I need the content it may not be
as fancy I mean I have as many editors and all that but I felt like it was
needed in the marketplace and so what is missing what is your truth what is your
story what do you feel is missing from the current videos that are out there
and there’s always room to there’s always room for quality at the top
there’s always room for quality you might say well there’s so many youtubers
out right now it’s really hard to stand out if you’re good you can always win if
you’re good you can always win there’s always room for quality and so figure it
out what is it that you bring that is good that is unique that is your truth
instead of trying to be a copy of somebody else okay two very interesting
points that I want to continue and discuss during the show one is I’m
really intrigued that you told me that you really love videos because I read
somewhere that you took 700 shots before you became comfortable in front of the
camera so one tell us about that journey and two if you can share some tips that
can take our audience to that 700th shot very quickly that will be really helpful
so I think you can you can love something but not be good at it at the
start you can be if you’re looking at a bunch of creators you can love how a
song is composed or played on the piano but it doesn’t mean that you can go off
and do that yet you can love how somebody took these pictures but it
doesn’t mean you could take that same picture yet and so that was me I love
videos I love consuming video but I wasn’t
I couldn’t make it yet I wasn’t good at making it yet and so I wanted to get
better and I think my path was a lot slower than what other people could do
it took me seven hundred and fifty videos or so before I was impressed by
myself and around 300 something before I was I wasn’t totally embarrassed like I
would watch my video and just be absolutely embarrassed 300 plus videos
and so that’s just commitment like if you really want to get somewhere expect
to be terrible at the beginning any any creative person when you first try that
are your not gonna be good at it you can’t just pick
up a canvas for the first time and paint the masterpiece it’s gonna be brutal but
by repetition and doing it over and over again you slowly get better and so that
was that was my take on it so I loved video
I couldn’t make it yet and so with with work I could get better the shortcut is
model success so find people who have done it and learn from them so whoever
your favorite creator is study their story not how they create now but how
did they create at the beginning how did they get started how did they get their
first little bit of traction and momentum and these are some of the stories that I
tell a lot on on my channel through the content but I think seeing somebody
who’s done it one gives you the inspiration that if they could do it you
could do it too and chances are they started with less than what you already
have right now and it also gives you a path like here is what they did
specifically here’s how much they’re practicing here’s how hard they’re
working here’s the next steps that they took and so if you make a list of the
five people who you respect and look up to the most in your field and study
their stories that gives you the shortcut to get there faster all right
all very valid and inspirational points the next question that I have for you is
you churn out a lot of content if I’m right
we turn at almost three to four videos a day right that’s amazing so from your
experience tell us what is the ideal video frequency that can give you
optimum growth in your YouTube channel so if you’re looking YouTube
specifically if you can get to daily it’ll make a big difference and still maintaining the quality that’s that’s it that’s the hard part it’s it’s
not just pumping out garbage it’s got to be good but if you drop the quality a
little bit like if you made if you made a video every day at 80% quality versus
one video a week at 100% quality you will grow faster with the 80% quality
daily videos so sacrificing quality a little bit not going down to 50% or 30%
sacrifice quality a little bit for volume you get better you get better traction
but you also get better yourself like the quantity leads to the quality the
more you make the better you’re gonna get at that thing and so daily is a good
goal for people watching or listening they might be
singing well that’s crazy I can’t even do that I’m making a video every three
weeks okay just try to double your output wherever you’re at right now
going daily might be your your ultimate goal but maybe that takes a year to get
there okay whatever you’re doing right now just say how can I double it I had
to force myself in the next month to double my output how could I do that and
if you just did that you’ll start to see the growth happen sooner so right now
that’s what YouTube cares about I mean yes they care about quality but the
quantity is a big part of it and so if you can figure out a way to eventually
get to daily I still saw another jump when I went to twice a day and three
times a day I wish I could go eight times a day I don’t have enough good
content to go eight times a day like it falls below the 80% threshold for me so
I haven’t done it yet but I would love to the frequency really really helps not
just for YouTube but every social media outlet Evan, three and four is still
unbelievable and hard for us to digest and you’re already shooting for the
stars with eight videos a day that’s amazing alright the next question that I
have for you is you have covered a lot of content in terms of what we can learn
from celebrity entrepreneurs but as a budding entrepreneur when I look at
those videos my first impulse is to copy them if it works for them it has to work
for me right so how do I overcome this impulse to copy and how do I stand out
and bring out my style into my videos and eventually into my company so I
think at the beginning copying is good I think as you are like if you want to
play piano you have to play Mozart like you copy his pieces and then you can
branch off and do your own thing I think copying is great I think
especially at the start you should copy copy everybody copy people you look
up to what you’re doing I see it as you’re trying on their hat you’re trying
on their hat you try on the Evan Carmichael hat you’re trying on the
whoever hat and you see how it feels ultimately you can’t copy me or copy
somebody else forever because then you’re just a junior version of that
person it’s not how you’re gonna win but it can get you to a certain point where
then you can start injecting your own uniqueness to it
but that’s really hard to do at the beginning if you sit down and don’t know
how to play the piano and say I’m gonna craft a beautiful piece you could sit
there and smash keys and sure you have a beautiful
you don’t have a unique piece but it’s not beautiful and so I’m a big fan of
copy at the beginning to get the basics down it’s kind of like you have to know
the rules to break the rules I think it really helps to copy and then and then
after you’ve gotten to a certain size and you’re feeling like okay I’m able to
copy this person pretty well now I’m ready to go off and do my own thing well
first understand the rules before breaking the rules that’s definitely a
takeaway that I’d like to take all right we’ve come to the end of section to the
next section is what we call “Inside The Genius Mind” it’s going to be a
rapid-fire section you want to throw some questions at you you can give me
answers quickly without much of thought all right okay let’s go yes I’m ready
let’s get started the first question your favorite youtuber apart from
yourself Gary Vaynerchuk Wow I’m a big Gary Vee fan too all right nice
you’ve had multiple videos on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates right so which of these
five goals have you covered more and why? you’re asking a why question
that’s not rapid-fire ah Steve Jobs because he had more to say one message
that you have for the animaker community who are watching this video to make expect
the suck start and keep going the perseverance makes a difference wow
that’s a great message and as a personal fan I really like your story that you
tell every time the sea biscuit is your favorite film and how it inspired
you tell our audience how they can find their story from their life they go
through a lot of experiences but how can they pinpoint that one story that can
become their brand and take their brand for their audience so I mean my book
goes through that in a lot of detail helping ask you questions but I’d look
at things like what is your favorite movie like what movie could you watch
3040 times and still like it who is your favorite teacher growing up you know
you’ve had hundreds of teachers through school and university but one or two of
them stand out why it’s not because they taught you great eight math it’s because
there’s something about that person that really connects with you and so you find
that your favorite teacher your favorite movie your favorite song what you love
about your parents is that there’s a connective tissue there’s a common theme
and you’ll find multiple stories like Seabiscuit is my movie story but that
theme of believe plays out in multiple different stories and so having the
awareness by looking back allows you to create a better life going forward
all right that’s an inspiration that I’d like to take when like next question for
you and the final question for the show is what are three motivational tips for
youtubers to stay consistent on YouTube so three tips I would start with
remember why you’re doing this there has to be a why behind it if it’s just
because you want to try to make a lot of money or just because you’re you want to
be YouTube famous you’re probably not gonna make it it’s just too difficult
that’s like everything any any entrepreneurial venture you have to have
a strong reason behind why you’re doing it too you have to actually like the
process so it’s great that I have 1.5 million subscribers and I get the
buttons and the accolades and the gigs and the awards and all that stuff but I
like making videos like I like the process I still like the process I still
touch every video before it goes live like I like it
so you have to like the process of doing it and then I would say be more patient
with with the results and more impatient with yourself
I think people flip it I think people are very patient with themselves like I
could do that tomorrow I can put that off til next week you’re very patient
you let yourself off the hook but you’re very impatient with the results like hey
how come it didn’t work whereas it mirrors my results where my million
views How come it didn’t work where I want you to flip it I want you to be patient
with the results if you keep putting the hard work you will get the results but
in patient with yourself like today has to matter like this interview has to
count I’m trying to bring that best into everything that I do put massive
pressure on myself that this matters right now I’m very impatient because you
are always one video away one interview away one shot away from making a big
break and if you treat life that way you will get there and if you give yourself
all the time in the world and be patient with yourself you’ll never hit your
goals that is amazing motivation and I’d like to I like leave
the audience with that motivational tips for this show already Evan thank you so
much for spending your time with us today I hope you enjoyed this session as
much as we enjoyed learning from you I love it man keeps spreading creativity
thank you thank you so much and guys if you really enjoyed the show go ahead and
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take care and stay safe this Arvind from team Animaker signing off

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