How To Solve Rubik’s Cube BRAND NEW METHOD Part 5

How To Solve Rubik’s Cube in 30 seconds Hello and welcome to part 5 of how
to solve a Rubik’s Cube in 30 seconds. If you have watched the first
four parts you know exactly where we, and this part is going to solve the cube. If you haven’t watched the first four parts
i truly suggest you go back and watch because what we do is solve it
differently than most. we do not use the top row, middle row, bottom row method. What we do is we use the X’s and O’s method. and that means we solve the eight
corners first then we start working on the edges. In
part 1, we put the four corners on the top in place. in part two and three, we wound up making
an X on every side. In the last section, part 4, we put… we finally completed two sides by
filling the top and filling the bottom. this is part 5 this is the fifth part on how to solve
the cube. this will solve the cube but I want you to keep watching the future
videos for shortcuts and speed moves so that
you can really learn how to solve this in 30 seconds. but in this last part we are going to solve the remaining 4
pieces that haven’t been done here. Now there
are two moves you may have to do one, you may have to
do actually, there are three moves.
you may have to do one, or 2 of them, you usually don’t have to do
three, but in these three moves you will get these four pieces into
place. Alright, I’m going to turn it this way as if to say you’ve just finally put your X’s on both sides. The next thing you want to do is, this is
where you actually need to line up the middles, and really look at your cube to see
what you have here. I see that I’ve got these four pieces, this once completely
wrong, with this is a blue orange I do not have a blue orange piece here. I have lucked out here and got this one exactly right that’s great. this is completely wrong. And
this one about the blue right but oranges, so it is wrong. it’s
supposed to go there. So now I said there was actually three
moves. that will solve whatever shape these are in. And I am about the teach you that now.
I’ll just give you an idea what the moves are. Move number one, would be if you need to
take these two and flip them this way, and at the same time flip these two this way. in this particular case we
don’t have to do that . We have one in place the problem is with the
other three, so that’s going to lead me to the second movie I’m gonna teach you, which is how to move only three. if you
have already 1 in place, this move keeps that in place, but moves
these other 3. if you had all four of them incorrect
check out the other moves that i’m gonna teach you in the later videos. So in this particular case, what we have
is, we have a blue red that we need to move here. We have a blue orange that we need to move here. and we have a
red green that we need to move to the top. Everything needs to be slid with this
one going to the top. This is a 4 move trick that’s going to solve it. are
you ready? You move it up, twisted move it down, and twist it. Now let’s look at it again We have this
one in place, this one in place, we have this one place,
although it needs to be switched and we have this
one in place which needs to be switched. but other
than that, we are now looking at a Rubik’s Cube
that is almost finished, with every piece in the
right space, and we’ve done it, if you’re if you’ve
been counting your moves, in 44 moves. so now what we need to do is we need to flip these two. you will only in your life have in even number of pieces that need to be flipped. you’ll never have just one. you will
never have just three. you always have 2. you could
also have 4, and if you watch in my later section I’m
gonna teach you how to flip all 4. and that will allow you to… I’m gonna teach you move now, it’s going
to do the final thing and flip these two and will solve the cube. But for some people, will have to do it twice and then twice I’m gonna teach you move later that will
do all four pieces at the same time should that
be the case. but in this particular case it’s just too that need to be flipped.
now this is the longest move that I’m going to teach you, and its 12 moves long and its going to solve
this. and when I’m done the cube will be solved. with the two pieces that need to be done,
on the top in a row, one in front of you, and one facing you. You got this site complete this side complete, the bottom complete, the two missing pieces in the top. you do
this move. up one in the center, turn up one in the center, turn up one in the center, two turns down one in the center, turn down one in the center, turn, always
turning the same way down one in the center, two turns. Rubik’s Cube is solved now with some practice, that 12 move trick takes me about three or four
seconds in a cube contest so when you doing a Rubik’s cube in 30
seconds, again, you want to get those X’s in
the first 10 seconds, its gonna give you another 10 seconds or so maybe fifteen seconds if
you need to put the top, to put the 3 up on
the top, 3 on the bottom and then to fix it. and then to sort of put it together and
look at what you need to do. and then it gives you the last seven or
eight seconds to finish these. if you have any questions on how any this was done, alternative moves, there are a ton of alternative moves that I didn’t get into yet that I will get into in those later videos.
just keep watching in the very next video, part 6 i’m going to scramble it up, I’m gonna put it all together and I’m gonna solve a Rubik’s Cube in 30
seconds, using the method that I just described. please subscribe
to my channel if you are watching, this you probably
want to go back and see all the other parts leave me a question, leave me a comment, I will respond I was ranked when I was a teenager in
the eighties number two, on how to solve a Rubik’s
Cube. I’ve learned more since then. I’ve watched a lot of videos on the web
and some methods that they’re teaching are incorrect. the people who are teaching you the
top layer, the middle layer, the bottom layer are teaching a method that’s great if
you want to solve the Rubik’s cube in a minute. that’s not going to help you solve a
Rubik’s Cube in 30 seconds. take care.

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100 thoughts on “How To Solve Rubik’s Cube BRAND NEW METHOD Part 5

  1. I found your tutorial awesome and great.But plz hepl me.After solving the 5th part i am every time getting the same condition.i.e: three sides r solved but on white face there is orange piece on right side besides centre,on orange face white piece on left of the centre piece and on green face orange piece above centre piece.(that's an eg).plz give me least move to solve it.

  2. He got 2nd place in his country for solving but he has to realize that the "row by row" (its actually layer by layer) method has been developed and the record is now 4.73 by using the row by row/layer by layer method. The method used was made by Fridrich and is better than this. GROW UP PEOPLE!!

  3. I think your method is quite good, but you are an awful presenter. Stop recapping, use cube notation when you do things instead of just saying 'turn this' 'flip this'. Get rid of that 'previously on crap.

  4. thankyou thankyou, for the first time in my life i managedto solve this cube, it took 7 straight hours to finally solve it… i owe u, ill like every videos of urs!! 🙂

  5. thid fucking guy talk so much then doesn't show all the algorithm and does it a bit too fast likr wtf are you doin

  6. How to perfectly hold the cube in order to move the side quickly by fingers? which finger should be used to move which side? How to move them perfectly?

  7. This so called "brand new method" is basically the CF (corners first) aka Ortega's method with little improvements in steps 2 and 3. Or it's maybe completelly the same and I just do those 2 steps many years slightly differently.

  8. when i tried to mix the three different edges, as what you said middle column up 1 turn, top 2 turns, middle column down 1 turn and top 2 turns, it just mixed anther 3 edges, pls help me!!!!
    i can finish the cube if i can do this part pls!!!
    i watched all of how to do your rubiks cube but i still dont get it.
    i hope you respond
    thank you

  9. Guess what! That "wrong method" was used to solve the cube in 4.73 seconds! Solve it in less than 10 seconds with your metohd, then you are next Feliks Zemdegs!

  10. Thank you so much i didn't try yet but i believe that i will conquer the rubik's cube within 30 seconds with this method…. Love you cuber

  11. The 12 move maneuver you demonstrated to color align the last two edges is known as "the Rubik manuver" and was the final move in his solution book that could be purchaced for $2 from Ideal. If fact the solutions name was "the Ideal solution"

  12. How can you say the methods which solves the cube layer by layer are incorrect when the world record is held by someone who uses the fridrich method which is a layer by layer method 😂

  13. why is faster solve corners and edges by placing them 1 by 1 when you allready show how swap 2 edges and 3 edges.after corners done start swap edges 3 and 2 at same time. its even faster start do corners with edge pairs. that will leave you cube with only middle layer edge unsolved IF you unlucky 🙂 then just do M¨s U¨s, but thats all new serie cube under 15 seconds

  14. Man I am really disapoineted with all your videos, the method seems great but you do a bad job explaining, you should learn from other youtubers and make the great video we all were expecting

  15. I spotted something that might make it a little quicker:

    If you leave only three edges correct on the bottom side, then the edge that is "left over" will already be in the right place for the "four-edge move" sequence.

    The first method I learned was actually a hybrid; complete bottom layer, middle and top layer edges, top corners. With just one "universal" algorithm to deal with edges: it cycled three edges around a corner piece, flipping one of them along the way, plus the well-known U R u l U r u l algorithm to cycle corners and a third to rotate a corner piece (it trashes the rest of the cube; but another corner will definitely always require rotating oppositely, so you just need to twist a different corner into position and then run the sequence backwards to put it right while restoring the remainder of the cube). While it involved a lot less memorisation (only three algoritms, but one is a two-parter), it also requires more twists in order to bring the edge pieces into position.

    I next learned a layer-by-layer method, which was noticeably quicker than the "face, edges,corners" — especially once I "invented all by myself" (that's what it felt like, anyway, even although I could not have been the first person to discover it) another algorithm which was basically a mirror-image of one I already knew. By practising it on a solved cube so as to be able to see what moved, I could confirm it would work.

    I've been working on the layer-by-layer method up to now, but I think I'll have to give your Xs and Os method a try!

    Cube-solving involves basically the same trade-offs as route-planning. If you know how to get from any town to London and back, then you can always get from any town to any other town; but you always have to pass through London (unless you're going from, say, Leicester to Northampton). If you want to get from Manchester to Leeds, you have a choice: waste a lot of fuel, or learn the direct route acros the Pennines.

  16. God, this guy loves to hear himself talk! I watched this 5 part series that took 45 minutes and if he would shut the he'll up and just give us the moves, the whole series could have been simplified into one 5 minute video. Also, where's the algorithm nomenclature? He says "Do this and move this." So much for a "simple explanation ".

  17. The last move that takes 12 moves eg the H on the bottom of the cube etc

    Can you do a video of that move but with the top facing

    I can do the cube in 1 min 55 seconds by doing top layer then middle layer then the bottom corners then the 4 bottom middle pieces

    I do it in about 150 moves as I get stuck on the bottom middles at the end

    I have do a variety of similar moves for the bottom middle bits but not one specific move etc

  18. There is a rubicks cube app which is handy as it scrambles the cube on its own because when the whole point is solving the cube it becomes annoying have to scramble it in to a difficult scrambled mode because it takes a while but with the app you can just let the app continue to scramble the cube for as long as you like

  19. Your instructions are Repetitive, boring and confusing. I really would like to see you solve this in 30 seconds or less which you promised you would do but l don’t believe you can.

  20. The guy's never been in a contest for the last 20 years. This series of video is jawdroppingly ignorant and bullshiting. It's painful. Poor 1983 guy. Not even performing once on camera, nor doing any demo. Constantly ignoring the fact ten of thousands of people over the world do better than him with any method, at young age. Any one afraid to hurt his feelings by telling him the truth ? In need of a reality check from cubers.

  21. watching this like BUT BUT I HAVE ONE ORANGE BY MY YELLOW…. fk this imma start over from part one LET ME TRY AGAINN !!! XDDDD

  22. I gave you a chance… I wanted to believe that you were just stupid and not an a******… but this is just clearly Corners first method and there are much better explanations all over the place. You don't even do the solve at the end. This is clickbait and I feel bad for anybody who buys this s***. There is nothing new about this and it is not the fastest method. Shame on you.

  23. if you didnt talk so much and just edit your videos to be shorter, you would need to have 50 minute tutorial on how to solve a rubiks cube. you might even be able to include the other solving methods instead of adding overexplaining filler.

  24. during the edge placement I ran into a situation were everything was in the right place but one middle horizontal and one one the left vertical, is there a move to switch those two? would have saved alot of moves?!?!?

  25. This guy is obviously oblivious to methods world record holders use today or he is just a bitter fool, going on about what he could do in the 80’s, any footage or official proof of this online, with his times? What’s he’s name? And like a lot are asking, where is the footage of him doing it in under 30 secs now? I also agree with many, he takes far too much and repeating himself makes it even worse to listen to, yet nothing to back up what he says and how can he say teaching the cube in layers is wrong and will only get it done in a minute, many can use beginners method around a minute, can he even do hIs method here in under a minute?
    And what about the JF method done in layers in less time that him doing the last few moves, this guy is an old bitter, has been or most probably never been and never will be joke

  26. Listen to when he solves it somewhere between 4:00 – 5:26 at half the speed and think about him being drunk!!!🤣

  27. How to solve last 2 cubes (as in the part 5 ). I found 2 unsolved cubes but the two are not on same corner.

  28. okk no hate or anything but u are missing out a lot. like there are several possibilities that u dont explain/ forget to explain about. what do i do if i need to switch all four edges, you said you were going to explain it in the next video but i went there and it doesnt say how to at all. also, what do i do if the edges that i need to flip are diagonal to each other/ not next to each other? please help

  29. Dude help me! All of the cube is solved just the two middle pieces diagonally placed need to be switched. Please give me the algorithm.

  30. If you make multiple parts for different things include all algorithms for that step instead of making different videos for a different allgorithim

  31. Hi I know its aong time ago when you placed this video but I have seen it now… I don't get it what I need to do with the last two blocks wag is the algorithm for it?

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