How To Solve Rubik’s Cube in 30 Seconds BRAND NEW METHOD Part 2

How To Solve Rubik’s Cube in 30 Seconds Hello and welcome to part 2 of how
to solve a Rubik’s cube in 30 seconds if you are just getting this video for
the first time and you haven’t watched part 1 i really suggest you go back and watch
part 1 because this is a continuation on a very specific method on how to
solve the Rubik’s Cube differently than most people solve the
Rubik’s Cube and I’ll explain that in the first section. but most people solve the Rubik’s Cube by
doing the top layer first, this middle layer second, and the bottom
layer third. this is a different method I call this the X’s and O’s method in that I solve
the corners first and I solved the edges second. the reason
I do that is because it’s a much faster way to solve a Rubik’s Cube. you
can’t solve a Rubik’s cube in 30 seconds or less doing the top row, middle row, bottom row because the way I’m teaching you has fewer turns therefore you can move faster. I was ranked second in rubik’s cube solving
back when I was a child in the early 80’s and now as a grown-up, I’ve learned even
more, even faster and I’m going to show you how to solve this Rubik’s Cube. In part 1, I taught you the simple basics, and
explained that the in the X’s and O’s method I call it, we
are doing the top four corners which we’ve done in the previous one, and you can see what
we’ve done is we’ve put all four corners on the top in place. we’ve created X on
the top and each of these pieces match the center if you’re not exactly
sure what I mean by that then you need to go back and watch part 1. in this part, part 2, we are going to very
quickly in two sets have moves, put the corners on the bottom that will create a yellow X on the
bottom as well as ultimately a X on every
side of this cube. at that point we will have solved all
the corners of this cube. okay so the next step here is also much like the first step where I said before you actually start the real true key thing is to really
study the cube. and to know which side to start on, we
made our decision that we were able to put in X very
quickly with the white now that means that we have to do the bottom
so we don’t have much choice in what side to do next. we have to do the
opposite side of the side you started in this case its yellow because the
center is yellow so what we need to do in this is gonna
take practice is you’d need to very quickly look at
the four corners and assess which ones are right and which ones are
wrong. in this particular case, and just as a familair reminder, you assess it by looking at the
three middles in this case there’s a orange yellow
blue and seeing not necessary if they’re turned in the
right place I don’t need the yellow on the yellow yet I just need to know is
this in the right place or is this needing to be here here or
here. in this case this is in the wrong place
this is yellow green red obviously this is in the wrong
place, and if you look over here I can see we have a yellow blue red this
is a yellow blue orange that’s in the wrong place. obviously this is the wrong place too, So basically in this particular case all 4 are in the wrong place well here’s what I want to tell you in
this is a secret that people don’t know no matter what you do when you solve the
four top you have automatically put two of these four in the right place. so even the right now
all four of them are in the wrong place by turning this cube I’m going to have
at least 2 of them in the right place. and once I’ve figure
out which two in the right place obviously 2 will be in the wrong place
and those 2 will need to be switched you either will have 2 in the right
place like this, in which case you’ll have to swap these
2, or you’ll have 2 in the right place like this, in which case you’ll have to swap
these 2. either way there is very quick move that swaps the two either this way or
this way you just need to figure out which one
you need to do which movie you need to do and when I show you how to do it and
that would put them in the right place. now this is a 2 step process because the
second step after you’ve put the pieces in the right
place, is another move that’s a very short move, six or seven
moves, that actually then will turn them so they all make a X and this doesn’t matter if there’s one
in place. 2 in place, or two in place this way, or none in
place, it will put them all in place and that’s really important because you have to be able
to make assessments very quickly while you’re turning the cube and finishing
the other moves and move right to it. again this is not to solve a Rubik’s
cube in a minute, this is to solve a Rubik’s Cube in 30 seconds. okay so by turning the
cube and finding the two sides that always match, it takes a little practice. now I can tell
you that since an orange is there anything orange and an orange these two, theres no way oranges are going to be side by side, I see a green in a green but the greens on that side. we could put
them there and so I see but I can see that the orange is here and the orange is supposed to be there. actually, we’ve actually figured it out, while i’m talking by me turning that cube i’ve seen the
yellow and the red and the blue is right, and the yellow blue and orange
is right. So this piece is correct it just needs to be turned but it’s correct. and then the two remaining pieces are on
the opposite side they’re both green which is green
they’re both yellow which is yellow but this orange here doesn’t match that red and this red
obviously shouldn’t so it needs to go over there. so we know
that these two pieces are these two corners are correct, but these
two corners are not correct. So, what we’re going to do is a move to
flop these two you’re gonna take the two that are not correct, and you’re gonna
put it and this is just a sort of teach you the
move, you’ll figure it out on your own later, but you’re going to take them, and you gonna put them on the bottom and you’re gonna put them away from you,
so just to be sure these are the two that were correct these with the to the need to be flopped.
you gonna turn the cube away from you and make sure the side you put the X on is
here on the top one twist down, one twist over, one twist up, one twist over, one twist down two twists over, and one twist up. if you want, I give you again but just
look for in my section below, and look what
we’ve done. we’ve actually now put every side in the right position now in this case, there’s two here that are already right. yellow blue orange yellow blue green yellow-green red but it’s actually not
turned correctly and yellow blue red in the right
position but not turned correctly. now we still
have our white that we started, and now we have the four
pieces in the right position on the top what we need to do is we need to now put an X on this side by turning these two so that the yellows are facing
the yellow that will ultimately put the green here
create an X, put the Reds there, create an X, put the Blue here,
create the X this one already has the X now this is the end of Part two, when you go
on the part 3, I’m gonna show you how to do that if you need questions on the one move I
just gave you which was very simple just email me, leave me a comment, or read below for more detail. that one
simple move that was seven moves long combined with
the five moves I did in step 1 literally puts us about 11 or 12 moves
in and we’re almost at an X on either side if you trying to solve this
Rubik’s Cube in 30 seconds or less you need to be
able had X’s on every side in less than about 10 seconds. so what
we’ve done so far combined with the next part should all be at 10 seconds long. subscribe check out part 3. thank you for watching.

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100 thoughts on “How To Solve Rubik’s Cube in 30 Seconds BRAND NEW METHOD Part 2

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