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100 thoughts on “How To: Start Being a Graphic Designer

  1. is it possible that someone can master a skill without having .. the idea of it? the knowledge? I don't how to draw. I don't know how to do arts but I really love the idea of graphic design.. Sometimes I would look at the brochures, or a very artsy web or a very nice book cover and I feel like I want to do something like that! But I don't have a really creative mind and my hand seems so useless when it comes to drawing.. So, is it possible that if I learn arts from the beginning, I can do something like this such as graphic design?

    Excuse for my bad english. It is not my first.

  2. I think I want to be a graphic designer. I have always loved to draw (especially dinosaurs). This video has given be a good basis to start this career. I'm 13 years old and just wanted to know if you have any tips of how I should start or pursues this dream at my age.

  3. Im trying to find a beginner freelance job or to, but every listing I look up you have to have a degree and be at least 18. Any suggestions?

  4. I've never really drawn things on paper. But I started playing around with Photoshop and I like that but I have no idea what I want to be.

  5. thanks for the video. i am having problems in trying to sort it all out. i go all in photoshop from last week and retouching takes alot of my time and its quite annoying. i wanted to switch to illustrator because i want to create not manipulate but everyone said i had to be very good at photoshop to use illustrator. my goal is to be good UI UX designer but i can't grasp retouching and most of tools. on top of that i am depress because of some issues and its hard for me to concentrate what should i try to learn first

  6. i scribble a lot often create shapes and figures in my notebook or workplace ,come up with different designs do you think i should change it to being my profession?

  7. actually i started with illustrator first. i have learn the use of tools and so on, but one thing that bother me very much that the way that i practice is WRONG!!!
    so, could u help me out by finding the best way of practise as a beginner….i mean what kind of thing i should practice,thank you

  8. hi there! i have some question? i have been thinking of doing graphic desine but i don't have any skills to draw;/ what to do any advice?

  9. Hello, ur video is very helpful. I want to be a graphic designer but I am a housewife , and no time for doing practice. How should I start?

  10. Hey, I'm a beginner graphic designer. Till now i have been working for my college. I have designed my college magazine. And have covered a whole event! Now i wanna go out and explore! please suggest me ways to improve my skills. and how to create q
    a portfolio.

  11. This was actually helpful and answered most of my questions. All but one, how do you go about building your portfolio/how do you go about getting work as a graphic designer?

  12. hello Olka ,,I'm an Indian girl & I'm also interested to b a graphic designer bcoz I love to design things,,I know Photoshop but illustrator I don't know,,,what should I do??

  13. Hello, I'm glad to see your video, my question is: Is that enough to learn PS, AI & IN to find a great job in Europe ?

  14. I really love art even though I hate drawing faces and I am in between the choice of being a midwife or a graphic designer my mum wants me to be a midwife mainly because she wanted to be a midwife but changed her mind and reggrets it I have thought about being a graphic designer but haven't told anyone other than myself my current art teacher thinks I am quite good at art but I think I am more interested in drawing a sketch bring it into a digital version and "soften the rough patches" and colour and add on the computer with a drawing tablet I don't even think there is such thing but any way I also hate drawing with a mouse it is the most frustrating thing when the mouse slips and I hate trying to draw on my iPad with a rubber stylus the tip is just too chunky and I need the feel of a pen

    Please help I really need it I am only 12 but I like to make choices early to know which classes I need to try and go that extra mile please help

    Tiana Williams Xx

  15. HI! i end of school and i dont have a job yet. But i want to be a graphic designer. What yout think how much time i need if i have lot of free time. (i know lot of things of photoshop or illustrator). But i dont know to much from the "graphic basics". So my probem is not to learn the softwares,my problem is for example : i dont know where i have to place the text or where i should not place the text (sorry for my english 😀 i learn english also from the internet.)

  16. Круто, що я знайшла твої відео, і круто, що ти також з України! 😉

  17. since I was 6 years old, I enjoyed drawing a lot so I joined art school and after spending 6 years I wanted to be a graphic designer but now I'm 20 years old and not able to start it…. but now thank you so much for the video its very helpful..

  18. I love you so much and i will be good follower to you in order to learn from you.I also using illustrator and photoshop. many thanks to you

  19. hi.olka.thank you so much for your videos and i wanna advice from you. I have only one hand and i can't hold shift.ctr or alt while i click mouse to draw a line or make election in photoshop or illustrator so. what should i do .please tell me!!

  20. @art olka ….my story is somewhat similar that you mentioned in video . I want to become freelancer artist /illustrator , I do watercolour ,digital, so on art. But right now finding a freelancing project . can you guide me where can I start ?? TIA

  21. actually graphic designing is not so easy as it seems or as its potrayed by some people its tough certificate course or tough degree course in both cases its tough only those can learn who shows very muchdedication and interest in this field i did 3 months tough certificate course grapgic designing this year photoshop coral draw but i am still learning from youtube videos u have to learn more and more in graphic designing especially new techniques of creating logos designs

  22. i really want to become a graphic designer, but i dont know how to get started, i want to start from the basics but i just dont know what the basics are…can you help me please on where to start from

  23. frist of all thank you for sharing your experience with us . second i have one question which is , is there any specific kind of programme of photoshop you would reccomend for someone whose totally begginer like me . i really have no clue in it and i want to learn this thing
    thank you . looking forward to your answer

  24. Thanks for the video . i just want to start a career as a graphic designer . currently i am working at design firm . i have one year experience in this field but i think i am in short of skills . where i can learn better design skill ? cause there is a lot of online learning sites . i need a suggestion from you . where should i learn better skill as a designer . i do work at illustrator CC and doing some logo design for local market . please need your kind help . hope you understand my problems .
    Farhad Chris

  25. Hello Olka, I am very passionate to become a graphic designer. I just wanted to ask you what all topics I should learn in photoshop and illustrator. So that I can plan myself.

  26. Great! i like your video, its guider for me , how can i create a beautiful font for intall in my Computer , I wish to create font. thanks

  27. Hi Olka,I'm 13 and I reeaally love to draw and paint,but the school in my city is too bad..And my parents wouldn't let me go there..I wanna be a graphic designer but I can't go to the school when I can learn about it..What should I do?(plus I'm not from UK or USA,I'm from Balkan region,from Serbia.

  28. Благодарю, Ольга) Как раз хотел стать графическим дизайнером… действительно можно много чего добиться занимаясь даже 1 час в день…

  29. Yeah, what she is saying is very true" I fell into it while unemployed and pretty much homeless. I had a smartphone and a dell laptop, i went into a body oil store and asked the owner if he was hireing. He said "no, but i am looking for a graphic designer" at first i began to say well… Then I caught myself before i told him i wasn't a graphic designer. Very glad i did because the next thing i knew we were shaking hands and laughing about god knows what. All i could think of was, " what on earth have i gotten myself into this time".. Lol
    He asked for a logo i told him i would design him one for free to see if he likes it and if he does then he can hire me for other projects he agreed. Three days later i showed up at his shop with his logo, to my surpise he actually liked the logo. He than asked me to design him a gift voucher for his store. I did and actually it was eaiser than designing the logo. A day past and i went back to his store, i showed him my desgins for his vouchers, once again he loved them. At thst point he pulls out a contract for 5 projects and pulls out a check for $5,000 usd. Mind you i have never at this point even had any experience or any formal training in graphic design. This was my first stab at it and i made the cute for this local company before i knew it was chatting with the mayor and talking about designing his campaign posters and other political projects. Anyway this is a my true story of how i became a graphic designer without any training or schooling for it.

  30. hi, i have been worked Rhino 3d gold designer for 3years, but my office closed.
    i want to start from the begining in Graphic design
    do i have to start with photoshop and then illustrator?

  31. This is the most useful advice i've heard. I've been trying to learn photoshop,illistrator,in design,and after effects all at once in 90 min sessions and its a little overwhelming. I will take your advice and understand one then move to the other.

  32. You answered my questions but do you give outline/or links to start studying photoshop etc or what to learn in them?

  33. I have one question if we don't join school or any institute so how can we learn photoshop, illustrator etc…? I'm interested in graphic designing & i want to become…i'm good at designing but not on photoshop, i did'nt know anything about photoshop…i'm doing designing at other applications & software like PicsArt (best designing app for me)… i have searched many times about how to learn photoshop on youtube…but i never understand anything on youtube & i have get nothing from tutorial videos…

  34. You failed to say that one needs to first learn stuff about graphic design!
    What is use in learning software if you have no idea about at least fundamentals of graphic design?

  35. i kind of want to become a graphic designer but i think it's hard.. and i am confused where do i start from and how am i going to learn and how am i going to get the idea of what i am going to make .. ! 🙁

  36. Hii… My question is How many important design softwares should we know to become a professional graphic designer?

  37. I have done my Illustrator software but I want to learn more but how? please give me solution and how many hours I should practice in one day?

  38. I have question. Please answer me i really need help. Can graphic design be my job? If i finish study? And later will i become pension? (Sory if my englis is bad)

  39. Which is the best graphic design Photoshop app for the beginner. Because I am a beginner and I am a lil confused. Btw video was informative.

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